Indiana McCaslins

Mary Lillian RamseyAge: 73 years19151988

Mary Lillian Ramsey
Married name
Mary Lillian McCaslin
Birth July 9, 1915 27 28
Source: Find a Grave
Census 1930 (Age 14 years)
Birth of a son
William Bert (Mac) McCaslin
July 15, 1937 (Age 22 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: His obituary gives his birthdate as 8 Jul 1937
Census 1940 (Age 24 years)
Death of a motherGrace Lillian Law
September 1972 (Age 57 years)
Death of a husbandDelmar Emerson McCaslin
December 26, 1974 (Age 59 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Zip code of last residence was 46203
Burial of a husbandDelmar Emerson McCaslin
after December 26, 1974 (Age 59 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Kent Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 83143530)
Death of a fatherRay Hiram Ramsey
September 1975 (Age 60 years)
Death September 20, 1988 (Age 73 years)

Source: Find a Grave
Burial after September 20, 1988
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Kent Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 83143602)
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husband’s wife
Delmar Gene McCaslin
Birth: February 15, 1929 18 19Scottsburg, Scott, Indiana
Death: January 29, 2011New Castle, Henry, Indiana

Birth1930 US Federal Census
BirthUS Social Security Death Index
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Census1940 US Federal Census
DeathUS Social Security Death Index
DeathFind a Grave
BurialFind a Grave

Kent Cemetery (Find A Grave Memorial# 83143602)

Shared note

In the 1930 US Federal Census for Madison, Jefferson, Indiana, 42-year-old Indiana-born Ray H and his 43-year-old Indiana-born wife Grace L [Law] Ramsey were married when he was 23- and she was 25-years old. They have in their household their Indiana-born daughters, 14-year-old Mary L and 13-year-old Ruth E. The family is living at 723 Main Street in a house that Ray owns, worth $2,500. Mary and Ruth have attended school in the past year. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Ray is an agent for a "gasoline and oil company" and has worked on the last regularly scheduled work day. He has not served in the military. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana.

In the 1940 US Federal Census for Dunreith, Henry, Indiana, 29-year-old, Indiana-born Delmar McCaslin and his 24-year-old, Indiana-born second wife, Mary L [Ramsey] McCaslin have in their household Delmar's Indiana-born children by Emma Brown, 11 year-old Delmar Gene, and 10-year-old Margaret, and Delmar and Mary's Indiana-born children, 4-year-old Betty Lee, 2-year-old William Bert, and 2-month-old Ruth Irene. The family is living in a house that Delmar rents for $10 a month. The house is not on a farm. In 1935, the family was living in rural Jefferson County, Indiana. Delmar Sr has completed seventh grade, Mary has completed one year of high school, and Delmar Gene and Margaret have completed third grade. Delmar is employed as a common laborer for a grain company. He has worked 60 hours in the past week and 52 weeks in 1939, earning $520. Mary is a housewife who is not looking for work. Delmar Gene and Margaret are students. Delmar and Mary have no outside source of income.

Mary L [Ramsey] McCaslin applied for her Social Security number in Indiana in 1953-1954.

Mary McCaslin, born 9 Jul 1915, died 20 Sep 1988.