Indiana McCaslins

Thelma I ViceAge: 80 years19111991

Thelma I Vice
Married name
Thelma I McCasling (McCaslin)
Birth June 24, 1911
Census 1930 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a son
Theodore (Ted) McCasling (McCaslin)
February 10, 1935 (Age 23 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Census 1940 (Age 28 years)
Death October 24, 1991 (Age 80 years)
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BirthUS Social Security Death Index
Birth1930 US Federal Census
Census1930 US Federal Census
Census1940 US Federal Census
DeathUS Social Security Death Index
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In the 1930 US Federal Census for Harris, Muskogee, Oklahoma, 26-year-old Missouri-born Theodore R and his 18-year-old Oklahoma-born wife Thelma [Vice] McCasling have been married about one year as they were married when he was 25- and she was 17-years old. They are living in a rented house for which they pay $8 a month. Theodore is a greenskeeper at a gold course and has worked on the last regularly scheduled work day. He has not served in the military. Both can read, write and speak English. Theordore's parents were born in Missouri. Thelma's father was born in Missouri and her mother in Oklahoma.

In the 1940 US Federal Census for Jackson, Washington, Oklahoma, 36-year-old, Missouri-born Theodore R McCasling, his wife 28-year-old, Oklahoma-born Thelma [Vice] McCaslin, and their two Oklahoma-born children, 9-year-old Ella Mae and 5-year-old Teddy Jr. The family is living on Country Club Road in a rented house.Theodore and Thelma have completed eighth grade. Ella Mae has completed third grade. Theodore is superintendent of a golf course, has worked 48 hours in the past week and 52 weeks in the past year, earning $1,680 in salary or wages. Thelma is a housewife who is not looking for work. Neither has any outside income. Ella Mae is a student.

The 1948 Muskogee, Oklahoma City Directory records Ted R McCasling as Superintendent of City Parks. He and his wife, Thelma [Vice] McCasling are living at 641 Park Drive.

The 1960 Chickasha, Oklahoma City Directory records Theodore R McCasling as "City Manager-2nd floor City Hall". He and his wife, Thelma I [Vice] McCasling are living at 1028 S 16th and their telephone number is CAstle 4-6608.

Thelma I McCasling, born 24 Jun 1911 in Oklahoma, died 24 Oct 1991. Her last address of record was Muskogee, Muskogee, Oklahoma 74401. She had applied for her Social Security number in Oklahoma before 1951.