Indiana McCaslins

Mary A Boone1849

Mary A Boone
Married name
Mary A Hauk
Birth July 1849
MarriageThomas HaukView this family

Birth of a daughter
Harriet Margaret Hauk
May 9, 1880 (Age 30 years)
Note: Harriet must have been born in 1880, rather than 1881 as she appears as one month old on the 1880 US Census, which was taken 1 Jun 1880.
Census 1880 (Age 30 years)
Marriage of a childHarry Elsworth HemphillHarriet Margaret HaukView this family
March 17, 1900 (Age 50 years)
Census 1900 (Age 50 years)
Marriage of a childFrank MayoHarriet Margaret HaukView this family
August 7, 1913 (Age 64 years)

Birth1900 Federal Census
Census1900 Federal Census
Shared note

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Center, Marion, Indiana, 50-year-old Indiana-born widow Mary A [Boone] Hauk has born eight children and all are living. The only one living with her is her 20-year-old Indiana-born daughter, Harriet [Hauk] Hemphill. Harriet's husband 23-year-old Indiana-born Harry E Hemphill is also in the household. Harriet and Harry have been married less than a year. This household is living in a house that Mary owns free of mortgage. Harriet is a seamstress and Harry is a laborer on a "big farm". Neither have had any months unemployed in the past year. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Mary's father was born in Kentucky and her mother in North Carolina; Harriet's and Harry's parents were born in Indiana.