Indiana McCaslins

William Irvin1891

William Irvin
Birth March 1891
Census 1900 (Age 8 years)

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
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In the 1900 US Federal Census for Union, Johnson, Indiana, 53-year-old Indiana-born Samuel and his third wife, 33-year-old Indiana-born Stella [Clark Irvin] Hemphill have been married eleven years [sic they married in 1897]. Stella has had four children; all four are living but I can only account for the three who are living with them. Their household contains Eliza's children, 20-year-old Indiana-born Robert G and 14-year-old Indiana-born Tittus V [sic should be Titus], Delilah's son 6-year-old Indiana-born Abram H, their daughter one-year-old Indiana-born Gladys, and Stella's children, 9-year-old Indiana-born William Irving [sic Irvin] and 7-year-old Indiana-born Ruth Irving [sic Irvin]. Samuel is a farmer who is farming mortgaged land. Robert is a farm laborer. Titus is attending school. Samuel, Stella, Robert and Titus can read, write and speak English. Samuel has not been out of work in the preceding year. Samuel's parents are recorded as being born in Tennessee [sic] and Stella's parents as being born in Kentucky.