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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Cora Anna KellumJune 24, 195566Death
Alexander Shaw McKeandJune 24, 194972Death
Daryl Wayne BoeJune 24, 193190Birth
Robert Forest MorrowJune 24, 192992Birth
LaJenna Jane AmickJune 24, 192695Birth
Joseph ShireyJune 24, 192497Death
Carroll Wolf EverhartJune 24, 1918103Birth
Gilbert Lee CornishJune 24, 1917104Birth
Joseph Benjamin JonesJune 24, 1912109Death
Thelma I ViceJune 24, 1911110Birth
Morton H BakerJune 24, 1892129Birth
Henry DemareeJune 24, 1890131Death
Albert Thomas KinneyJune 24, 1880141Birth
Lewis Howard CarsonJune 24, 1878143Birth
Phebe Ann JohnstonJune 24, 1872149Death
Nathan KyleJune 24, 1864157Death
Mary Elizabeth BarkerJune 24, 1858163Birth
Harriet Lillybridge BakerJune 24, 1851170Death
William Duncan WoodworthJune 24, 1844177Birth
James T HamiltonJune 24, 1841180Birth
Otis Grant McCaslin + Susan Malinda (Sue) SpiresJune 24, 1890131Marriage
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Eva Erlina MorrisJune 25, 200516Death
Jean Florence FordJune 25, 200318Death
John William Kenneth ParkJune 25, 199724Death
Martha Elizabeth (Elizabeth) (Betty) McCaslinJune 25, 197645Death
Earle Youmans SullivanJune 25, 197447Death
Halbert Arthur AbshierJune 25, 196160Death
Burl B (Red) BakerJune 25, 195368Death
David Hutton KingJune 25, 194081Death
Lida Ann (Eliza) GrayJune 25, 193190Death
Ella Christine ArmstrongJune 25, 1920101Birth
Nina Belle JamiesonJune 25, 1897124Birth
Helen Jane McCaslinJune 25, 1896125Birth
George R HamiltonJune 25, 1894127Birth
Abigale Zapora JarrellJune 25, 1889132Birth
Rebecca LangJune 25, 1882139Death
Minnie Frierson QuartermanJune 25, 1870151Birth
James M CoreJune 25, 1865156Death
Jane McGannonJune 25, 1865156Death
Ella G SnodgrassJune 25, 1864157Birth
Arthur Van Wye (Vanwye)June 25, 1802219Birth
Cornelius MusterJune 25, 1796225Birth
John Irving Spingler + Lucile Marie SellersJune 25, 1912109Marriage
Charles Marion Francees (Marion) Lane + Amanda Melvina (Manda) McCaslinJune 25, 1863158Marriage
Alfred Campbell Woods + Elizabeth SmockJune 25, 1847174Marriage
Frederic Emil BrownJune 26, 20147Death
Mellie Mae McCaslinJune 26, 197447Death
James Michael KnightJune 26, 195764Birth
Cletis Edwards ParkerJune 26, 193289Birth
Esther Marie HallJune 26, 192893Birth
Leora Mae CaryJune 26, 192695Birth
Wade Richard (Richard Wade) DoddsJune 26, 192497Birth
Carolyn ThurstonJune 26, 1918103Birth
Russell Aubrey McCaslinJune 26, 1898123Birth
Mary SmithJune 26, 1892129Birth
Walter Neil McGuireJune 26, 1887134Birth
Samuel Milton TappJune 26, 1881140Death
Mary Ann McCaslinJune 26, 1881140Death
Lowell Bingham Fayafter June 26, 1880141Death
Eleanor Lelandafter June 26, 1880141Death
George Wasson KingJune 26, 1868153Death
Della WinchesterJune 26, 1862159Birth
Felicia LambertJune 26, 1856165Birth
Scott (Charles) TarltonJune 26, 1848173Birth
Stephan Alexander McCaslinJune 26, 1843178Birth
son RitchieJune 26, 1840181Birth
son RitchieJune 26, 1840181Death
Benjamin Van Wye (Vanwye)June 26, 1821200Birth
William R ChesherJune 27, 200516Death
Donald Thomas McCauleyJune 27, 200417Death
Dyca Mae FullerJune 27, 195170Death
Douglas H PorterJune 27, 194576Death
James Monroe SummersJune 27, 194378Death
Joseph Morton McCaslin (McCasland)June 27, 194279Death
Alissia May (Elsie) LizenbeeJune 27, 193685Death
Robert LingoJune 27, 193190Birth
Arden LaVern NelsonJune 27, 1921100Birth
Lenora Helen AbbottJune 27, 1920101Death
William Franklin WinchesterJune 27, 1915106Death
Robert Samuel ParkhurstJune 27, 1911110Death
Amelia Martha GreenwaldJune 27, 1907114Birth
Eathel S McCaslinJune 27, 1898123Birth
Laura Belle PattersonJune 27, 1889132Birth
Fred W StodieckJune 27, 1877144Birth
Fred Harper ShrewsburyJune 27, 1873148Birth
Martha Emmeline CoreJune 27, 1866155Birth
Oliver Carlton AndersonJune 27, 1865156Birth
Eleanor T LangJune 27, 1847174Death
Louisa WinchesterJune 27, 1844177Birth
Louisa WinchesterJune 27, 1844177Death
William (Billy) McCaslin (McCasland)June 27, 1841180Birth
William R Bungard + Anna LuyaderJune 27, 1920101Marriage
Benjamin Franklin Kallenbrink + Mary Alice (Mamie) McCaslinJune 27, 1909112Marriage
Debbi Lynn MuncriefJune 28, 20138Death
Sarah Christine CloydJune 28, 200714Death
David Wade LewisJune 28, 199229Death
Cecil Oren ParkJune 28, 198041Death
Orville Wayne (Wayne) BarnettJune 28, 195467Death
Gertrude Samantha CarrJune 28, 194081Death
Andrew (Andreas) Langley (Laengle)June 28, 193883Death
John Ephraim WoodsJune 28, 1919102Death
Lizzie A (Elizabeth) GrahamJune 28, 1919102Death
Lucinda M DavidsonJune 28, 1907114Death
Andrew (Andy) McWhirtJune 28, 1902119Birth
Margaret McCaslinJune 28, 1874147Death
James M CoreJune 28, 1864157Birth
June Beauregard MayberryJune 28, 1862159Birth
Emma DitmarsJune 28, 1860161Birth
George King McCaslinJune 28, 1849172Death
Eleanor King HuttonJune 28, 1842179Birth
Washington MillerJune 28, 1815206Birth
Philip ChesleyJune 28, 1813208Birth
Henry Edwin Ennis + Mabel Christine TackettJune 28, 195863Marriage
Henry Harrison Luyster + Clara E HamiltonJune 28, 1899122Marriage
Roy B Lyon + Sarah Elizabeth KearJune 28, 1894127Marriage
James Hervey Logan (Hervey L) VanNuys + Rebecca H WilliamsJune 28, 1868153Marriage
Jacob Mountz + Rebecca DilworthJune 28, 1842179Marriage
David Crawford + Sarah McNeeleyJune 28, 1820201Marriage
James William SpahrJune 29, 198338Death
Mary Ladonia RagsdaleJune 29, 193982Death
Gerald Lloyd BrownJune 29, 192497Birth
Mary Magdalene AfflerbachJune 29, 192299Death
Vera Verona FultonJune 29, 1919102Birth
Clifford Lee WatsonJune 29, 1916105Birth
Frances L ?(Mullendore)June 29, 1909112Birth
Alvin BiehlJune 29, 1906115Birth
Herman Carl PriesJune 29, 1893128Birth
Guy WelchJune 29, 1890131Birth
Daniel Wray DePrezJune 29, 1884137Birth
William ChambersJune 29, 1879142Death
James B KingJune 29, 1872149Death
Mary A TappJune 29, 1861160Death
Myron Mellville PaddenJune 29, 1854167Birth
John Milton GudgelJune 29, 1847174Birth
Herbert C McCollough + Edith H WilsonJune 29, 1904117Marriage
Samuel Hall + Julia A BryantJune 29, 1845176Marriage
Bruce Matthew DavidJune 30, 20129Death
Eva Jane JonesJune 30, 199526Death
Florence Lillian BridgesJune 30, 198734Death
Nova Irene RyseJune 30, 198536Death
Mack Emmett BowsherJune 30, 197942Death
Emma Mae McNetteJune 30, 195269Death
Flora Sarah DevoreJune 30, 194972Death
William Henry McCaslinJune 30, 192893Birth
Doris Ruby McCaslin (McCasland)June 30, 1917104Birth
Archie Lee OrrellJune 30, 1903118Birth
Ona Dove LaneJune 30, 1900121Birth
Rena Catherine OrrellJune 30, 1893128Birth
Oscar SatterfieldJune 30, 1888133Birth
Harvey William McCaslinJune 30, 1862159Birth
Harold James McCauley + Clara Etta BaumanJune 30, 197843Marriage
Mabel Alaine BondJuly 200615Death
Mabel E NortonJuly 198932Death
Herschel DevoreJuly 198734Death
Edna Juanita CliftonJuly 198437Death
Mary SmithJuly 198338Death
Homer BridgesJuly 198140Death
Juanita BensonJuly 197744Death
Floyd CurtsJuly 197546Death
Edgar Melvin BraniginJuly 197051Death
Mary McCaslinJuly 197051Death
Juanita H WilkieJuly 197051Death
James Shoemaker (Eutin)July 196853Death
Harry Clifford ClineJuly 196655Death
Stearns Hugh IliffJuly 196358Death
Paul Morgan SellersJuly 196259Death
Thomas Judson DevoreJuly 194477Death
Anna KahnJuly 194180Death
Thomas Noble Grahamabout July 1909112Birth
Claude Howard Canantabout July 1909112Birth
James O DuckettJuly 1903118Birth
Michael DotsonJuly 1899122Birth
Goldie RobinsonJuly 1899122Birth
Lois EdmundsonJuly 1898123Birth
Mary TaffJuly 1898123Birth
Sherald (?) WellsJuly 1898123Birth
Martha McGuireJuly 1897124Birth
Grace DickersonJuly 1897124Birth
Christina J WildJuly 1897124Birth
Della HockersmithJuly 1896125Birth
Migie CenterJuly 1896125Birth
Julius H LangleyJuly 1896125Birth
Tanner VanCleaveJuly 1896125Birth
Roy H TilsonJuly 1895126Birth
Leo DickersonJuly 1894127Birth
Leah TompkinsJuly 1893128Birth
Estelle ParkJuly 1893128Birth
Mabel HarrisonJuly 1893128Birth
Archie C GrahamJuly 1892129Birth
Lathele McGuireJuly 1892129Birth
Ray Earl LangleyJuly 1892129Birth
Verda MillerJuly 1892129Birth
Harry T DoddsJuly 1891130Birth
Helen McColloughJuly 1891130Birth
Ira LawJuly 1891130Birth
Dolly KinnickJuly 1890131Birth
Lenard DotsonJuly 1890131Birth
Edna M O'ConnerJuly 1890131Birth
Louise Nancy BennettJuly 1889132Birth
George FisherJuly 1888133Birth
John E DotsonJuly 1888133Birth
Clarence SipeJuly 1887134Birth
Lester MarlingJuly 1886135Birth
Leffie StodghillJuly 1886135Birth
Edith F BartonJuly 1886135Birth
Chester A DeweyJuly 1886135Birth
Jacob Eysler HollabaughJuly 1885136Death
Estella M A [Stella] ClerkinJuly 1884137Birth
Charles I ParrJuly 1883138Birth
William ScalesJuly 1883138Birth
Edith Mevina McCaslinJuly 1883138Birth
Mary P DotsonJuly 1882139Birth
Elzora E MullendoreJuly 1881140Birth
William (Willie) LewellynJuly 1881140Birth
Andy SmithJuly 1880141Birth
Odia Idell (Odie) BeardJuly 1880141Birth
Belle McCaslinJuly 1879142Birth
Augusta (Gusta) FoxJuly 1878143Birth
Mabel WykoffJuly 1877144Birth
Walter FultonJuly 1877144Birth
Bertha MillerJuly 1876145Birth
Blanche E HamJuly 1875146Birth
Addie SmileyJuly 1875146Birth
Jennie ListJuly 1875146Birth
Franklin (Frank) G SlykerJuly 1873148Birth
Margaret Robb ScottJuly 1872149Birth
Nannie HeslerJuly 1872149Birth
Archibald (Archie) LancasterJuly 1871150Birth
John E TaylorJuly 1871150Birth
Ada WhittleseyJuly 1871150Birth
Lucy J CarsonJuly 1871150Birth
Arthur A AlexanderJuly 1870151Birth
Chester E HuffmanJuly 1870151Birth
William C BullJuly 1870151Birth
Mary J (Jennie) MelottJuly 1870151Birth
Austin Reat (Bert) JamesJuly 1869152Birth
Rion Brownhill ScottJuly 1869152Birth
Hugh HannaJuly 1869152Birth
George TilsonJuly 1867154Birth
Edward F EthellJuly 1867154Birth
Laura Alice (Allie) WilliamsJuly 1867154Birth
Aleatha Elizabeth (Lizzie) M TinninJuly 1867154Birth
Morton (Mort) McClelland (McClellan)July 1866155Birth
William S AustinJuly 1866155Birth
Florence A McDonaldJuly 1866155Birth
Nancy Elizabeth LaneJuly 1866155Birth
Phebe N HendersonJuly 1866155Death
Louise StanfordJuly 1866155Birth
Robert Atwood CampbellJuly 1865156Birth
Lee Davis MayberryJuly 1865156Birth
George L AlexanderJuly 1863158Birth
William AbbottJuly 1863158Birth
T.M. WamsleyJuly 1863158Birth
Martha (Mattie) E NealJuly 1863158Birth
Joseph Marion BoylesJuly 1861160Birth
Eliza ?(Talbot)July 1861160Birth
Kate (Mellisa) Hannaabout July 1860161Birth
Anna B MountzJuly 1860161Birth
Irwin W Hudsonabout July 1859162Birth
William K CloseJuly 1859162Birth
Michael ClerkinJuly 1856165Birth
Laura A JohnsonJuly 1856165Birth
Daniel CarlyleJuly 1855166Birth
Elzora A (Nora) WinchesterJuly 1855166Birth
Steven HamiltonJuly 1854167Birth
Sarah (Sallie) C BailsJuly 1854167Birth
Lewis C Crawfordabout July 1850171Birth
Mary A BooneJuly 1849172Birth
Mahulda Elizabeth DrewJuly 1846175Birth
Ellen DixJuly 1840181Birth
Martha Elizabeth EgnerJuly 1834187Birth
Margaret ?(Morton)July 1832189Birth
Benjamin HobaughJuly 1822199Birth
Carol Ann BrownJuly 1, 20165Death
Joline F HightJuly 1, 200714Death
Robert Heywood BarrJuly 1, 200417Death
Elizabeth Eleanor HornerJuly 1, 198833Death
James W DonovanJuly 1, 198041Death
Catherine Louise McCaslin (McCasland)July 1, 194774Death
Jennie BarnesJuly 1, 194774Death
Thomas Eddy SellersJuly 1, 194378Birth
Missouri E GormanJuly 1, 193784Death
Frank McClelland (McClellan)July 1, 192695Birth
Edith Nancy McCaslinJuly 1, 1918103Death
John R BridgesJuly 1, 1918103Birth
William Hubert TempleJuly 1, 1918103Birth
Evelyn C NewhouseJuly 1, 1917104Birth
William J EastburnJuly 1, 1915106Birth
Sophia ?(Wilson)July 1, 1905116Birth
Cleo Glendon WebbJuly 1, 1904117Birth
Emma A GudgelJuly 1, 1902119Death
Edgar Melvin BraniginJuly 1, 1900121Birth
William O WykoffJuly 1, 1899122Birth
Samuel V ListJuly 1, 1864157Death
Edwin R. TaftJuly 1, 1862159Birth
Richard MillerJuly 1, 1839182Birth
Myron Woods + Mary Brockabout July 1899122Marriage
Edward Arnold Johnson + Tilda Amanda OlsonJuly 1893128Marriage
Oren Russell Doty + Minnie Mabel EnnisJuly 1, 195071Marriage
Phillip L Withrow + Grace E MattleyJuly 1, 1900121Marriage
Orville Clyde Pratt + Martha C RileyJuly 1, 1899122Marriage