Indiana McCaslins

Ira Law1891

Ira Law
Birth July 1891 35 26
Census 1900 (Age 8 years)
Death of a sisterGrace Lillian Law
September 1972 (Age 81 years)

Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
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In the 1900 US Federal Census for Lexington, Scott, Indiana, 43-year-old Indiana-born farmer John M and his 35-year-old Indiana-born wife Elzora [Cavitt] Law have been married for 15 years and have had Indiana-born two children, 13-year-old Grace and 8-year-old Ira. Both have attended school for six months of the past year. John is farming mortgaged land. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.