Indiana McCaslins

Steven HamiltonAge: 54 years18541908

Steven Hamilton
Birth July 1854
MarriageSarah Margaret RushView this family
about 1888 (Age 33 years)

Census 1900 (Age 45 years)
Death before August 31, 1908 (Age 54 years)
Family with Sarah Margaret Rush - View this family
Marriage: about 1888
George Washington McCaslin + Sarah Margaret Rush - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: August 31, 1908, Crawford, Arkansas

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Marriage1900 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
Shared note

In the 1900 US Federal Census for Winslow, Washington, Arkansas, 45-year-old Arkansas-born farmer Steven Hamilton and his wife 47-year-old Margret [sic] [Sarah Margaret Rush] have been married 12-years and have had no children. Steven is farming land he owns, free of mortgage. Both can read, write and speak English. Steven's parents were born in Kentucky; Sarah Margaret's father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Arkansas.

Steven died before 31 Aug 1908, as his wife, Sarah Margaret Rush Hamilton, married George Washington McCaslin on that date.