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Harriet KingAge: 15 months18411842

Harriet King
Birth July 15, 1841 24 22

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Note: Calculated from age at death
Death October 17, 1842 (Age 15 months)

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Burial after October 17, 1842
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Note: Pioneer Park Cemetery
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Marriage: October 24, 1837Franklin, Johnson, Indiana
4 years
4 years
younger brother
David Hutton King
Birth: June 19, 1845 27 26Indiana
Death: June 25, 1940Fayetteville, Washington, Arkansas

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Calculated from age at death


Pioneer Park Cemetery

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Harriet King's tombstone in Pioneer Park Cemetery, Franklin, Johnson, Indiana states "Harriet, daut. of J.C. & E C King, died Oct 17, 1842, aged 1Y 3M 2D.