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John Angus McDonald1874

John Angus McDonald
Birth December 1874
Census 1910 (Age 35 years)

Birth1910 Federal Census
Census1910 Federal Census
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In the 1910 US Federal Census for Kelly, Socorro, New Mexico, 35-year-old Colorado-born John McDonald and his 36-year-old [sic] Indiana-born wife Mamie [Davis Chambers] McDonald have been married seven years. This is a first marriage for John and a second for Mamie. Mamie has born 5 children and all are living. These children are Indiana-born 12-year-old Leo Chambers and 7-year old Wyatt Chambers, and Colorado-born 6-year-old Jack McDonald, 5-year-old Kenneth McDonald and 2-year-old Francis McDonald. Only Leo has attended school in the past year. John, Mamie and Leo are literate and speak English. The family is living in a house that John McDonald owns, free of mortgage. John is a "general merchant" and has not had any months without work in the past year. John's father was born in Canada and his mother in West Virginia; Mamie's parents were born in Indiana; Leo and Jack's father was born in Missouri and their mother in Indiana; Jack, Kenneth and Francis' father was born in Colorado and their mother in Indiana.