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Gertrude Samantha CarrAge: 62 years18771940

Gertrude Samantha Carr
Married name
Gertrude Samantha Taylor
Birth November 21, 1877 48 44
Note: given as 21 Dec 1876 in the Minnesota Births and Christenings Index
Census 1880 (Age 2 years)
MarriageClinton TaylorView this family
about 1894 (Age 16 years)

Death of a childUnknown Child Taylor
before 1900 (Age 22 years)

Census 1900 (Age 22 years)
Census 1910 (Age 32 years)
Death of a motherSarah Stevens
July 14, 1914 (Age 36 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Death of a fatherRichard Carr
January 19, 1915 (Age 37 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Burial of a fatherRichard Carr
after January 19, 1915 (Age 37 years)
Note: McVille Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 47311870)
Census 1920 (Age 42 years)
Death June 28, 1940 (Age 62 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: June 7, 1851, Cass, Indiana
3 years
elder brother
4 years
elder sister
2 years
elder sister
8 years
elder brother
6 years
elder sister
elder brother
23 months
elder sister
3 years
Family with Clinton Taylor - View this family
Marriage: about 1894


given as 21 Dec 1876 in the Minnesota Births and Christenings Index

Shared note

In the 1880 US Federal Census for Pilot Mound, Fillmore, Minnesota, 51-year-old Indiana-born farmer Richard Carr and his 46-year-old Indiana-born wife Sarah [Stevens] Carr have in their household their children, 25-year-old Andrew, 21-year-old Ruth, 13-year-old Jessee [sic], 8-year-old twins Pheobe and Richard, 5-year-old Sarah B, and 3-year-old Gertrude. Andrew is the only child born in Indiana, the others were all born in Minnesota which would indicate that the family moved to Minnesota about 1859. Andrew is a physician, Ruth is a school teacher and Jesse is at school. Richard Sr's parents were born in Kentucky. Sarah's father was born in Ohio and her mother in Indiana. The children's parents were born in Indiana.

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Hastings, Adams, Nebraska, 62-year-old Vermont born Spence and his 61-year-old Vermont-born wife Ursula [maiden name unknown] Taylor have been married thirty-six years. Ursula has borne five childen and all five are living. Living with them are their son, 26-year-old Iowa-born Clinton Taylor, their daughter-in-law, Clinton's wife, 23-year-old Minneosta-born Gertrude [Carr] Taylor and their grand-daughter, 13-year-old Nebraska-born Lenore Woodard. Clinton and Gertrude have been married six years. Gertrude has borne one child who has died. The family is living in a rented house. Spence is a horse dealer and Clinton manages a livery barn. Lenore has attended school nine months of the past year. Everyone is literate and can speak English. Spence's, Ursula's and Clinton's parents were born in Vermont. Gertrude's parents were born in Indiana. Lenore's father was born in Illinois and her mother in Iowa.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Hamlin, Nelson, North Dakota, 81-year-old Indiana-born farmer Richard and his 75-year-old Indiana-born wife Sarah [Stevens] Carr have been married 58 years. Sarah has borne nine children but only eight are living. They have in their household their youngest daughter, 34-year-old Minnesota-born Gertrud [sic][Carr] Tylar [sic] who is recorded as a "border". Gertrude has been married 16 years, and has borne no children [sic]. Her husband is not in this household. Richard is a retired farmer who owns his farm free of mortgage. Everyone is literate and can speak English. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.

In the 1920 US Federal Census for Minot, Ward, North Dakota, 65-year-old Indiana-born Andrew and his 55-year-old Minnesota-born wife Addie L [McIntyre] Carr have in their household their 17-year-old North Datkota-born daughter Gail, Addie's parents, 79-year-old New York-born Thomas W and 77-year-old New Hampshire-born Angi [maiden name unknown] McIntyre, Andrew's sister 47-year-old Minnesota-born widow Gertrude [Carr] Taylor and two servants, 19-year-old North Dakota-born Annie Burans and 46-year-old Norway-born Siever Johnson Dahl. Andrew owns the farm they are living on, free of mortgage. However he is not recorded as a farmer but a doctor. Gertrude is a milliner with her own shop. Gail has attended school in the past year. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Andrew and Gertrude's parents were born in Indiana. Addie's father was born in New York and her mother in Massachusetts [sic]. Gail's father was born in Indiana and her mother in Minnesota. Thomas' parents were born in New York. Ansi's parents were born in Massachusetts. Annie's and Siever's parents were born in Norway.

Sixty-two-year-old Gertrude Samantha [Carr] Taylor, born 21 Nov 1877 in Miinnesota, died 28 Jun 1940 in Los Angeles County, California. Her mother's maiden name was Stevens and her father's last name was Carr.{553-12-1103)