Indiana McCaslins

Nona Cover1878

Nona Cover
Birth August 1878 30 29
Birth of a sisterLula F Cover
June 1880 (Age 22 months)
Census 1880 (Age 17 months)
Birth of a brotherSamuel C Cover
December 1882 (Age 4 years)
Death of a fatherAlonzo A Cover
March 8, 1920 (Age 41 years)
Death of a brotherHollis Centenniel Cover
1952 (Age 73 years)

Note: Not verified

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elder sister
20 months
elder brother
2 years
23 months
younger sister
3 years
younger brother

Birth1880 US Federal Census
Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1880 US Federal Census
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In the 1880 US Federal Census for Liberty, Fulton, Indiana, 32-year-old Indiana-born Alonzo Cover and his 30-year-old Indiana-born wife Martha [Leffel] Cover have in their household their three Indiana-born children, 5-year-old Alberta, 3-year-old Hollis and 2-year-old Nonie. Alonzo's parents were born in Maryland; Martha's parents were born in Ohio; the childrens' parents were born in Indiana.