Indiana McCaslins

Mary Eleanor SteadmanAge: 61 years17921854

Mary Eleanor Steadman
Married name
Mary Eleanor Wykoff
Birth February 14, 1792
Note: West Virginia didn't exist until 1863.
MarriageJames WykoffView this family
January 2, 1812 (Age 19 years)

Birth of a son
James William Wykoff
June 6, 1814 (Age 22 years)
Note: Anna Laura Wykoff Weddle's death certificate gives James' birthplace as Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, but West Virginia didn't exist when James was born as it was created in 1863 by seceding from Virginia during the Civil War.
Marriage of a childJames William WykoffAnzeline (Angeline) McCaslin (McCasland)View this family
March 15, 1833 (Age 41 years)
Note: Anzeline's last name is recorded as McCaslon
Death 1854 (Age 61 years)


West Virginia didn't exist until 1863.