Indiana McCaslins

Naomi F WilsonAge: 30 years19041934

Naomi F Wilson
Married name
Naomi F McPhetridge
Birth 1904
Source: Find a Grave
Birth of a son
Morris Loyle McPhetridge
about 1922 (Age 18 years)
Census 1930 (Age 26 years)
Death July 25, 1934 (Age 30 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Burial after July 25, 1934
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Friendship Park Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 7621982)
Family with James Howard McPhetridge - View this family
Morris Loyle McPhetridge
Birth: about 1922 22 18Indiana
Death: February 1980Los Altos, Santa Clara, California
James Howard McPhetridge + Mary Lucille Carson - View this family
husband’s wife
Mary Lucille Carson
Birth: September 11, 1907 31 29Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
Death: August 29, 1996Arroyo Grande, San Luis Obispo, California
Marriage: July 2, 1938Martinsville, Morgan, Indiana

Birth1930 US Federal Census
BirthFind a Grave
Census1930 US Federal Census
DeathFind a Grave
BurialFind a Grave

Friendship Park Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 7621982)

Shared note

In the 1930 US for Ray, Paragon, Morgan, Indiana, 30-year-old Indiana-born Howard and his 26-year-old Indiana-born wife Naomi [Wilson] McPhetridge were married when he was 21- and she was 17-years old. They have in their household their Indiana-born children, 8-year-old Loyal [Loyle] and 7-year-old Ruth, Naomis niece 2-year 9-month old California-born Meredith J Wilson and a 17-year-old Indiana-born servant Loreen Brummett. Loyal and Ruth have attended school in the past year. Howard is the proprietor of a garage and worked on the last regularly scheduled work day. He also is a veteran of WWI.

Naomi died on 25 Jul 1934 and was buried in Friendship Park Cemetery, Paragon, Morgan, Indiana (Find A Grave Memorial# 7621982).