John W McCaslin, 18291878 (aged 48 years)

John W /McCaslin/
Source: McCaslin Data
Death of a sister
Birth of a brother
Note: Headstone gives birthdate as 1833
Birth of a brother
Birth of a sister
1840 (aged 10 years)
Death of a paternal grandmother
Burial of a paternal grandmother
Source: Find a Grave
Note: McCaslin Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 31625277)
Death of a maternal grandfather
Burial of a maternal grandfather
Note: David Forsyth Cemetery, small private burying ground on a farm about two miles north of Nineveh (Find A Grave Memorial# 60214948)
Death of a brother
before 1850 (aged 20 years)
Note: He does not appear on the 1850 census with the rest of his family
Source: Marriage Record
Note: married by Rev James A McKee
Death of a maternal grandmother
Burial of a maternal grandmother
Note: David Forsyth Cemetery, a small private burying ground on a farm about two miles north of Nineveh (Find A Grave Memorial# 60214927)
1860 (aged 30 years)
before 1864 (aged 34 years)
before 1864 (aged 34 years)
Birth of a son
Birth of a son
Birth of a son
Note: also given as Oct 1869 or 9 Nov 1870, but the year is wrong as he is on the 1870 census.
1870 (aged 40 years)
Death of a mother
Burial of a mother
Note: Greenlawn Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 32033017)
Death of a father
Note: at his residence, 1.5 miles west of Franklin on the Franlin and Trafalgar road
Burial of a father
Note: Greenlawn Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 32031930)
after May 25, 1878 (0 days after death)
Note: Mount Olivet Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 132894644)
Family with parents
Birth: September 11, 1797 29 24 Mercer, Kentucky
Death: November 1, 1873Johnson, Indiana
Birth: November 16, 1802 35 19 Lancaster, Garrard, Kentucky
Death: September 20, 1871Johnson, Indiana
Marriage Marriage1822Scott, Indiana
13 months
elder brother
Birth: February 3, 1823 25 20 Scott, Indiana
Death: November 16, 1911Burlingame, Osage, Kansas
3 years
elder sister
Birth: December 23, 1825 28 23
Death: March 28, 1831
18 months
elder brother
Birth: June 18, 1827 29 24 Scott, Indiana
Death: January 26, 1894Johnson, Indiana
2 years
Birth: September 29, 1829 32 26 Johnson, Indiana
Death: May 25, 1878Wassau, Wilson, Tennessee
4 years
younger brother
Birth: January 23, 1834 36 31 Franklin, Johnson, Indiana
Death: August 23, 1903Franklin, Johnson, Indiana
4 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
Birth: December 29, 1839 42 37 Indiana
Death: September 17, 1916Franklin, Johnson, Indiana
Family with Mary Frances Bell
Birth: September 29, 1829 32 26 Johnson, Indiana
Death: May 25, 1878Wassau, Wilson, Tennessee
Birth: February 23, 1837 22 23 Jefferson, Indiana
Marriage MarriageDecember 2, 1852Franklin, Johnson, Indiana
Annulment Annulmentbefore 1864
Family with Jane Campbell
Birth: September 29, 1829 32 26 Johnson, Indiana
Death: May 25, 1878Wassau, Wilson, Tennessee
Birth: about 1843 42 26 Iowa
Death: August 25, 1878Wilson, Tennessee
Marriage Marriagebefore 1864
5 months
Birth: June 13, 1864 34 21 Salem, Marion, Oregon
Death: October 7, 1924Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
4 years
Birth: January 1868 38 25 Oregon
Death: September 22, 1915Amarillo, Potter, Texas
23 months
Birth: November 9, 1869 40 26 Salem, Marion, Oregon
Death: July 19, 1939Oakland, Alameda, California

married by Rev James A McKee


Mount Olivet Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 132894644)

Shared note

In the 1840 US Federal Census for Township not stated, Johnson County, Indiana, David McCaslin (recorded as McAslin) has in his household one male between 5 and 10 (David A.), two males between 10 and 15 (Wosson and John W), one male between 15 and 20 (Harvey), one male between 40 and 50 (himself), one female under 5 (Jane), and one female between 30 and 40 (his wife, Polly). Three people are employed in farming; they would be David Wason and probably his two oldest sons, Harvey and Wosson.

In the 1850 census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 52-year-old Kentucky-born David and his 49-year-old Kentucky-born wife Mary [Polly Sellers} have in their household their Indiana-born children, 21-year-old farmer Wasson [sic], 20-year-old farmer John, 16-year-old farmer David and 10-year-old Sarah J [Sarah Jane]. He is a prosperous farmer with real estate valued at $5,000. Wosson also owns personal property worth $1400.

John and his wife, Jane Campbell, were in Salem, Oregon before 1864 (when their first son was born in Oregon). They had three boys, Charles, Elton (Allen in family records) and William Rollin.

The 1870 census for Salem, Marion, Oregon, shows John (listed as J.W.) as a 40 year-old Indiana-born lumberman. Hes doing very well as he has real estate worth $2000 and personal property worth $10.000. In his household are his wife, Jane (age 27, born in Iowa and keeping house) and his sons, Charles (age 6), Elton (age 2) and William Rollin (listed as R., age 7 months), all born in Oregon. Also in their household is 17-year-old Oregon-born Mary Campbell, who is Janes sister. She was first listed as boarder but that is crossed out.

John was in partnership with J.B. Forsyth in the lumbering business.

From the United Presbyterian Church of Salem records, researched by Greg Nelson:
John W. McCaslin and Jane his wife and Mary E. Campbell were charter members [United Presbyterian Church of Salem] - [organized] May 15th, 1869. Charles C. Campbell joined that day but after the organizational meeting. John W. McCaslin was one of three trustees who were elected. I [Greg Nelson] think theclerk just got Curtis's name wrong. From then on he was only referred to as CC Campbell. He may have used CC as his normal name. Curtis was with the family in Clark County, Washington, in 1860. I didn't find him in 1870. The history of the church in 1969 incorrectly listed C. C. Campbell as the husband of Mary E., but I [Greg Nelson] believe he was in fact her brother.

On January 5th, 1872, J. B. Forsyth presented a complaint against Mary E. Campbell, charging her with circulating a defamatory report about him and Fanny Johnson [a 23-year-old who was living with his family]. The Session accepted the complaint and set January 23rd at 7 pm as the date to meet for investigation of the case. Mary's attorney accused the moderator of prejudice and expressed contempt for the court so they asked Presbytery to appoint a session to hear the charges. They met on January 26th to consider a letter sent to them by John McCaslin, as follows:

To the Session of the U P Church Salem Oregon.
The charge preferred against Mary E. Campbell is an infamous lie. (To use the word in the charge) and maliciously preferred and if it s not withdrawn and her certificate granted before Saturday evening, we demand that our names be erased from the Church record.
Dated January 10th, 1872 J. W. McCaslin
Jane McCaslin
C. C. Campbell
Mary E. Campbell

The Session met on April 28th, 1872, and set May 7th as the date to try the issue.
The trial was held on the 7th and the Session was mostly made up of pastors from Valley churches. J. W. McCaslin spoke on behalf of Miss Mary E. Campbell. Several young ladies of the church were called as witnesses including Mary E. Campbell. They had a recess and then two other ladies testified including Mrs. J. W. McCaslin. After summations were made by the accuser and by J. W. McCaslin, the following was decided:
"Resolved that we do not find the charge proved but enough has been shown in evidence to exhonerate Mr. J. B. Forsyth from any charge of malice in bringing the prosecution."
The Session then granted the four signers of the letter certificates of dismission at their own request. This was as of May 7th, 1872.

The church later that year voted to be removed from the United Presbyterian Church and joined the regular church (Presbyterian Church USA).

So John W McCaslin, Jane [Campbell] McCaslin, C C Campbell (Jane's brother) and Mary E Campbell (Janes sister) got their letter of dismission from the First Presbyterian Church of Salem, Marion, Oregon Instead of having to resign. This was very important as no Presbyterian Church would take them without this letter. This must be very close to the time that they left Oregon for Tennessee where Jane, C.C. and Mary's parents were living.

When John and Jane died in Wilson County, Tennessee in 1878, John's brother, Wosson, took the three boys (14, 11 & 9) back to Indiana and raised them along with their own seven children. The court records from 1879 to 1887 and 1880 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana confirms the family story that Charles, Elton, and William lived with Wossons family after their parents died as Wosson was named their guardian.

Johns will was exhibit A in his wife Janes probate court docket It read:
I, J.W. McCaslin, being of sound mind and memory but knowing that all men must die and that it is prudent and proper in case a man dies to make a disposition of his property different than that which the law would make should he die intestate, do make and publish this my last will and testament as follows:
Item 1st After my body should have been decently buried in the manner which my wife shall determine, I will and desire that all my just debts be paid out of the first moneys that may come to the hands of my executrix.
Item 2nd I give and bequeath to my wife Jane McCaslin all the balance of my estate real personal or ? wherever situated whether in the State of Tennessee or else where to have and to do with as she pleases to her sole and separate use and benefit feeling fully sure that she will do justice to our children.
Item 3rd I appoint my wife executrix of the my will and she is not to execute a bond as such. This April 13, 1878.
J.W. McCaslin
signed in the presence of us:
J.R. Lester
E.B. Williams
State of Tennessee Wilson County
I J.F. Coe Clerk of the County Court of said County do hereby certify the foregoing is be a true and perfect copy of the will of J.W. McCaslin such as appears of record in my Office. Witness my hand and seal of office at Office on this the 6th day of August 1878.
J.F. Coe Clerk
of Wilson County Court
Transcribed by Lois Johnson

This will was transcribed just a few days before Janes death on 25 August 1878. She died intestate. Wosson McCaslin, Johns brother, was appointed guardian of 14-year-old Charles, 11-year-old Elton and 9-year-old Rollin and took them back to Indiana. J.W. Meredith was appointed by the Marion County, Oregon Court as the person to collect the value of the estate in Oregon. Its total value in land and money loaned was $2,649.00 and the estate was settled in January 1884.