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Marshall E SnodgrassAge: 11 years18781889

Marshall E Snodgrass
Birth about 1878 32 31
Death of a fatherLambert W Snodgrass
September 10, 1878
Census 1880 (Age 2 years)
Death July 28, 1889 (Age 11 years)
Birth1880 US Federal Census
BirthIllinois Statewide Death Index
Census1880 US Federal Census
DeathIllinois Statewide Death Index
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In the US Federal Census for Centralia, Marion, Illinois, 61-year-old Indiana-born Simpson and his 59-year-old Indiana-born wife Julia Ann [Pearcy] Frazier have in their household their Illinois-born children, 30-year-old farmer Jesse, 15-year-old Nancy E, 33-year-old widowed Clarissa Frazier Snodgrass, Clarissa's Illinois-born children, 6-year-old Carrie, 4-year-old Samuel W and 2-year-old Marshall E, and two Illinois-born boarders, 18-year-old farm laborer Charlie Perry and 22-year-old Tennessee-born farm laborer William Gaskie. Nancy Frazier and Carrie Snodgrass have attended school in the past year. Where Simpson's parents were born is unknown, Julia Ann's parents were born in Virginia, Jesse, Nancy and Clarissa's parents were born in Indiana, Carrie, Samuel and Marshall's father was born in Indiana and their mother in Illinois, and the birthplace of Charlie's and William's parents is unknown.

Marshal E Snodgrass died at age 11 on 28 Jul 1889 in Centralia, Marion, Illinois.