Indiana McCaslins

Myrtle Grace StanleyAge: 85 years18951980

Myrtle Grace Stanley
Married name
Myrtle Grace Buhlert
Married name
Myrtle Grace McCaslin
Birth March 27, 1895 39 37
Census 1910 (Age 14 years)
MarriageCiifford Harrod McCaslinView this family
August 12, 1963 (Age 68 years)
Death of a husbandCiifford Harrod McCaslin
October 5, 1975 (Age 80 years)
Note: ZIP code 94602
Death June 10, 1980 (Age 85 years)
Note: Zip code 94601
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 1877
18 years
Family with Private - View this family
Family with Ciifford Harrod McCaslin - View this family
Marriage: August 12, 1963, Alameda, California
Ciifford Harrod McCaslin + Della H Staats - View this family
husband’s wife
Barbara R McCaslin
Birth: April 13, 1925 26 32, Alameda, California
Death: September 7, 2004Brentwood, Contra Costa, California
2 years

BirthCalifornia Death Index
BirthSocial Security Death Index
Census1910 US Federal Census
MarriageCalifornia Marriages (1960-1985)
NameFamily Data Collection
NameCalifornia Death Index
DeathCalifornia Death Index

Zip code 94601

Shared note

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Township 3, Tuolumne, California, 44-year-old millwright Horace M and his 42-year-old wife Sarah [Upson] Stanley have been married 23 years and had six children but only five are living. Four of those five are living with their parents, 19-year-old Maude, 17-year-old Arthur, 10-year-old Frederick, and 5-year-old Grace [Myrtle Grace]. Arthur and Frederick have attended school in the past year.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Elkhorn, San Jaoquin, California, 54-year-old house carpenter Horace M and his 52-year-old wife Sarah [Upson] Stanley have been married 33 years and had six children but only five are living. Two of the five are in their household, 26-year-old Arthur E and 15-year-old Myrtle G [Myrtle Grace]. Also in this household is Arthur's wife 22-year-old Levenia M Cassaretto. They family is living in a house that they are paying mortgage on.

Myrtle's marriage to Clifford is a second one as the 1960-1985 CA Marriages at VitalSearch gives two last names for Myrtle. Groom_Last_Name Groom_First_Name G GA Bride_Last_Name Bride_First_Name B BA Year Mo Dy Marriage_County MCCASLIN CLIFFORD H 65 BUHLERT MYRTLE G 68 1963 08 12 ALAMEDA MCCASLIN CLIFFORD H 65 STANLEY MYRTLE G 68 1963 08 12 ALAMEDA

Social Secuity number issued in California in 1962. Name on the account is M. McCaslin. {558-66-1515)