Indiana McCaslins

Willliam Fontaine CarringtonAge: 61 years18221883

Willliam Fontaine Carrington
Name prefix
Birth January 26, 1822

MarriageElizabeth Goodridge VenableView this family

Birth of a daughter
Mildred Lightfoot Carrington
October 12, 1846 (Age 24 years)
Marriage of a childJoseph Chappell HutchesonMildred Lightfoot CarringtonView this family
before 1868 (Age 45 years)

Death of a wifeElizabeth Goodridge Venable
1874 (Age 51 years)

Death of a daughterMildred Lightfoot Carrington
May 18, 1883 (Age 61 years)

Death September 14, 1883 (Age 61 years)
BirthJames Sterling Hutcheson
DeathJames Sterling Hutcheson
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Assistant Surgeon U.S. Navy until 1861. Joined the Confederate Navy and was appointed Surgeon on various iron clads in the James River Squadron.