Indiana McCaslins

Marguerite (Rachel Margaret) (Maggie) MullenAge: 82 years18381920

Marguerite (Rachel Margaret) (Maggie) Mullen
Married name
Marguerite (Rachel Margaret) (Maggie) McCaslin
Birth May 7, 1838 48 58
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Death of a fatherSampson S Mullen
about 1840 (Age 19 months)

Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Death of a motherSarah Golden
about 1844 (Age 5 years)

Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Census 1850 (Age 11 years)
Census 1860 (Age 21 years)
Census 1870 (Age 31 years)
MarriageWilliam McCaslinView this family
December 25, 1879 (Age 41 years)
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Census 1880 (Age 41 years)
Death of a husbandWilliam McCaslin
June 5, 1883 (Age 45 years)
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Burial of a husbandWilliam McCaslin
June 7, 1883 (Age 45 years)
Note: Greenlawn Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 32033754)
Death of a sisterHannah Elizabeth Mullen
February 25, 1892 (Age 53 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Burial of a sisterHannah Elizabeth Mullen
after February 25, 1892 (Age 53 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Lakewood Cemetery; Section 10, Lot 100, Grave 3 (Find A Grave Memorial# 100754076)
Census 1900 (Age 61 years)
Census 1910 (Age 71 years)
Census 1920 (Age 81 years)
Death May 18, 1920 (Age 82 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Burial after May 18, 1920
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Lakewood Cemetery; Section 10, Lot 100, Grave 4 (Find A Grave Memorial# 125715618)

Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: March 3, 1835, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
23 months
elder sister
Hannah Elizabeth Mullen
Birth: February 6, 1837 47 57Pennsylvania
Death: February 25, 1892Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
15 months
Mother’s family with Richard Woods - View this family
Marriage: December 28, 1824, Cumberland, Pennsylvania
Family with William McCaslin - View this family
Marriage: December 25, 1879Thomasville, Thomasville, Georgia
William McCaslin + Charity VanNuys - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: March 1, 1838, Johnson, Indiana
William McCaslin + Cyntha Ann (Cynthia) King - View this family
husband’s wife
Marriage: November 21, 1839, Johnson, Indiana
11 months
3 years
6 years
Byron K McCaslin
Birth: April 28, 1849 32 34Indiana
Death: September 4, 1850Franklin, Johnson, Indiana

BirthHistory of Johnson County Indiana 1888
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Birth1900 US Federal Census
BirthObituary-Margaret Mullen McCaslin
Census1850 US Federal Census
Census1860 US Federal Census
Census1870 US Federal Census
MarriageHistory of Johnson County Indiana 1888
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Census1880 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census
DeathIndiana Deaths
DeathFind a Grave
BurialFind a Grave
BurialObituary-Margaret Mullen McCaslin
ReligionHistory of Johnson County Indiana 1888
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)

Lakewood Cemetery; Section 10, Lot 100, Grave 4 (Find A Grave Memorial# 125715618)

Shared note

In the 1850 US Federal Census for Upper Dickinson, Cumberland, Pennsylvania, the Mullen sisters, 14-year-old Hannah and 12-year-old Rachael are living in the household of 33-year-old farmer John G and Jane [maiden name unknown] Williams. Jane may be Hannah and Rachael's sister as they were orphaned in abt 1842. Others in the household are John and Jane's children, 3-year-old Florence and 2-year-old Maria Williams, 69-year-old deaf and dumb Jane Woods, 23-year-old Martha Woods and 6-year-old John McGranagle. Hannah and Rachael have attended school in the past year. John owns $3,500 worth of real estate. Everyone was born in Pennsylvania.

In the 1860 US Federal Census for Minnapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, 20-year-old Pennsylvania-born Margaret Mullen is living with 55-year-old farmer Pennsylvania-born Andrew W Oliver, presumably head of household since he is listed first, Andrews Pennsylvania-born wife, 49-year-old Sarah, 9-year-old Wisconsin-born Frank Miller, 48-year-old clergyman Pennsylvania-born James A MacKay and his wife, 49-year-old Massachusetts-born Sophrona MacKay and 22-year-old Indiana-born farmer Bethuel Casland [Joseph Bethuel McCaslin). Margarets relationship is to the Olivers, Frank Miller, and the MacKays is unknown. Presumably Sarah Oliver is Margarets sister as Margarets parents died by the time she was 6 and both Sarah and Margaret were born in Pennsylvania. The relationship to Bethuel McCaslin is known (he is probably her fianc) as he left her a bequest during his service in the 3rd Minnesota Regiment, Company C in 1863. Miscellaneous records in the Recorder's office for Johnson County, Indiana, Book I page 14 have the following note: Joseph Bethuel McCaslin of the City of St Anthony, , Hennepin, Minnesota, age of 25 years mentions Miss Rachel Margaret Mullen of St Anthony, Minnesota, "my brother George and Sister Rachel Amanda of Franklin, Johnson, Indiana and father Harvey [Hervey] McCaslin of Franklin, [Johnson] County, Indiana. The date of the document is 1863. Joseph enlisted in the 3rd Minnesota Regiment on 5 Oct 1861 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota and died on 8 August 1864 at Little Rock, Arkansas.

In the 1870 US Federal Census for St Anthony, Hennepin, Minnesota, 31-year-old Pennsylvania-born Margaret Mullen, who has $1,500 in real estate and $350 in personal property, is apparently running a boarding house. Living with her are 32-year-old Pennsylvania-born Hannah Mullen (her sister), 36-year-old Rhode Island-born lumber surveyor Charles Ladd, 32-year-old school teacher Pennsylvania-born Kate Gibson, 26-year-old Massachusetts-born clergyman Charles Plummer, and 18-year-old North Carolina-born university student John Brown.

From Bantas The History of Johnson County Indiana 1888 He [William McCaslin] was married the third time on December 25, 1879, to Marguerite Mullen, who was born near Carlisle, Pennsylvania, May 7, 1838, and is the daughter of Sampson and Sarah (Golden) Mullen, of Welch and Irish descent, respectively. Both parents died when their daughter was a child, she being but two years of age at the death of her father, and six at the death of her mother. Mrs. Caslin [sic] was married to our subject in Thomasville, Georgia, where she was spending the winter season, her home being at the time in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a member of the Presbyterian Church, and has a large circle of friends in Franklin. Transcribed by Lois Johnson

Marguerite has married the uncle of Joseph Bethuel McCaslin, her probable fianc in 1861-63.

In the 1880 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 62-year-old Kentucky-born retired farmer William McCaslin and his 41-year-old Pennsylvania-born third wife Maggie M [Marguerite Mullen] McCaslin are living on Madison Street. Also in their household is a 35-year German-born servant Anna Kulen or Keelen. William's parents were born in Virginia, Maggie's parents' place of birth is not recorded, and Anna's parents were born in Germany.

Marguerite's husband, William McCaslin, died of a heart attack on 5 Jun 1883.

Marguerite's activities in 1885 as reported in Franklin Newspapers

Franklin Daily Herald August 6, 1885, page 8 CHAUTAUQUA DAY The following citizens went to Acton the exercise of the Chautauqua Lite- rary Circle: Mrs. Maggie McCaslin, Mrs. D. L. Overbay, Miss Mattie McClellan, Dr. and Mrs. Andrus, Mrs. A. B. Colton, Mrs. L. W. Knobe, Master Willie Torrance, Mrs. Carnine, Mrs. Robert Kelly, Mrs. J. M. Dunlap Miss Mabel Dunlap, Mr. Robert A. Alexander

Franklin Daily Herald September 9, 1885, page 8 City & Neighborhood News Mrs. Maggie McCaslin and Mrs. Clara Hanneman were among those who went north this morning.

Franklin Evening Star September 25, 1885, page 2 FOR RENT--Small house in west Frank- lin, four rooms. Apply to Mrs. Maggie McCaslin, North Main Street.

Franklin Evening Star October 7, 1885, page 4 LOCAL INTELLEGENCE The building, occupied by Mrs. Maggie McCaslin, as a millinery store, is receiving new head gear- a shingle roof.

The Franklin Democrat, Friday, February 9, 1894, Volume XXXIV, Number 31, page 1 Mrs. M. M. McCaslin and Miss Mar- garet McCollough returned Monday from a visit with friends in Bucyrus, Ohio.

The Franklin Democrat, Friday, July 9,1900 LOCAL NEWS ITEMS Mrs. M. M. McCaslin and niece, Marguerite McCollough, leave this morning for a month's visit with relatives in Minnesota.

The Franklin Democrat, Friday, August 17, 1900, Volume XLI Number 7, page 1 column 1 LOCAL NEWS ITEMS Mrs. M. M. McCaslin and niece, Miss Marguerite McCollough, have returned from an extended visit to Minnesota.

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 62-year-old Pennsylvania-born widow Margaret [sic] McCaslin has in her household two of her nieces, 19-year-old Minnesota-born Helen Upham and 19-year-old Indiana-born Maragrete [sic] McCollough. Margaret has borne no children. Margaret's father was born in Pennsylvania and her mother in Wales [sic], Helen's parents in Minnesota and Maragrete's parents in Indiana.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 72-year-old Pennsylvania-born widow Margaret [sic] McCaslin is living at 99 North Main Street with a 51-year-old Indiana-born housekeeper, Ellen Burton, who is also a widow. Marguerite is "living on own income" and owns the house free of mortgage. Marguerite's parents were born in Pennsylvania. Ellen's were born in Indiana.

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 82-year-old Pennsylvania-born widow Emma [sic Margaret or Marguerite] McCaslin is living at 99 North Main Street with her 36-year-old [sic] Indiana-born niece, Margaret McCollough. Neither has a profession nor trade. Both are literate and can speak English. Marguerite's father was born in Wales and her mother in Pennsylvania, Her niece Margaret's parents were born in Indiana.

Marguerite Mullen McCaslin died 18 May 1920 in Franklin, Johnson, Indiana and was buried in Lakewood Cemetery; Section 10, Lot 100, Grave 4, Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota next to her sister Hannah Elizabeth Mullen. (Find A Grave Memorial# 125715618).

Franklin Democrat, Friday, May 21, 1920 DEATH OF MARGARET McCASLIN Mrs. Margaret McCaslin died at 3:00 oclock Tuesday afternoon at her home, corner of North Main and Madison streets, aged 82 years. She was one of the best known women of the community but for several years her health had been such as to keep her at her home almost continuously. This had been intensified by three accidents from falls which Mrs. McCaslin had sustained within the past few years, causing her to be confined to her bed for long periods. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at four oclock from the late home, conducted by Rev. R. P. Jones, pastor of the Presbyterian church, where Mrs. McCaslin had long held membership, assisted by Rev. J. B. Ferguson of Hopewell. The body was taken to Minneapolis, Minn. for interment. Margaret Mullen McCaslin was born near Carlisle, Pa., May 7, 1838. When a young girl she moved with her parents to Minneapolis, Minn., where she made her home for many years. She was married December 25, 1878, to William McCaslin of Franklin, at Thomasville, Ga., where she was spending the winter. They returned to Franklin and went to housekeeping in the McCaslin home on North Main street. Mr. McCaslin who was one of the most successful and widely known farmers and business men of the county, died June 5, 1884. After his death Mrs., McCaslin continued to live in her North Main street home. During the last years of her life Mrs. McCaslin had been taken care of by her niece, Miss Marguerite McCullough. Mrs. McCaslin leaves no immediate relatives. Besides Miss McCullough and Miss Williams, she is survived by three other nieces and a nephew, all of whom live in the west. W. B. McCullough and Mrs. Hervey Voris were a nephew and niece of Mr. McCaslin.

Marguerite is recorded as Margaret on most official records (except for the 1920 Census where she is recorded as Emma) and as Rachel Margaret in a bequest from Joseph Bethuel McCaslin, however, the History of Johnson County Indiana names her as Marguerite. Since people were paying to be included in this book, I assume that the publishers got her name the way she wanted it.