Indiana McCaslins

Charles Joseph (Charley) HelmsAge: 77 years18601937

Charles Joseph (Charley) Helms
Birth about 1860
MarriageArthula (Gertrude) RiggsView this family
January 30, 1882 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
James Harker Helms
about 1883 (Age 23 years)
Birth of a son
Charley Joseph Helms
about 1889 (Age 29 years)
Birth of a son
Virgil Helms
March 1, 1897 (Age 37 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Birth of a daughter
Maggie Mae Helms
about 1901 (Age 41 years)
Census 1910 (Age 50 years)
Census 1920 (Age 60 years)
Marriage of a childAlbert Allen McCaslinMaggie Mae HelmsView this family
November 5, 1921 (Age 61 years)
Note: This does not agree with the 1930 Census
Census 1930 (Age 70 years)
Death February 23, 1937 (Age 77 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Burial after February 23, 1937
Source: Find a Grave
Note: White and Shelby Cemetery ; Find A Grave Memorial# 29860070
Family with Arthula (Gertrude) Riggs - View this family
Marriage: January 30, 1882, Washington, Arkansas
23 months
7 years
8 years
5 years

Birth1920 US Federal Census
MarriageArkansas Marriages, 1837-1944
Census1910 US Federal Census
Census1920 US Federal Census
Census1930 US Federal Census
DeathFind a Grave
BurialFind a Grave

White and Shelby Cemetery ; Find A Grave Memorial# 29860070

Shared note

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Upper, Sebastian, Arkansas, 51-year-old Missouri-born Charles J Helms and his 45-year-old Arkansas-born wife, Arthula [Riggs] Helms have been married for twenty-eight years. It is a first marriage for both. Arthula has borne eight children and six are living. Four of these six Arkansas-born children are living with them. They are 27-year-old James H, 21-year-old Charles F [sic], 11-year-old Virgil and 9-year-old Maggie M. Also in this household is a boarder, 26-year-old Mississippi-born Henry Erley [?]. The family is living on a rented farm. Virgil and Maggie have attended school in the past year. Everyone except Henry and Maggie is literate. Everyone except Maggie is recorded as being able to speak English. Charles is the manager of a stone quarry, James is a teamster (job work), Charles is an engineer (stone crusher) and Henry is a laborer in the stone quarry. None have had any months without work in the past year. Charles' parents were born in Indiana; Arthula's parents were born in Kentucky; the children's father was born in Missouri and their mother in Arkansas; Henry's parents were born in the United States.

In the 1920 US Federal Census for District 139, Central, Sebastian, Arkansas, 60-year-old Missouri-born farmer Charley [sic] and his 53-year-old Arkansas-born wife Gertrude [Biggs] Helms have in their household their unmarried daughter, 18-year-old Arkansas-born Magge [sic] M Helms, her son, 8-month old Arkansas-born Robert H Helms [McCaslin} and Gertrude's widowed mother, 75-year-old Arkansas-born Elisabeth [maiden name unknown] Riggs. The family is living in a rented house. Everyone but Robert can read, write and speak English. Charles' parents were born in Indiana; Gertrude's and Maggie's fathers were born in Missouri and their mothers in Arkansas; Robert's parents were born in Arkansas; Elisabeth's parents were born in Tennessee.

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Mont Sandels, Sebastian, Arkansas, 72-year-old Missouri-born Charley J Helms and his 64-year-old Arkansas-born wife Arthula [Riggs] Helms were married when he was 22- and she was 18-years-old [abt 1888]. In their household are their 32-year-old Arkansas-born son Virgil Helm, Virgil's wife, 25-year-old Arkansas-born Myrtle [McCaslin] Helm, and their children, 7-year-old Arkansas-born Wayne J and 5-year-old Noble C. Virgil was 25- and Myrtle was 17-years-old when they married [abt 1922]. Wayne has attended school in the past year, but Noble has not. Both Charley and Virgil are farmers and have worked on the last regularly scheduled work day. Neither has served in the military. Charley's parents were born in Indiana, Arthula's father was born in Tennessee [sic] and her mother in Arkansas; Virgil's and Myrtle's fathers were born in Missouri and their mothers in Arkansas, the childrens parents were born in Arkansas.