Indiana McCaslins

Lewis Walter WhalenAge: 56 years18731930

Lewis Walter Whalen
Birth January 13, 1873
Birth of a son
Clinton Whalen
September 1896 (Age 23 years)
Birth of a daughter
Luna Whalen
November 1898 (Age 25 years)
Census 1900 (Age 26 years)
Marriage of a childClinton WhalenEsther BakerView this family
December 24, 1921 (Age 48 years)
Death before 1930 (Age 56 years)

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
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On 13 Aug 1894, Lewis Whalen married Ollie McCarty in Johnson County, Indiana.

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Webster, Woodward, Oklahoma, 27-year-old Indiana-born day laborer Law [sic Louis] and his 27-year-old [sic] Missouri-born wife Ollie [Olive McCarty] Whalen have been married five years. Ollie has borne two children, both are living. These Indiana-born children are 3-year-old Clinton and 1-year-old Luna. The family is living in a house that Lewis owns. Lewis has been unemployed two months of the past year. Both Lewis and Olive can read, write and speak English. Both Lewis' and Olive's parents were born in Indiana; the children's father was born in Indiana and their mother in Missouri.

On 12 Sep 1918, when 45-year-old Lewis Walter Whalen registers for the WWI draft, he states that his address is 862 Darnell St, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, that he was born 13 Jan 1873, and that he is a native born citizen. His present occupation is pipe coveror [sic] for Explosive Plant "C", T S Co Agent, Nitro, West Virginia. His nearest relative is his wife, Ollie Whalen, who also lives at 862 Darnell St, Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana. His description is tall, slender, with blue eyes and gray hair.

Lewis' wife Olive R [McCarty] Whalen is recorded as a widow in the 1930 US Census for Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana so presumably Lewis died before that date.