Indiana McCaslins

Phyllis Maxine McKeanAge: 83 years19091993

Phyllis Maxine McKean
Married name
Phyllis Maxine Snyder
Birth September 17, 1909 20 20
Marriage of parentsGuy Johnson McKeanLaura Belle PattersonView this family
about 1909

Birth of a brotherGuy Milton McKean
November 21, 1913 (Age 4 years)
Census 1920 (Age 10 years)
Census 1930 (Age 20 years)
Death of a motherLaura Belle Patterson
December 27, 1959 (Age 50 years)
Death of a fatherGuy Johnson McKean
November 19, 1966 (Age 57 years)
Death of a brotherGuy Milton McKean
November 1, 1989 (Age 80 years)
1930 Actress

Death July 2, 1993 (Age 83 years)
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Marriage: about 1909
9 months
4 years
younger brother
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Birth1920 US Federal Census
BirthCalifornia Deaths
Census1920 US Federal Census
Census1930 US Federal Census
Occupation1930 US Federal Census
DeathCalifornia Deaths
Shared note

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Hayward, Alameda, California, 31-year-old Indiana-born switchboard repairman Guy McKean and his 30-year-old Indiana-born wife Laura [transcribed Sarra] have in their household their children, 10-year-old Indiana-born Phyllis and 6-year-old Illinois-born Guy. Both children have attended school in the past year. Guy Sr, Laura and Phyllis can read and write English. The family is living on Carlton Avenue in a home they own, but it has a mortage.

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Oakland, Alameda, California, 41-year-old Indiana-born Guy McKean and his 40-year-old Indiana-born wife Belle have been married for 21 years as he was 20- and she was 19-years old when they married. In their household are their children, 20-year-old Indiana-born actress Phyllis and 16-year-old Iowa-born school boy Guy Jr. The family is living in a house they own, worth $5,000 at 3035 Arizona. They dont own a radio. Guy Sr has worked on the last regularily scheduled work day.

Phyllis Maxine McKean Synder died on 2 Jul 1993 in Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, California 94595. Her fathers surname name is recorded as McKean and her mothers surname as Patterson on her California Death Certificate. Her Social Security Number was issued in California before 1951.