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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Wilford Hugh (Red) MuncriefDecember 2, 200615Death
Phyllis Natalie McCaslin (McCasland)December 2, 199724Death
Robert Leslie MarlettDecember 2, 199229Death
Mabel HawleyDecember 2, 198932Death
Linda Louise BerryDecember 2, 197645Death
Euphemia L SnodgrassDecember 2, 195962Death
Steven Leslie MardisDecember 2, 195368Birth
Moses (Oscar) Beshers (Beshears)December 2, 1916105Death
Edna Mable FergusonDecember 2, 1916105Birth
Emma McCaslinDecember 2, 1907114Death
Anna Hellen HerbergerDecember 2, 1905116Birth
Mary Alma VanNuysDecember 2, 1881140Birth
Strausie McCaslinDecember 2, 1881140Birth
Mary Ladonia RagsdaleDecember 2, 1879142Birth
Mary Frances WadeDecember 2, 1861160Birth
James Buchanan ClineDecember 2, 1856165Birth
Infant HemphillDecember 2, 1854167Death
Allen F McCaslinDecember 2, 1830191Birth
John Petrus LuysterDecember 2, 1826195Death
Mary Jane BantaDecember 2, 1823198Birth
James A CarnahanDecember 2, 1802219Birth
Thomas Edwin McMillan + Clauris Virginia McCaslinDecember 2, 194378Marriage
Richard Verbrycke Ditmars + Alice BarnettDecember 2, 1873148Marriage
John W McCaslin + Mary Frances BellDecember 2, 1852169Marriage
Moses Toon + Jemima HodgesDecember 2, 1847174Marriage
Christian Branaman + Mary Smith WellsDecember 2, 1841180Marriage
Upcoming events
Clinton Lee McCaslinDecember 3, 201110Death
Effie Lee AllenDecember 3, 200120Death
Eva Amrilla McCaslin (McCasland)December 3, 198833Death
Clauris Virginia McCaslinDecember 3, 197546Death
Elzora C CovertDecember 3, 195863Death
Nora Mildred HillDecember 3, 195269Death
Woody Lee SpencerDecember 3, 195071Death
Harriet Catherine (Kate) HeyserDecember 3, 193982Death
John Herbert AldenDecember 3, 192596Birth
Mark EastburnDecember 3, 1893128Birth
Arthur AckleyDecember 3, 1893128Birth
Madeline L OrrDecember 3, 1891130Birth
Emery DuckworthDecember 3, 1880141Death
Mason Bates McAnallyDecember 3, 1876145Birth
John Franklin StevensonDecember 3, 1866155Birth
Dora May SandersDecember 3, 1861160Birth
Henry Salem RomineDecember 3, 1847174Birth
George Rix DrakeDecember 3, 1831190Birth
Mary Elizabeth (Polly) DavisDecember 3, 1828193Birth
Samuel Snodgrassbefore December 3, 1799222Death
Edwin Damon Wilson + Maude Muriel WhiteDecember 3, 194972Marriage
Elijah Stevens + Clara E HamiltonDecember 3, 1910111Marriage
William (Billy) McCaslin (McCasland) + Sarah Jane LongDecember 3, 1861160Marriage
John Haywood Carson + Julia Brown McGannonDecember 3, 1840181Marriage
Cornelius Hutton + Jane Vanarsdall KingDecember 3, 1833188Marriage
Pauline (Edna Pauline) MessmoreDecember 4, 201011Death
Sarah Henrietta AntonsenDecember 4, 198041Death
Floy L PaddenDecember 4, 197645Death
Myrtle E McCaslinDecember 4, 197150Death
Charles Wilder JettonDecember 4, 194576Death
Frances M (Frankie) StephensonDecember 4, 194576Death
Joseph Henry MullendoreDecember 4, 193190Death
Walter Frederick MenkDecember 4, 192596Death
John William MillsDecember 4, 192299Birth
Marie Louise CalesDecember 4, 1920101Birth
Marlene Marion WilliamsDecember 4, 1919102Birth
Alvi Vieno OjennusDecember 4, 1915106Birth
Edna Mae HendricksDecember 4, 1910111Birth
Jennings Bryan HennisDecember 4, 1897124Birth
Charles Newton FisherDecember 4, 1895126Birth
Harley Raymond RoseDecember 4, 1894127Birth
Rachel ByersDecember 4, 1862159Death
Rachael ShoemakerDecember 4, 1813208Birth
Archibald (Archie) Lancaster + Jeffie M ClineDecember 4, 1905116Marriage
Samuel Washington Allen + Mollie (Mary A) Medlock (Matlock)December 4, 1898123Marriage
William David (David) McCaslin + Emily Savannah (Emma) FishDecember 4, 1859162Marriage
George W Field + Margaret Jane McCaslinDecember 4, 1845176Marriage
Martha RamseurDecember 5, 200615Death
Myrtie Lillian TompkinsDecember 5, 199922Death
John Mervyn HaleyDecember 5, 198338Death
Herman Harry WittDecember 5, 197942Death
Perle Belle EmpieDecember 5, 196358Death
John Francis HaslamDecember 5, 194378Death
Mary Elizabeth (Lizzie) HicklinDecember 5, 193784Death
Ada Belle LaneDecember 5, 192398Birth
Helen Ellen PerryDecember 5, 1911110Death
William G GudgelDecember 5, 1906115Death
Lewis (Bill) LeathersDecember 5, 1901120Birth
Charles W EastburnDecember 5, 1900121Birth
Margaret WilliamsonDecember 5, 1898123Death
Ada SanfordDecember 5, 1895126Birth
Lola Aldrich BeverlyDecember 5, 1883138Birth
William Roscoe JohnsonDecember 5, 1880141Birth
Grace McCaslinDecember 5, 1870151Birth
Elizabeth CarrDecember 5, 1866155Death
John R GarshwilerDecember 5, 1824197Birth
Catherine BantaDecember 5, 1816205Birth
William Van Wye (Vanwye)December 5, 1810211Birth
Mary LattimoreDecember 5, 1804217Birth
John H Studley + Maria L Cole (Coll)December 5, 1875146Marriage
Lorraine E AlbertsonDecember 6, 198932Death
Geneva Alice WillbanksDecember 6, 198734Death
Ethel Pearl HemphillDecember 6, 198239Death
Fern Justine McCaslinDecember 6, 197942Death
Gertrude E CorlettDecember 6, 197051Death
Charles William MeggenhofenDecember 6, 195170Death
Thomas S DickersonDecember 6, 193586Death
Dwight Eugene LemenDecember 6, 193289Birth
Lucinda EstesDecember 6, 192695Death
Robert BlacketterDecember 6, 1921100Birth
Walter Wendell BoeDecember 6, 1919102Birth
Opal A RicheyDecember 6, 1918103Birth
Martha Tennessee (Tinnie) BeshersDecember 6, 1918103Birth
Otis Jewel OliverDecember 6, 1916105Birth
Rena E (Evelyn) BoswellDecember 6, 1915106Birth
Florence SnodgrassDecember 6, 1901120Birth
Harvey Roy ClineDecember 6, 1895126Birth
James William McCaslinDecember 6, 1890131Birth
Carl BridgesDecember 6, 1888133Birth
Sarah Abigail (Abbie) McCaslinDecember 6, 1881140Birth
Frank J BurkhartDecember 6, 1872149Birth
Mahala G McClearyDecember 6, 1850171Birth
Geneva Frances TrulockDecember 6, 1849172Birth
Lucinda GillsaspyDecember 6, 1847174Birth
Nathaniel GoodhueDecember 6, 1835186Death
George ListDecember 6, 1830191Death
William C CrowellDecember 6, 1829192Birth
Benton T LangDecember 6, 1824197Death
Jane DitmarsDecember 6, 1818203Birth
Robert Leo Clerkin + Violet Marie (Vicky) KingDecember 6, 194675Marriage
Carnell Lee LingoDecember 7, 200120Death
Mary Lois BerryDecember 7, 199922Death
Nettie McCaslinDecember 7, 197249Death
Lulu Berne KingDecember 7, 197150Death
Kenneth Cade McBryde (McBride)December 7, 192299Birth
Ellis David BrownDecember 7, 1903118Birth
Adam Wynn (Wynn) BlackketterDecember 7, 1895126Birth
James Buchanan LaneDecember 7, 1869152Birth
Caroline ByersDecember 7, 1855166Birth
Adaline ByersDecember 7, 1855166Birth
Sarah Belle VanNuysDecember 7, 1850171Death
Robert Voris ListDecember 7, 1834187Birth
Lydia McColloughDecember 7, 1815206Birth
William MattleyDecember 7, 1811210Birth
James Neal MillerDecember 7, 1799222Birth
George McColloughDecember 7, 1799222Birth
Luther TaftDecember 7, 1778243Birth
Albert E Leffingwell + Emily (Emma) KeyserDecember 7, 192299Marriage
Isaac M Vandivier + Sarah M ByersDecember 7, 1871150Marriage
Samuel Snodgrass + Semiramis Priestly HardyDecember 7, 1824197Marriage
Corrine Eleanor AndersonDecember 8, 20138Death
Martha WalzDecember 8, 199724Death
Lyle J KinnamanDecember 8, 199625Death
Stanley McAnallyDecember 8, 199031Death
Arzilla G AllenDecember 8, 197645Death
Luna May ListDecember 8, 194576Death
Thomas Arthur RyanDecember 8, 193289Death
Jean ?(Mikesell)December 8, 192596Birth
Virginia Maud McCaslinDecember 8, 192398Birth
Charles Alva StonehouseDecember 8, 1921100Birth
Ruth Arlene HardenDecember 8, 1918103Birth
Willis Fletcher LawDecember 8, 1909112Death
Amelia TrulockDecember 8, 1905116Death
William MattleyDecember 8, 1879142Death
Mabel Harriet HoldenDecember 8, 1869152Birth
Warren Studley Morton MeadDecember 8, 1868153Birth
Bertis Lincoln (Bert) McCaslinDecember 8, 1866155Birth
Elizabeth (Lizzie) McCaslinDecember 8, 1861160Death
William F McCaslinDecember 8, 1837184Birth
Richard Verbrycke DitmarsDecember 8, 1834187Birth
Alice RiceDecember 8, 1814207Birth
Eugene Wilson + Sophia ?(Wilson)December 8, 192695Marriage
James Thomas McCaslin + Elizabeth Rebecca Smith-MillerDecember 8, 1894127Marriage
Thomas S Dickerson + Cora Anna KellumDecember 8, 1885136Marriage
Willett Tyler + Nancy NayDecember 8, 1859162Marriage
Harvey L McCaslin + Laura V ColeDecember 8, 1853168Marriage
Richard Thomas Winchester + Rebecca LangDecember 8, 1851170Marriage
Marion Frances WykoffDecember 9, 198437Death
Herbert Thomas (Thomas) RobertsDecember 9, 198140Death
Robert Eugene McCaslinDecember 9, 196259Death
Sarah (Sallie) C BailsDecember 9, 194378Death
Billy Ray PoundDecember 9, 193982Birth
Evelyn ReynoldsDecember 9, 193388Birth
Verna Elaine (Elaine) McCaslin (McCasland)December 9, 192497Birth
Paul WykoffDecember 9, 192299Birth
Dianna D MeltonDecember 9, 1901120Death
Elsie Enfield StewartDecember 9, 1888133Birth
Lawrence Hall BarnesDecember 9, 1885136Birth
Charles Monroe McCoyDecember 9, 1862159Birth
Emma Catherine (Katherine) LuysterDecember 9, 1855166Birth
Newton ScottDecember 9, 1844177Birth
Elijah ParkhurstDecember 9, 1829192Birth
Elizabeth Grace DickersonDecember 9, 1825196Birth
Martha StellDecember 9, 1821200Birth
Hendrick BantaDecember 9, 1718303Birth
LaFayette Francis Winchester + Cora L TorranceDecember 9, 1885136Marriage
James R McCaslin + Lurania (Rainey) TilsonDecember 9, 1841180Marriage
Serril Winchester + Mary Ann MillerDecember 9, 1824197Marriage