Indiana McCaslins

Augusta (Gusta) Fox1878

Augusta (Gusta) Fox
Married name
Augusta (Gusta) Stroup (Strop)
Married name
Augusta (Gusta) Everhart
Birth July 1878
MarriageOdie Artest (Otis) Stroup (Strop)View this family
October 8, 1896 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a daughter
Amy Stroup (Strop)
October 3, 1897 (Age 19 years)
Birth of a son
Unknown Child Stroup (Strop)
January 9, 1900 (Age 21 years)
Note: His mother's name is transcribed as Gusta Foe.
Death of a sonUnknown Child Stroup (Strop)
before June 20, 1900 (Age 21 years)

Census 1900 (Age 21 years)
DivorceOdie Artest (Otis) Stroup (Strop)View this family
before December 16, 1903 (Age 25 years)

Census 1910 (Age 31 years)

Family with Odie Artest (Otis) Stroup (Strop) - View this family
Marriage: October 8, 1896, Shelby, Indiana
Divorce: before December 16, 1903
1 year
2 years
Family with Harvey E Everhart - View this family
Odie Artest (Otis) Stroup (Strop) + Willie Taylor - View this family
husband’s wife
Gladys M Stroup (Strop)
Birth: February 24, 1911 34 25, Madison, Indiana
Death: April 23, 1912, Shelby, Indiana
2 years
Odie Stroup (Strop)
Birth: June 4, 1913 37 27, Johnson, Indiana
Death: June 4, 1913, Johnson, Indiana
3 years
Earl E Stroup (Strop)
Birth: March 13, 1916 39 30, Madison, Indiana
Death: March 28, 1916, Madison, Indiana

Birth1900 US Federal Census
MarriageIndiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941, Index to Marriage Record 1856-1920 Inclusive
Census1900 US Federal Census
Shared note

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Needham, Johnson, Indiana, 23-year-old Indiana-born farmer Otis [Odie] and his 21-year-old Indiana-born wife Augusta [Fox] Stroup have been married three years and have had two children, one is living. This Indiana-born child is 2-year-old Amy. Odie and Augusta can read, write and speak English. Odie is farming rented land. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.

Augusta [Fox] Stroup divorced Odie Stroup before 16 Dec 1903 as that is the date on which she marries Harvey Everhart.

In the 1910 US Federal Census for Anderson, Madison, Indiana, 31-year-old Indiana-born Harvey E and his 28-year-old [sic] Indiana-born wife Augusta [Fox Stroup] Everheart [sic] have been married six years. This is a second marriage for both of them. Augusta has born four children, but only one is living, her daughter, 12-year-old Indiana-born Amy L Stroup (Odie Stroup's daughter). Amy has attended school in the past year. This household is living in a rented house at 1410 New [?] Street. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Harvey works for a Mill, but I cannot decypher what kind or what he does. He was out of work three months of the past year. Harvey's parents were born in Indiana; Augusta's father was born in Germany and her mother in Indiana; Amy's parents were born in Indiana.