Indiana McCaslins

Floyd CurtsAge: 79 years18951975

Floyd Curts
Birth December 17, 1895
Birth of a son
Russell B Curts
September 30, 1917 (Age 21 years)
MarriageMarie DundonView this family
October 2, 1917 (Age 21 years)
Birth of a son
Lowell E Curts
August 14, 1918 (Age 22 years)
Census 1920 (Age 24 years)
DivorceMarie DundonView this family
before September 23, 1922 (Age 26 years)

MarriageEva Jane JonesView this family
about 1927 (Age 31 years)

Birth of a son
Bobby C Curts
December 12, 1928 (Age 32 years)
Census 1930 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a daughter
Barbara J Curts
November 8, 1932 (Age 36 years)
Marriage of a childLowell E CurtsDorothy JacksonView this family
after January 1941 (Age 45 years)

Death of a wifeMarie Dundon
August 1965 (Age 69 years)
Note: Zip code of last residence 47265
Burial of a wifeMarie Dundon
August 1965 (Age 69 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Vernon Cemetery
1920 Contractor-Painter; 1930 Self-Employed Painter And Paper Hanger

Death July 1975 (Age 79 years)
Note: Zip code of last residence 47305
Family with Marie Dundon - View this family
Marriage: October 2, 1917, Delaware, Indiana
Divorce: before September 23, 1922
Russell B Curts
Birth: September 30, 1917 21 17Indiana
Death: March 1985Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
10 months
Family with Eva Jane Jones - View this family
Marriage: about 1927
23 months
Bobby C Curts
Birth: December 12, 1928 32 31Indiana
Death: February 18, 2005Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
4 years
Barbara J Curts
Birth: November 8, 1932 36 35Muncie, Delaware, Indiana
Death: June 12, 2008Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana
Morton Ralph (Mort) McCaslin + Marie Dundon - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: September 26, 1922, Jennings, Indiana


Zip code of last residence 47305

Shared note

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, 24-year-old Indiana-born house painter Floyd and his 19-year-old Indiana-born wife Maria [Dundon] Curts have in their household their sons, 2-year 3-month old Indiana-born Russell and 1-year 4-month old Indiana-born Lowell. The family is living in a rented house at 1110 South High Street. Both Floyd and Maria are literate. Floyds parents were born in Indiana, but Marias were born in Ohio.

Marie and Floyd were divorced before 23 Sep 1922, the date that she married Morton McCaslin.

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Muncie, Delaware, Indiana, 33-year-old Indiana-born self-employed painter and paper-hanger Floyd and his 32-year-old Indiana-born second wife, Eva [maiden name unknown] Curts have been married for three years as they married when she was 29 years old. His first marriage to Marie Dundon was when he was 21. They have in their household their son, 1-year 3-month old Indiana-born Bobby C and Floyds two sons by his first wife, Maria Dundon Curts McCaslin, 12-year-old Indiana-born Russell and 11-year-old Indiana-born Lowell. Rusell and Lowell have attended school in the past year. The family is renting a house for $21 a month at 1710 South Elm Street. Floyd has worked on the previous day. Floyds and Evas parents were born in Indiana.

Social Security Number issued in Indiana before 1951..