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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Cecil Jackson MurrayMarch 2, 200120Death
Davida (Vida) McCaslinMarch 2, 196358Death
Hattie AlexanderMarch 2, 194675Death
Anthony W MenkMarch 2, 193982Death
Samuel Nelson SellersMarch 2, 193685Death
Clarrissa Ann TaylorMarch 2, 193586Death
Cecil Oren ParkMarch 2, 1916105Birth
Cordelia BroadwellMarch 2, 1916105Death
Louis Loren HendricksMarch 2, 1912109Death
Francis Marion TempleMarch 2, 1905116Death
Syntha A (Sintha) McCaslinMarch 2, 1902119Death
Jesse KingMarch 2, 1891130Birth
Cyntha Ann (Cynthia) KingMarch 2, 1878143Death
Rhoda CondraMarch 2, 1877144Death
Walter Allen McCaslin (McCasland)March 2, 1859162Death
James Thomas WinchesterMarch 2, 1835186Birth
Abigail HayesMarch 2, 1762259Birth
Susannah BrouwerMarch 2, 1747274Birth
Shellie Rawlings Austin + Eathel S McCaslinMarch 2, 1920101Marriage
Benjamin (Bud) Simmons + Cora McConnellMarch 2, 1891130Marriage
Benjamin Franklin Thompson + Ann Thixton (Thickston)March 2, 1837184Marriage
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Ernest William (Bill) AndersonMarch 3, 201110Death
Imogene Frances (Frances Imogene) McClelland (McClellan)March 3, 200714Death
Daisy A GoodwinMarch 3, 200516Death
Raymond Benson LaneMarch 3, 200219Death
Albert Ransome Stroup (Strop)March 3, 198734Death
William Thomas (Tom) JohnsonMarch 3, 198635Death
Estelle GoodmanMarch 3, 1920101Birth
Ernest Minot TompkinsMarch 3, 1918103Birth
Lovisa MixMarch 3, 1907114Death
Thomas J SellersMarch 3, 1903118Birth
Emmett Lewis CarpenterMarch 3, 1902119Birth
Isabella Van Wye (Vanwye)March 3, 1891130Death
George SheetsMarch 3, 1888133Birth
Harriet Elizabeth (Bettie) PalmerMarch 3, 1860161Birth
John N PearmanMarch 3, 1830191Birth
Myron Ashley CurtisMarch 3, 1812209Birth
James Pleasant ParrMarch 3, 1800221Birth
Sampson S Mullen + Sarah GoldenMarch 3, 1835186Marriage
Ruth McCaslinMarch 4, 200219Death
James Sterling HutchesonMarch 4, 200120Death
Floyd E StonehouseMarch 4, 198140Death
Martha Ruth ?(Mosier)March 4, 197051Death
Willard Raymond BeshersMarch 4, 196754Death
Jane Annette DoddMarch 4, 195863Death
Cora McCaslinMarch 4, 195665Death
Oliver Carlton AndersonMarch 4, 194180Death
Dorothy Mae CarsonMarch 4, 1921100Birth
Bernice Ethel AtkinsonMarch 4, 1916105Birth
Susan D BrownMarch 4, 1916105Death
Joanne R WilsonMarch 4, 1915106Birth
Rose R VargaMarch 4, 1908113Birth
Margaret Edna McCaslinMarch 4, 1906115Birth
Irene M SnodgrassMarch 4, 1899122Death
Elizabeth Carrington DabneyMarch 4, 1896125Birth
Thornton Lister RoseberryMarch 4, 1881140Birth
Mary Alice ElkinsMarch 4, 1869152Birth
Ephraim Broddus SmizerMarch 4, 1868153Birth
David S ReedMarch 4, 1867154Birth
Bertha AtkinsMarch 4, 1864157Birth
Mary Adeline SharplessMarch 4, 1861160Death
Aurela (Aurie) McCaslinMarch 4, 1856165Birth
Laura Harriet AlexanderMarch 4, 1847174Death
Hugh McCaslinMarch 4, 1838183Death
Elizabeth AdamsMarch 4, 1814207Birth
Serril WinchesterMarch 4, 1804217Birth
Mary BantaMarch 4, 1794227Birth
Theodore Marcus Tepsich + Helen Jane McCaslinMarch 4, 1916105Marriage
David Ernst GeskeMarch 5, 200021Death
Emil Ray BannisterMarch 5, 199526Death
Carl Elton ReddickMarch 5, 198437Death
John James SlavinMarch 5, 195566Death
Julia McColloughMarch 5, 193784Death
William Matthew AdelhelmMarch 5, 193091Death
James Porter PlattMarch 5, 192794Death
Alva SnodgrassMarch 5, 1918103Death
Nellie Audrey WhiteMarch 5, 1915106Death
William C ChambersMarch 5, 1902119Death
Helen V GlickMarch 5, 1897124Birth
Dump Virgil PearsonMarch 5, 1895126Birth
Mason Bates McAnallyMarch 5, 1894127Birth
Lucinda St JohnMarch 5, 1894127Death
James Robertson ErvinMarch 5, 1890131Birth
Flora May (Florence) BeverlyMarch 5, 1882139Birth
Nellie Lucinca GreenMarch 5, 1876145Birth
Charley McCaslin (McCasland)March 5, 1869152Death
Cynthia Shelledy (Shillideay)March 5, 1868153Death
Mary Lovisa BeverlyMarch 5, 1856165Birth
LaFayette Francis WinchesterMarch 5, 1850171Birth
Edward B ShillideayMarch 5, 1839182Death
Edward DitmarsMarch 5, 1839182Birth
John Johnson ListMarch 5, 1829192Birth
Margaret LaGrangeMarch 5, 1829192Birth
Mary HannahMarch 5, 1786235Birth
Oscar Paul Johnson + Ruth F OsbornMarch 5, 1908113Marriage
Margaret Palmera McCaslin (McCasland)March 6, 201011Death
Garnet WarfelMarch 6, 198536Death
Elsie Enfield StewartMarch 6, 196358Death
Charles Lloyd MorphetMarch 6, 196358Death
Emma Butler WeaverMarch 6, 194576Death
Vance Cleveland JonesMarch 6, 194378Death
Charles Robert ScafeMarch 6, 194081Death
James Mason KeithMarch 6, 193883Death
Donald M McCaslin (McCasland)March 6, 193487Birth
Jonathan Harvey MattleyMarch 6, 193190Death
John McCaslin AmbergMarch 6, 192992Birth
James Alexander AbshierMarch 6, 192794Death
Ellanor Louise (Louise) McCaslinMarch 6, 1913108Birth
Dorothy Belle CarrMarch 6, 1911110Birth
Ruth HendricksMarch 6, 1909112Birth
Fern Sylvester TempleMarch 6, 1907114Birth
Charles Anton AdelhelmMarch 6, 1905116Birth
Leroy CamdenMarch 6, 1904117Birth
Herman RomineMarch 6, 1902119Birth
Edna Ferral BowsherMarch 6, 1899122Birth
Helen HornerMarch 6, 1898123Birth
Charles Henry RyanMarch 6, 1884137Birth
Addie DeputyMarch 6, 1873148Birth
Mary G MortonMarch 6, 1843178Birth
William RobinsonMarch 6, 1816205Birth
Sally BoggsMarch 6, 1806215Birth
Newton Bernard [N B] Gililland + Addine HastingsMarch 6, 193685Marriage
Robert Edmond Dillon + Julia Ann CullyMarch 6, 1862159Marriage
Zarchariah Crawford + Emeline ElingtonMarch 6, 1834187Marriage
George Alexander + Margaret FarnsworthMarch 6, 1827194Marriage
Willie Jewell AllenMarch 7, 200021Death
Wayne Alvin SalzmanMarch 7, 198932Death
Cecil Alexander McCaslinMarch 7, 198140Death
Louis Ray MillerMarch 7, 197942Death
Herbert Lee McCaslinMarch 7, 197447Death
Benjamin Walter JohnsonMarch 7, 195467Death
Amezetta Z JohnsonMarch 7, 195467Death
Beatrice J LingoMarch 7, 193784Birth
Barbara Jean LingoMarch 7, 193784Birth
Francis Sherman (Frank) AllenMarch 7, 192596Birth
Maurice Edwin HowellMarch 7, 1920101Birth
William Hay WellsMarch 7, 1908113Death
Lavinia E VernonMarch 7, 1907114Birth
David SchwartzMarch 7, 1876145Birth
Teunis VanNuysMarch 7, 1847174Death
Mary McCaslinMarch 7, 1842179Birth
Christina BantaMarch 7, 1837184Birth
Christina VanNuysMarch 7, 1810211Birth
Harry Clifford Wilson + Fern G HollenbackMarch 7, 193685Marriage
John Wesley McCarty + Mary Emmaline (Emma) McCaslin (McCasland)March 7, 1868153Marriage
Jacob List + Elizabeth WycoffMarch 7, 1820201Marriage
Beulah Mae HolcombMarch 8, 200912Death
Leora Mae CaryMarch 8, 200615Death
Eugene E StonehouseMarch 8, 199229Death
Clifton L FosterMarch 8, 198140Death
Frank J MikacevichMarch 8, 198041Death
Robert S CarlisleMarch 8, 195467Death
Lella Eudora CovertMarch 8, 194378Death
Richard Dale WaskomMarch 8, 193289Birth
Charles H (Charley) PhillipsMarch 8, 192893Death
Carolyn M ElkinsMarch 8, 192893Birth
Alonzo A CoverMarch 8, 1920101Death
James Harding BrownMarch 8, 1917104Death
Miriam WilsonMarch 8, 1913108Birth
Gerald HaslerMarch 8, 1903118Birth
Clarence Elmer LingoMarch 8, 1900121Birth
Nevada Ellen CreelMarch 8, 1890131Birth
Herbert Ditmars (Mac) McCaslinMarch 8, 1882139Birth
Ella KeyserMarch 8, 1862159Death
Melson LargentMarch 8, 1851170Death
Nancy Caroline (Ailcy) FishMarch 8, 1835186Birth
Thomas BarrMarch 8, 1822199Birth
Norman Leroy Miller + Augusta Aline SheekMarch 8, 193091Marriage
Samuel McCaslin Carr + Elizabeth McCaslinMarch 8, 1854167Marriage
George Shillideay + Jane GrahamMarch 8, 1785236Marriage
Duwayne Holen OstlundMarch 9, 200120Death
Edna GorbanMarch 9, 198635Death
Charles Edward (Eddie) NyeMarch 9, 197843Death
Mark Sherman LaneMarch 9, 195566Death
Joan Frances McCaslinMarch 9, 194477Birth
Arthur M McCaslinMarch 9, 193784Death
Clauris Virginia McCaslinMarch 9, 1921100Birth
Robert Elden MuncriefMarch 9, 1918103Birth
Gladys Irene EngelMarch 9, 1917104Birth
Elizabeth TullMarch 9, 1917104Death
Arthur M McCaslinMarch 9, 1911110Birth
Clarence E McCaslin (McCasland)March 9, 1907114Birth
Maggie Edna ParrMarch 9, 1905116Birth
Newell Howard LaskeyMarch 9, 1901120Birth
William WinchesterMarch 9, 1900121Death
Ray Hiram RamseyMarch 9, 1888133Birth
Willard W BartlettMarch 9, 1884137Birth
Mary (Polly) McCartneybefore March 9, 1861160Death
Newton Sylvester (Newt) McCaslinMarch 9, 1856165Birth
Lida Ann (Eliza) GrayMarch 9, 1847174Birth
John Carroll BaileyMarch 9, 1844177Birth
Jacob A SheekMarch 9, 1840181Birth
William CrawfordMarch 9, 1839182Birth
Thomas W HarrisonMarch 9, 1836185Birth
Samuel Hemphill + Eliza Jane VandivierMarch 9, 1872149Marriage
Edward Ditmars + Spicey ThompsonMarch 9, 1871150Marriage
Andrew McCaslin + Rebecca WilliamsMarch 9, 1861160Marriage
Thomas Lemons + Elizabeth (Betsey) WinchesterMarch 9, 1831190Marriage