Alma Edith Doane, 18951965 (aged 70 years)

Family with Carmel Judson Devore
Birth: August 21, 1896 34 38 Johnson, Indiana
Death: March 21, 1980Johnson, Indiana
Birth: 1895Indiana
Death: 1965
Birth: May 3, 1916 19 21 Johnson, Indiana
Death: July 6, 2003Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
2 years
Birth: July 28, 1918 21 23 Indiana
Death: July 1987Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
4 years
Birth: April 1922 25 27 Indiana
Death: June 20, 2005Franklin, Johnson, Indiana

Greenlawn Cemetery, Sec J, Row 14 Plot 8

Shared note

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Needham, Johnson, Indiana, 56-year-old Judson Devore is still doing "General Farming." He and his 61-year-old wife Margaret [Alexander] Devore are living next door to their son 23-year-old farmer Carmel J, their 24-year-old daughter-in-law Edith [Doane] and their grandchildren, 3-year 8-month old Wanetta [Juanita] and one-year, 7-month old Herschel.

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 33-year old Indiana-born Carmel Devore and his 34-year-old Indiana-born wife were married when he was 18- and she was 19-years-old. They have in their household their Indiana-born children, 13-year-old Wynetta [Juanita], 11-year-old Hershell, 8-year-old Leon and one-year, 7-month-old Richard, and Carmel's 67-year-old Indiana-born widowed father, Judson Devore. All children, except Richard have attended school in the past year. The family is living at 400 Hosingham St in a house, which Carmel owns, worth $1,000. They have a radio. Carmel is a shipping clerk in a garment factory and has worked on the last regularly scheduled work day. He has not served in the military. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana, with the exception of Judson, whose father was born in Kentucky and his mother in West Virginia.

Alma Edith Doane Devore, born , died 1965 and was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery, Sec J, Row 14 Plot 8. There is an Eastern Star on her tombstone.