Indiana McCaslins

Albert Thomas KinneyAge: 73 years18801954

Albert Thomas Kinney
Birth June 24, 1880 23 18
Death of a maternal grandmotherNancy E Johnson
May 14, 1900 (Age 19 years)
Census 1900 (Age 19 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherSamuel McCaslin (McCasland)
December 16, 1905 (Age 25 years)

Census 1910 (Age 29 years)
Census 1920 (Age 39 years)
Census 1930 (Age 49 years)
1900 Mechinist's helper; 1910 Laborer In Lumber Yard; 1920 Insurance Agent; 1930 Unemployed Painter For An Autobody Works

Death May 6, 1954 (Age 73 years)

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Marriage: November 24, 1879, Clark, Indiana
Divorce: about 1897
7 months

Shared note

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Chicago, Cook, Illinois, 20-year-old Indiana-born machinist's helper Albert F [sic] Kinney is a boarder in the household of 35-year-old Michigan-born Willis and his 35-year-old Illinois-born wife Clara Hamilton and their two Illinois-born daughters, 13-year-old Jesse, and 6-year-old Elva.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, 29-year-old Indiana-born Albert T Kinney is listed as Head of a family that consists of himself and his 51-year-old Indiana-born widowed mother, Cora [McCaslin] Kinney who has born one living child (Albert). Albert is a laborer in a lumber yard. The census taker was confused and recorded Cora as both Alberts mother and wife and Albert as married even though only his mother is in his household.

On 5 Sep 1918, when 38-year-old Albert Thomas Kinney registers for the WWI draft, he is living at 752 South Hancock Street in Los Angeles with his mother, Cora Kinney who is listed as his closest relative. He is working for the Los Angeles Shipping Dry Dock at San Pedro, California but I cant decipher what he is doing there. His description is medium height, stout build with blue eyes and dark brown hair.

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, 59-year-old Indiana-born widow Cora [McCaslin] Kinney is listed as Head of a household that consists of herself and her unmarried 38-year-old Indiana-born son Albert T Kinney. Cora and Albert are living in a rented house at 132 South Johnson Street. Alberts occupation is insurance agent.

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, 49-year-old single Indiana-born Albert is listed as Head of a household containing his 69-year-old Indiana-born widowed mother Cora [McCaslin] Kinney. They have rented part of the home of William A Henshaw at 2634 N Sichel Street for which they pay $20 a month. William is a painter in an autobody works, but hasnt worked on the last regularily scheduled work day. He has not served in the military.