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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Willie Jewell AllenMarch 7, 200021Death
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Herbert Lee McCaslinMarch 7, 197447Death
Benjamin Walter JohnsonMarch 7, 195467Death
Amezetta Z JohnsonMarch 7, 195467Death
Beatrice J LingoMarch 7, 193784Birth
Barbara Jean LingoMarch 7, 193784Birth
Francis Sherman (Frank) AllenMarch 7, 192596Birth
Maurice Edwin HowellMarch 7, 1920101Birth
William Hay WellsMarch 7, 1908113Death
Lavinia E VernonMarch 7, 1907114Birth
David SchwartzMarch 7, 1876145Birth
Teunis VanNuysMarch 7, 1847174Death
Mary McCaslinMarch 7, 1842179Birth
Christina BantaMarch 7, 1837184Birth
Christina VanNuysMarch 7, 1810211Birth
Harry Clifford Wilson + Fern G HollenbackMarch 7, 193685Marriage
John Wesley McCarty + Mary Emmaline (Emma) McCaslin (McCasland)March 7, 1868153Marriage
Jacob List + Elizabeth WycoffMarch 7, 1820201Marriage
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Robert S CarlisleMarch 8, 195467Death
Lella Eudora CovertMarch 8, 194378Death
Richard Dale WaskomMarch 8, 193289Birth
Charles H (Charley) PhillipsMarch 8, 192893Death
Carolyn M ElkinsMarch 8, 192893Birth
Alonzo A CoverMarch 8, 1920101Death
James Harding BrownMarch 8, 1917104Death
Miriam WilsonMarch 8, 1913108Birth
Gerald HaslerMarch 8, 1903118Birth
Clarence Elmer LingoMarch 8, 1900121Birth
Nevada Ellen CreelMarch 8, 1890131Birth
Herbert Ditmars (Mac) McCaslinMarch 8, 1882139Birth
Ella KeyserMarch 8, 1862159Death
Melson LargentMarch 8, 1851170Death
Nancy Caroline (Ailcy) FishMarch 8, 1835186Birth
Thomas BarrMarch 8, 1822199Birth
Norman Leroy Miller + Augusta Aline SheekMarch 8, 193091Marriage
Samuel McCaslin Carr + Elizabeth McCaslinMarch 8, 1854167Marriage
George Shillideay + Jane GrahamMarch 8, 1785236Marriage
Duwayne Holen OstlundMarch 9, 200120Death
Edna GorbanMarch 9, 198635Death
Charles Edward (Eddie) NyeMarch 9, 197843Death
Mark Sherman LaneMarch 9, 195566Death
Joan Frances McCaslinMarch 9, 194477Birth
Arthur M McCaslinMarch 9, 193784Death
Clauris Virginia McCaslinMarch 9, 1921100Birth
Robert Elden MuncriefMarch 9, 1918103Birth
Gladys Irene EngelMarch 9, 1917104Birth
Elizabeth TullMarch 9, 1917104Death
Arthur M McCaslinMarch 9, 1911110Birth
Clarence E McCaslin (McCasland)March 9, 1907114Birth
Maggie Edna ParrMarch 9, 1905116Birth
Newell Howard LaskeyMarch 9, 1901120Birth
William WinchesterMarch 9, 1900121Death
Ray Hiram RamseyMarch 9, 1888133Birth
Willard W BartlettMarch 9, 1884137Birth
Mary (Polly) McCartneybefore March 9, 1861160Death
Newton Sylvester (Newt) McCaslinMarch 9, 1856165Birth
Lida Ann (Eliza) GrayMarch 9, 1847174Birth
John Carroll BaileyMarch 9, 1844177Birth
Jacob A SheekMarch 9, 1840181Birth
William CrawfordMarch 9, 1839182Birth
Thomas W HarrisonMarch 9, 1836185Birth
Samuel Hemphill + Eliza Jane VandivierMarch 9, 1872149Marriage
Edward Ditmars + Spicey ThompsonMarch 9, 1871150Marriage
Andrew McCaslin + Rebecca WilliamsMarch 9, 1861160Marriage
Thomas Lemons + Elizabeth (Betsey) WinchesterMarch 9, 1831190Marriage
Edith Marie LangfordMarch 10, 200714Death
James RaglinMarch 10, 200417Death
Jane Zurelda (Janie) ElkinsMarch 10, 196358Death
Lawrence Hall BarnesMarch 10, 196259Death
James Gwinn JonesMarch 10, 193289Birth
Caroline (Carrie B, Cora) CochranMarch 10, 192893Death
Charles (Charley) McCaslinMarch 10, 1917104Death
Lillian J (Lettie) FultonMarch 10, 1912109Birth
Charlie D JurgensenMarch 10, 1909112Birth
Arthur TillmanMarch 10, 1906115Birth
Salina SheekMarch 10, 1903118Death
Oma E SuttonMarch 10, 1902119Birth
Zena Delana (Zenie) ParrMarch 10, 1899122Birth
Felix Orson SidebottomMarch 10, 1898123Birth
Meda G BuntinMarch 10, 1887134Birth
Martha Ann VestMarch 10, 1881140Death
Agnes Wykoffbefore March 10, 1876145Death
William Carroll HudsonMarch 10, 1863158Birth
Joseph Alexander HammondMarch 10, 1860161Birth
Allen ShrewsburyMarch 10, 1843178Death
Mary S McCaslinabout March 10, 1839182Birth
Daniel ParkhurstMarch 10, 1834187Birth
Nancy ParkhurstMarch 10, 1834187Birth
Roderick H TempleMarch 10, 1833188Birth
Martha J RustMarch 10, 1831190Birth
Hugh SnodgrassMarch 10, 1777244Birth
Catherine Choatebefore March 10, 1765256Birth
John Dodgebefore March 10, 1723298Birth
Mathias Schloesser + Sarah (Sallie) C BailsMarch 10, 1880141Marriage
Thomas Jefferson Shepherd + Louisa LattimoreMarch 10, 1869152Marriage
Robert S Parr + Rebecca Elizabeth AlexanderMarch 10, 1868153Marriage
Soloman Joseph Hicks + Mary (Mariah) LaneMarch 10, 1840181Marriage
Gara Davis + Esther ParkerMarch 10, 1824197Marriage
Verna Elaine (Elaine) McCaslin (McCasland)March 11, 201110Death
James Harding (Hardy) BrownMarch 11, 198338Death
Ernest V PriceMarch 11, 197150Death
Della May CurtisMarch 11, 195368Death
Harry Elsworth HemphillMarch 11, 194774Death
John R CoonMarch 11, 1916105Death
Minnie Rachel McCartyMarch 11, 1915106Birth
Hannah Mary HemphillMarch 11, 1911110Death
Paul M SaterMarch 11, 1907114Birth
John Wallace McCaslinMarch 11, 1892129Birth
Mary Elizabeth VanCleaveMarch 11, 1892129Birth
Laurence BarrMarch 11, 1891130Death
Aud DaughertyMarch 11, 1890131Birth
William M CanaryMarch 11, 1886135Death
Ginsey W (Jane) GrahamMarch 11, 1882139Death
Walter James ShepherdMarch 11, 1875146Birth
Atha (Effie) McCaslinMarch 11, 1873148Birth
Cynthia ButlerMarch 11, 1850171Birth
Pieter BantaMarch 11, 1832189Death
Sarah McCruryMarch 11, 1797224Birth
Elisha Shaw + Martha Clementine ListMarch 11, 1856165Marriage
Aaron Kenneth Mattley + Eliza Jane McCaslinMarch 11, 1851170Marriage
Laurence William BarrMarch 12, 20129Death
Louise Issac WrayMarch 12, 200219Death
Frances Louise MastMarch 12, 199724Death
Vanie BrownMarch 12, 199427Death
William Henry McCaslinMarch 12, 199229Death
Henry L HicksMarch 12, 199130Death
Pina L SpencerMarch 12, 199130Death
William Alford TharpMarch 12, 196556Death
Edwin M BrooksMarch 12, 196259Death
John Quinton NunnMarch 12, 196160Death
Charles Edward MitchellMarch 12, 195368Birth
Charles Anton AdelhelmMarch 12, 195071Death
Nancy Beatrice McCaslin (McCasland)March 12, 193487Birth
Emma Kathryn (Kit) BradleyMarch 12, 192992Birth
James Alexander (Jim) Cary (Carey)March 12, 192794Death
Mary Jane SchutzMarch 12, 1921100Birth
David Jefferson UtterMarch 12, 1914107Death
Mary Elizabeth ColeMarch 12, 1912109Death
Victor Alrick BoeMarch 12, 1908113Birth
Gladys Marilla WilliamsonMarch 12, 1907114Birth
Moses W BridgesMarch 12, 1905116Death
Effie Mabel LangworthyMarch 12, 1902119Birth
Otis C McCaslinMarch 12, 1895126Birth
Pauline McCaslinMarch 12, 1894127Birth
Ella Granger TempleMarch 12, 1892129Birth
Thomas Harrison McCaslinMarch 12, 1889132Birth
Carlton BaldwinMarch 12, 1888133Birth
Mabel Edna DemareeMarch 12, 1882139Birth
Thomas Alford RomineMarch 12, 1875146Birth
Margaret E (Maggie) McCaslinMarch 12, 1855166Birth
Cornelius DemareeMarch 12, 1837184Death
Lucinda ParkhurstMarch 12, 1837184Birth
Elizabeth LuysterMarch 12, 1797224Birth
Jacob Wynn Franklin Blackketter + Nancy Isobelle (Belle) McCaslinMarch 12, 1874147Marriage
William McCleary + Betsy (Elizabeth A) McCaslinMarch 12, 1810211Marriage
Laura Edna CalvertMarch 13, 199922Death
Wallace Jackson HarlowMarch 13, 199328Death
Arthur Dekalb MorrowMarch 13, 197843Death
Walter Lee HallMarch 13, 197447Death
Anna Marie KauszlerMarch 13, 195269Birth
Daniel Lewis BishopMarch 13, 194180Birth
Alan Levi (Lee) BerryMarch 13, 192893Death
Floyd WelchMarch 13, 192398Birth
Mary Elizabeth GudgelMarch 13, 192398Death
Earl E Stroup (Strop)March 13, 1916105Birth
Arthur McCaslin ThurstonMarch 13, 1914107Birth
Amanda Josephine GilletMarch 13, 1905116Death
John Hiram LongneckerMarch 13, 1903118Death
Mabel Harriet HoldenMarch 13, 1903118Death
Ota Mary BoltonMarch 13, 1900121Birth
Angelina RitcheyMarch 13, 1894127Death
Horace WoodsMarch 13, 1893128Birth
Walter Elsworth (Iney, Ina) ElkinsMarch 13, 1892129Birth
Forrest WoodsMarch 13, 1882139Birth
E DeWitt EmpieMarch 13, 1872149Death
Mary A TuckerMarch 13, 1870151Birth
Laura L McCaslin (McCasland)March 13, 1863158Death
John Henry TrulockMarch 13, 1863158Death
Mary Lovisa BeverlyMarch 13, 1856165Death
Susan (Susie) TarletonMarch 13, 1842179Birth
Priscilla VestMarch 13, 1816205Birth
Lewis MorganMarch 13, 1788233Birth
John Weaver McCaslin + Marjoria Ann (Marge) EmersonMarch 13, 194378Marriage
Charles Dickerson + Nannie HeslerMarch 13, 1898123Marriage
Adelbert (Delbert or Bert) Bridges + Flora DeputyMarch 13, 1896125Marriage
Jesse Cornelius Lane + LaDora Almeda TorbittMarch 13, 1894127Marriage
James Taff + Emma SnodgrassMarch 13, 1887134Marriage
George Washington McCaslin + Frances Elizabeth FordMarch 13, 1867154Marriage
George Talkington + Sarah E McClearyMarch 13, 1861160Marriage
Peter Ditmars + Emaline BantaMarch 13, 1849172Marriage
David A McCaslin + Margaret A GilchristMarch 13, 1849172Marriage
Philetus Beverly + Lovisa MixMarch 13, 1838183Marriage
James Graham + Jane DobbinsMarch 13, 1834187Marriage
Dorothy Jean (Jean) LangleyMarch 14, 199922Death
Edna CarlisleMarch 14, 199724Death
Mabel Vilery KeithMarch 14, 199526Death
Serilda Jane McCaslinMarch 14, 194675Death
Maxine Rosalee KinnamanMarch 14, 1920101Death
Sarah Margaret RushMarch 14, 1919102Death
Myron Jacob (Almiron) HamMarch 14, 1917104Death
Everett Allen GermanMarch 14, 1906115Birth
Irene Zula (Zula Irene) McCaslinMarch 14, 1903118Birth
Fern G HollenbackMarch 14, 1901120Birth
William Orin McCaslinMarch 14, 1894127Death
NorthwayMarch 14, 1894127Death
Carl RuudMarch 14, 1891130Birth
Jane Mary CortMarch 14, 1883138Birth
Nancy HockenberryMarch 14, 1877144Death
Ida Alwilda McKeehanMarch 14, 1876145Birth
James Tyrus StevensonMarch 14, 1868153Birth
Fanny Mary MartinMarch 14, 1850171Birth
Katherine TarltonMarch 14, 1840181Birth
Catherine VerbrickMarch 14, 1814207Birth
Eliza Whiteabout March 14, 1801220Birth
Albert BantaMarch 14, 1796225Birth
Michael Hockersmith + Mary EddlemanMarch 14, 1833188Marriage