Indiana McCaslins

Barbara R McCaslinAge: 79 years19252004

Barbara R McCaslin
Married name
Barbara R McKean
Birth April 13, 1925 26 32
Birth of a brotherHoward Harrod McCaslin
June 7, 1927 (Age 2 years)
Census 1930 (Age 4 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherAnna (Annie) M Kahle
August 14, 1931 (Age 6 years)
Note: State filing number 5279
Death of a paternal grandmotherFlorida Maine Harrod
July 23, 1939 (Age 14 years)
Source: S1837
Census 1940 (Age 14 years)
Death of a paternal grandfatherEugene Palmer McCaslin
August 26, 1948 (Age 23 years)
Source: S1620
MarriageGuy Milton McKeanView this family
May 20, 1950 (Age 25 years)
Death of a motherDella H Staats
February 18, 1963 (Age 37 years)
Note: Her husband, Clifford McCaslin married Mytle Grace Stanley on 8 Dec 1963.
Marriage of a parentCiifford Harrod McCaslinMyrtle Grace StanleyView this family
August 12, 1963 (Age 38 years)
Death of a fatherCiifford Harrod McCaslin
October 5, 1975 (Age 50 years)
Note: ZIP code 94602
Death of a husbandGuy Milton McKean
November 1, 1989 (Age 64 years)
Death September 7, 2004 (Age 79 years)
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Barbara R McCaslin
Birth: April 13, 1925 26 32, Alameda, California
Death: September 7, 2004Brentwood, Contra Costa, California
2 years
younger brother
Father’s family with Myrtle Grace Stanley - View this family
Marriage: August 12, 1963, Alameda, California
Family with Guy Milton McKean - View this family
Barbara R McCaslin
Birth: April 13, 1925 26 32, Alameda, California
Death: September 7, 2004Brentwood, Contra Costa, California
Marriage: May 20, 1950, Alameda, California

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Birth1930 US Federal Census
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Census1930 US Federal Census
Census1940 US Federal Census
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In the 1930 US Federal Census for Oakland, Alameda, California, 30-year-old Clifford H and his 31-year-old wife Della H [Staats] McCaslin have been married six years, figured from their ages at marriage. He was 24 and she was 25-years old. They have in their household their children, 5-year-old school girl Barbara R and 2-year and 9-month old Howard C [sic, his middle name is Harrod], Della's mother 69-year-old widow Anna [Kahle] Stats [Staats], and a boarder, 26-year-old California-born Mary I Randall, who is listed as a servant. The family is living at 3443 Sheffield Avenue in a house they own worth $5,000. They own a radio. Clifford is listed as the manager and Della as a stenographer for a typewriter company.

In the 1940 US Federal Census for Oakland, Alameda, California, 41-year-old, Indiana-born Clifford H and his 31-year-old, Illinois-born wife Della S [Staats] McCaslin have in their household their California-born children,14-year-old Barbara A, 12-year-old Howard H and 5-year-old Pamela D. The family's residence is 2737 Humboldt Ave, which Clifford owns, and which is worth $2,500. They were living in the same house in 1935. Clifford has completed two years of college. Della has completed high school. Barbara has completed the eighth grade. Howard has completed the sixth grade. Pamela has just started school. All of the children and none of the adults have attended school in the past year. Clifford is employed as the owner of an adding machine company and is not looking for work. He has worked 48 hours in the past week and 52 weeks of the past year, earning $2,200 in salary. He has a source of outside income. Della is a housewife who is not looking for work. and has no outside income.

Social Security Number issued in California before 1951. Address of last residence was Brentwood, Contra Costa, California 94513. Address of last benefit was Oakland, Alameda, California 94602.