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Franklin (Frank) G Slyker1873

Franklin (Frank) G Slyker
Birth July 1873 26 21
Birth of a sisterFanny Slyker
about 1875 (Age 18 months)
Census 1880 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a daughter
Bernice Slyker
November 1899 (Age 26 years)
Census 1900 (Age 26 years)
Census 1910 (Age 36 years)

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3 years
younger sister
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Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1880 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census
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In the 1880 US Federal Census for Kansas City, Jackson, Kansas, 35-year-old Pennsylvania-born carpenter George and his 28-year-old New York-born wife Bernice [maiden name unknown] Slyker have in their household their Pennsylvania-born children, 7-year-old schoolboy Franklin and 5-year-old Fanny. George's parents were born in Germany while Bernice's parents were born in Scotland.

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Kansas City, Jackson, Kansas, 26-year-old Pennsylvania-born "truckman" Francis [Franklin] and his 24-year-old Missouri-born wife Centennial [Lawson] Slyker have been married five years and have one child, 6-month old Missouri-born Bernice. Also in this household is Franklin's father 53-year-old Pennsylvania-born carpenter George Slyker who was married 31 years. The family Is living in a rented house at 504 Fifteenth Street. Francklin's parents were born in Pennsylvania, Centennial's in Sweden and Georges' in Pennsylvania. Everyone in the family, except baby Bernice, can read, write and speak English.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Kansas City, Jackson, Kansas, 37-year-old Pennsylvania-born Frank and his 34-year-old Missouri-born wife Janie M [Centennial Lawson] Slyker have been married fourteen years, this is a first marriage for both, and have had two Missouri-born children, 10-year-old Bernice L and 5-year-old Ernest. Other members of this household are Frank's father Pennsylvania-born 63-year-old widower George W Slyker, Janie's brother 37-year-old Missouri-born Julius Lawson, Janie's sister 30-year-old Missouri-born Nellie G Lawson, Janie's sister 32-year-old Katie C [Lawson] Buss and Katie's husband 31-year-old Missouri-born Crelord [? could be Credoral] Buss. Katie and Crelord have been married eight years and have had no children. The family is living at 811 West Twelfth Street in a home that Frank owns free of mortgage. Frank is a janitor in an office building, George is a house carpenter, Julius is a foreman in a packing house, Nellie is a chocolate dipper, Crelord is a cigar maker. No one has had a month without work in the past year.