Indiana McCaslins

Ella Marian BrownAge: 28 years18741903

Ella Marian Brown
Birth March 1874 38 27
Birth of a sisterBertha Mower Brown
December 27, 1875 (Age 21 months)
Note: Previously known as Porters Mills and went out of existance when the sawmills closed.
Birth of a brotherFrederic Dill Brown
May 27, 1878 (Age 4 years)
Source: S471
Census 1880 (Age 5 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherAlcha Oliva (Olive) Harding
May 17, 1882 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a brotherJames Harding Brown
January 14, 1883 (Age 8 years)
Census 1885 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a sisterCatharine Sophia Brown
October 20, 1888 (Age 14 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherSophia Ann Mower
July 27, 1890 (Age 16 years)
Source: S364
Source: Find a Grave
Census 1895 (Age 20 years)
Census 1900 (Age 25 years)
Death February 17, 1903 (Age 28 years)
Source: S1206
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Marriage: November 12, 1872Portage, Columbia, Wisconsin
17 months
Ella Marian Brown
Birth: March 1874 38 27Wisconsin
Death: February 17, 1903, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
22 months
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
5 years
younger brother
6 years
younger sister
Father’s family with Eleanora Fay - View this family
Eleanora Fay
Birth: September 13, 1843 35 33Grafton, Worcester, Massachusetts
Death: after July 28, 1870Porterville, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Marriage: September 13, 1863Waubeek, Pepin, Wisconsin
14 months
5 years
Delia Brown
Birth: August 1869 33 25Brunswick, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Death: after July 28, 1870Brunswick, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1880 US Federal Census
Census1885 Wisconsin State Census
Census1895 Wisconsin State Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
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In the 1880 US Federal Census for Brunswic [sic], Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 43-year-old New York-born engineer James and his 30-year-old Vermont-born second wife Anna [Taft] Brown have in their household his Wisconsin-born son by his first marriage to Eleanora Fay Brown, 15-year-old Chas [sic Charles], and their Wisconsin-born children, 6-year-old Ella, 4-year-old Bertha and 2-year-old Fred. Charles, Ella and Bertha have attended school in the past year. James' parents were born in New York. Anna's parents were born in Vermont. The Browns are apparently living in a double bungalow as two families are listed for one address. The other family is that of 33-year-old filer P R Glover and his 28-year-old wife Ella.

In the 1885 Wisconsin State Census for Eau Claire Ward 3, Eau Claire, Jas [James] Brown has four white males [himself and his three sons, Charles Lee, Frederic Dill and James Harding Jr] and three white females [his wife Anna Sarah Taft Brown, and his two daughters, Ella Marian, Bertha Mower] in his household. His neighbors are the F.W. Deacon family and the Frank A Clay family.

In the 1895 Wisconsin State Census for Eau Claire Ward 3, Eau Claire, J.H. [James Harding] Brown has three white males [himself and his two of his three sons, Frederic Dill and James Harding Jr] and four white females [his wife Anna Sarah Taft Brown, and his three daughters, Ella Marian, Bertha Mower and Catharine Sophia]. His neighbors are the R. Farr family and the Dick Christenson family

The 1900 census confirms the move to Farwell St in Eau Claire, where 64-year-old New York-born engineer James, 52-year-old Vermont-born Anna S and their five Wisconsin-born children, 26-year-old Ella M, 24-year-old Bertha M, 22-year-old Fred D, 17-year-old Harding J [James Harding Jr], and 11-year-old Katherine [Catharine] are all in the Brown household. Charles, James' son by his first marriage, has left home. James and Anna have been married 28 years

Ella died 17 Feb 1903 of consumption.