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Junious Rogers (June) BoswellAge: 25 years18931918

Junious Rogers (June) Boswell
Birth April 22, 1893
Birth of a daughter
Rena E (Evelyn) Boswell
December 6, 1915 (Age 22 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: given as 6 Dec 1915 on the Social Security Death Index
Death October 23, 1918 (Age 25 years)
Family with Ellen M (Ella Mae) McCaslin - View this family
William Henry Garrett + Ellen M (Ella Mae) McCaslin - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: December 14, 1921

BirthArkansas County Marriages, 1837-1957
NameLowe Cemetery, Garland County, Arkansas
DeathCalifornia Deaths
Shared note

On 29 Aug 1914, J R Boswell signs a bond for $100 for a marriage license to marry Ella May McCaslin. S H Grandstaff signs as surety. A marriage license then issues to 21-year-old J R Boswell, of Royal, Garland, Arkansas, and 19-year-old Ella May McCaslin, of Bear, Montgomery, Arkansas. J R and Ella marry on 6 Sep 1914 by C R Houser, Justice of the Peace. All these entries are witnessed by Charles H Davis, County and Probate Clerk and Allen Hotchkiss D.C.

On 5 Jun 1917, when 24-year-old Junious Rogers Boswell registeres for the WWI Draft, he states that his residence is Bear, Garland Arkansas, that he was born 22 Apr 1893 near Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas, and therefore is a natural born citizen of the United States. He is a self-employed farmer who has a wife and child. He has had no military service and does not claim an exemption from the draft. His description is tall, stout, with grey eyes and dark brown hair, slightly balding. He has no disabilities which would preclude his service in the military.

Junius [sic] Boswell died on 23 Oct 1918 in Fresno County, California (idno 459910)