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Allen Boone1870

Allen Boone
Birth August 1870 44 39
Census 1900 (Age 29 years)

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
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In the 1900 US Federal Census for Columbia, Hamilton, Ohio, 74-year-old farm laborereThomas Boone and his 68-year-old Ohio-born farm laborer wife Nancy S [Broadwell] Boone have been married 44 years. Nancy has borne seven children but only four are living. In their household are two of their Ohio-born children, 39-year-old widower farmer Ira J and 29-year-old single Allen M, two Ohio-born grandchildren (probably Ira's children) 14-year-old Debbie A and 12-year-old Clarence D, and Nancy's brother-in-law and sister, 56-year-old Indiana-born George K Snodgrss and 65-year-old Ohio-born Cordelia [Broadwell] Snodgrass. Everyone is literate and speaks English. Debbie and Clarence have attended school in the past year. Thomas' parents were born in Pennsylvania; Nancy and Cordelia's parents were born in New Jersey; Ira and Allen's parents were born in Ohio; Debbie and Clarence's father was born in Ohio and their mother in Kentucky; George's father was born in Indiana and his mother in Pennsylvania.