Indiana McCaslins

James Culbertson McConnellAge: 68 years18431912

James Culbertson McConnell
Birth August 1843
MarriageCatharine Cornelia McCaslin (McCasland)View this family
after May 4, 1869 (Age 25 years)
Note: Date of license
Birth of a son
George N McConnell
October 1870 (Age 27 years)
Census 1870 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a daughter
Cora McConnell
about 1873 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a son
Cecil Stanley McConnell
October 19, 1874 (Age 31 years)
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Census 1875 (Age 31 years)
Census 1880 (Age 36 years)
Marriage of a childBenjamin (Bud) SimmonsCora McConnellView this family
March 2, 1891 (Age 47 years)
Census 1900 (Age 56 years)
Death of a wifeCatharine Cornelia McCaslin (McCasland)
January 18, 1901 (Age 57 years)

Note: Not verified
Census 1910 (Age 66 years)
Death January 12, 1912 (Age 68 years)
Note: not verified
Family with Catharine Cornelia McCaslin (McCasland) - View this family
Marriage: after May 4, 1869, Jackson, Indiana
18 months
3 years
22 months

Birth1900 US Federal Census
MarriageMarriage Record
Census1870 US Federal Census
Census1875 Kansas State Census
Census1880 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census

Date of license


not verified

Shared note

On 4 May 1869, John B Robertson, Clerk of Jackson Circuit Court at Brownstown, Jackson, Indiana, issued a marriage licence to James C McConnell and Catherine C McCasland. No return was filed so their marriage date is unknown.

In the 1870 US Census for Township 2, Pawnee, Nebraska, 27-year-old Indiana-born jail warden J McConnell owns $50-worth of personal property. In his household, is his 18-year-old Indiana-born wife, C C [McCasland] McConnell who is keeping house.

In the 1875 Kansas State Census for Manhattan, Riley, Kansas, 31-year-old Indiana-born J C McConnell is a farmer who owns $550-worth of personal property. He and his 22-year-old Indiana-born wife C [McCasland] McConnell have in their household their children, 4-year-old Nebraska-born Geo [sic], 2-year-old Kansas-born Cora and 6-month old Kansas-born Cecil. The McConnells came to Kansas from Nebraska.

In the 1880 US Federal Census for Carbondale, Osage, Kansas, 36-year-old Indiana-born miner James McConnell and his 27-year-old Indiana-born wife Cathrine [sic] [McCasland] McConnell have in their household their children, 9-year-old Nebraska-born George W, 7-year-old Kansas-born Cora, and 5-year-old Kansas-born Cecil. George and Cora are attending school. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.

In 1900 US Federal Census for Township 21, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, 56-year-old Indiana-born farmer James C McConnell and his wife, 48-year-old Indiana-born wife Catherine C [McCasland] McConnell have been married for 31 years. Catherine has borne three children and all are living. Living with them is their youngest child 26-year-old Kansas-born farm laborer Cecil. James is farming rented land. Everyone is literate and speaks English. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Nunn, Weld, Colorado, 34-year-old Kansas-born famer Cecil S McConnell and his 34-year old Swedish wife Emma C [Fransen] McConnell have been married for two years. This is a first marriage for both. Emma has borne one child, 11-month-old Colorado-born Cora C who is living with them. Also in this household is Cecil's 66-year-old Indiana-born father and farmhand, James C McConnell, who is recorded as being married twice. His wife is not in this household. Cecil is farming land he owns, free of mortgage. All the adults are literate and speak English. Cecil's parents were born in Indiana; Emma's parents were born in Sweden; Cora's father was born in Kansas and her mother in Sweden; James' father was born in Kentucky and his mother in Indiana.