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Jean Florence FordAge: 91 years19112003

Jean Florence Ford
Married name
Jean Florence Rommel
Birth July 11, 1911 34 21

Census 1920 (Age 8 years)
Death June 25, 2003 (Age 91 years)
BirthSocial Security Death Index
Census1920 US Federal Census
DeathSocial Security Death Index
Shared note

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Wichita, Sedgwick, Kansas, 43-year-old Missouri-born butcher H Ford and his 30-year-old Wisconsin-born wife Bertha [maiden name unknown] have in their household their Kansas-born children, 9=year old Florence, 6-year-old twins, Clyde and Claude, and 1-year-old 5-month old Francis Henry. Florence, Clyde and Claude have attended school in the past year. H and Bertha are literate and can speak English. H's father was born in Delaware and his mother in the US; Bertha's father was born in Illinois and her mother in Germany. The family is living in a house at 2109 Wichita which H owns but with a mortgage.

Social Security Number issued in Kansas before 1951.

Jean Florence Ford Langley was living in Arkansas City, Cowley, Kansas 67005 at the time of her death.