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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Jack Ellsworth ElkinsAugust 9, 200020Death
Jonathan SchwartzAugust 9, 199426Death
Herold Lee McCaslinAugust 9, 199030Death
Bedford Kay HicksAugust 9, 198436Death
Emil (Jack) DinesAugust 9, 197842Death
Hazel Jewell VandergriffAugust 9, 197743Death
Nelson William PangburnAugust 9, 196060Death
Ronald Ray LingoAugust 9, 194080Death
John Robert McCaslinAugust 9, 193882Birth
Stephan Russell EadorAugust 9, 193486Death
Vina Luvena FultonAugust 9, 192397Birth
Thomas Edwin McMillanAugust 9, 192199Birth
Mabel Alaine BondAugust 9, 1918102Birth
Harry Eugene GordonAugust 9, 1909111Birth
Josephine AustinAugust 9, 1907113Death
Lottie Mae McCaslinAugust 9, 1902118Birth
Donnell (Donald) MerrimanAugust 9, 1899121Death
Herman C McCaslin (McCasland)August 9, 1887133Death
Bessie Myrtle KingAugust 9, 1884136Birth
Owen Jacob CoreAugust 9, 1879141Death
Sarah Jane IrelandAugust 9, 1878142Birth
Strawder Dean (Strawther, Stroder) NortonAugust 9, 1868152Birth
Serril Edwin WinchesterAugust 9, 1852168Birth
Jennie ParrAugust 9, 1850170Birth
Fred C Denny + Marion Frances WykoffAugust 9, 1912108Marriage
Lewis Sellers + Barbara JonesAugust 9, 1881139Marriage
Joseph M Erwin + Rachel Almanda (Amanda) BrooksAugust 9, 1879141Marriage
James Ritchey + Catherine C VanNuysbefore August 9, 1850170Marriage
William Green + Juda H McKinneyAugust 9, 1819201Marriage
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William Henry SpottenAugust 10, 200812Death
William Norwood MarkhamAugust 10, 199228Death
Oliver H PorterAugust 10, 197941Death
Esther Lucinda PhillipsAugust 10, 197842Death
Hattie Mae HalsteadAugust 10, 195862Death
Charles Harvey McCaslinAugust 10, 194872Death
Thomas Shipp RoseberryAugust 10, 194476Death
William Ezra WillisAugust 10, 194179Death
William Ezra WillisAugust 10, 194179Death
Thomas John MillsAugust 10, 193486Death
Joan Marie FrymanAugust 10, 192991Birth
Adelee M McCaslinAugust 10, 192694Birth
George Louis McCaslinAugust 10, 1910110Birth
Joshua Deputy WoodsAugust 10, 1908112Death
Floyd E StonehouseAugust 10, 1900120Birth
Stella McCasling (McCaslin)August 10, 1897123Birth
Lila Belle LangworthyAugust 10, 1888132Birth
James DunlapAugust 10, 1884136Death
Adolph Fritz Moehle (Mohle)August 10, 1881139Birth
Anna Mabel ShepherdAugust 10, 1879141Birth
Sarah TappAugust 10, 1876144Death
Oliver (Ollie) Harry PorterAugust 10, 1874146Birth
Adda Etta (Addie, Etta) LoganAugust 10, 1874146Birth
Emma CovertAugust 10, 1873147Birth
Margaret ForsytheAugust 10, 1863157Death
Charity Minerva WinchesterAugust 10, 1859161Birth
William Henry (Henry W) McCaslinAugust 10, 1858162Birth
Anna Laura WykoffAugust 10, 1857163Birth
Martha Jane McCaslinAugust 10, 1856164Birth
Olive RiceAugust 10, 1852168Birth
Rachel Elzora (Ella) McCaslin (McCasland)August 10, 1850170Birth
Jacob Wynn Franklin BlackketterAugust 10, 1847173Birth
Ray Urban Bishop + Frances Louise MastAugust 10, 196852Marriage
Emmitt Ralph (Ralph) McCaslinAugust 11, 20119Death
Jack AustinAugust 11, 200713Death
Maud May Hobaugh BolamAugust 11, 196852Death
Cora Tressie WellsAugust 11, 196258Death
Anna M EllisAugust 11, 193585Death
Perry Don McCaslinAugust 11, 193288Birth
Barbara Joanne CoenenAugust 11, 193288Birth
Richard Allen WykoffAugust 11, 192991Birth
Donald Thomas McCauleyAugust 11, 192595Birth
Marie H ?(Mardis)August 11, 192397Birth
Lillian Geneva LaneAugust 11, 192298Birth
George W BarrAugust 11, 1917103Death
Roberta Ella (Robin) AberAugust 11, 1916104Birth
Edith Nancy McCaslinAugust 11, 1916104Birth
Pearl ?(Foley)August 11, 1907113Birth
Robert Harvey HammondAugust 11, 1900120Death
Adolph Leonard HauserAugust 11, 1870150Birth
Lewis Meriwether DabneyAugust 11, 1865155Birth
Mary LattimoreAugust 11, 1863157Death
Rachel Almanda (Amanda) BrooksAugust 11, 1862158Birth
Rachel Vorhis (Voorhis)August 11, 1857163Death
Thomas Forsythe HattenAugust 11, 1849171Birth
John H WinchesterAugust 11, 1829191Birth
Phoebe SpragueAugust 11, 1820200Birth
Andrew McCaslinAugust 11, 1795225Birth
Clay Devore + Mary Elizabeth AlexanderAugust 11, 1874146Marriage
Henry (Bug) Prewett (Pruitt) + Nancy Jane (Nannie) McNattbefore August 11, 1860160Marriage
John McCollough + Sarah WhitenackAugust 11, 1831189Marriage
Katherine Pearl BerryAugust 12, 200614Death
Charles H (Chuck) MuthAugust 12, 199030Death
Rachel Almanda (Amanda) BrooksAugust 12, 192991Death
Monroe Harvey McCaslinAugust 12, 192496Birth
Marjoria Ann (Marge) EmersonAugust 12, 1920100Birth
Jonathan Gerald GiddingsAugust 12, 1914106Birth
Daisy A GoodwinAugust 12, 1912108Birth
Louis George TibbalsAugust 12, 1907113Death
William Leander BrownAugust 12, 1906114Death
Ira L WaskomAugust 12, 1899121Birth
E Floyd BrownAugust 12, 1892128Birth
John McClearyAugust 12, 1888132Death
Homer B LuysterAugust 12, 1881139Birth
William GilchristAugust 12, 1872148Death
Lewis Daniel BishopAugust 12, 1870150Birth
Fred A ReynoldsAugust 12, 1866154Birth
Kelly ElkinsAugust 12, 1862158Death
Isaac VanNuysAugust 12, 1844176Death
Julia A RobinsonAugust 12, 1825195Birth
Elizabeth McCaslinAugust 12, 1797223Birth
Ciifford Harrod McCaslin + Myrtle Grace StanleyAugust 12, 196357Marriage
William Oscar Wykoff + Agnes Elizabeth McInnesAugust 12, 192397Marriage
Alonzo Gilbert Sibert (Seibert) + Alpha (Allie) BerryAugust 12, 1878142Marriage
Meryle Marilyn BrainAugust 13, 20128Death
Andrew Marvin GibsonAugust 13, 200317Death
Rex Albert MillerAugust 13, 199525Death
William Gwinn MullisAugust 13, 197446Death
Ellis John KelleyAugust 13, 195367Death
Hugo William KleinAugust 13, 195070Death
Leona Hart MattleyAugust 13, 194674Death
Henry L FryAugust 13, 194575Death
Charles Baxter (Charley) McCaslinAugust 13, 194080Death
Jesse Cornelius LaneAugust 13, 193288Death
Esther Grace McCaslinAugust 13, 192991Birth
George Edward SkeltonAugust 13, 192793Death
Helen Louise HendricksAugust 13, 1920100Birth
Maria Olive BrownAugust 13, 1907113Death
Leonard (Dutch) WestmorelandAugust 13, 1893127Birth
Mary Dee SmithAugust 13, 1893127Birth
Alfred Marvin RiceAugust 13, 1877143Death
John M. ParkhurstAugust 13, 1875145Death
Edward Dwight BeverlyAugust 13, 1867153Birth
Minnie GrahamAugust 13, 1864156Birth
Rachel Viana AlexanderAugust 13, 1839181Birth
Angeline Lois CampbellAugust 13, 1831189Birth
Peter DitmarsAugust 13, 1823197Birth
Harriet Sweetser StudleyAugust 13, 1815205Birth
Mary (Polly) McCaslinabout August 13, 1799221Birth
Harry Henry Houltram + Viola ButcherAugust 13, 1909111Marriage
Ira Emerson Parr + Flora Sarah DevoreAugust 13, 1903117Marriage
Robert Tilson + Evaline Margaret G WestAugust 13, 1840180Marriage
Mary Jo MillsAugust 14, 20119Death
Beulah May CheathamAugust 14, 200515Death
Violet (Viola) BannisterAugust 14, 199921Death
Jenny DePrez ThurstonAugust 14, 198238Death
Barbara Jean RogersAugust 14, 198139Death
Francis Earl CradduckAugust 14, 197149Death
Mary Elizabeth YockeyAugust 14, 196357Death
Eva A (Mary E) FryAugust 14, 196258Death
Dora May SandersAugust 14, 194971Death
Anna HardingAugust 14, 193981Death
Margaret Jane (Maggie) BogartAugust 14, 193585Death
Anna (Annie) M KahleAugust 14, 193189Death
George W ByersAugust 14, 1919101Death
Bertha PoorAugust 14, 1919101Birth
Lowell E CurtsAugust 14, 1918102Birth
Martha A TappAugust 14, 1893127Death
William P (Bun) OwingsAugust 14, 1892128Birth
Benjamin Franklin TempleAugust 14, 1890130Death
Margaret May (Maggie) ElkinsAugust 14, 1887133Birth
John Wesley BantaAugust 14, 1865155Death
Flora LawAugust 14, 1865155Birth
Irwin Jay FisherAugust 14, 1858162Birth
Merritt TarltonAugust 14, 1855165Death
Mary Bell McClellandAugust 14, 1850170Birth
Artemesia TarletonAugust 14, 1826194Death
Richard M McCaslin (McCasland) + Sarah E CoxAugust 14, 1862158Marriage
William B Morgan + Mary Jane YagerAugust 14, 1862158Marriage
Andrew Terrill + Susannah Thixton (Thickston)August 14, 1825195Marriage
Marlene Marion WilliamsAugust 15, 200614Death
Marjorie Marie HenleyAugust 15, 200020Death
Charlie D JurgensenAugust 15, 199327Death
Bradley John McCaslinAugust 15, 195961Birth
Winchester Woodsworth GreenAugust 15, 195466Death
John Paul MerrimanAugust 15, 194674Death
John Francis McCauleyAugust 15, 192397Birth
Alma Mae FisherAugust 15, 192397Birth
Celia Ella ReynoldsAugust 15, 1911109Death
Dorothy LewellynAugust 15, 1911109Birth
Irwin Jay FisherAugust 15, 1900120Death
Clara Althea (Althea) JohnsonAugust 15, 1900120Birth
Margaret SnodgrassAugust 15, 1890130Death
Carl D EckAugust 15, 1889131Birth
Jesse Walter LingoAugust 15, 1885135Birth
Theodocia WallaceAugust 15, 1885135Birth
John Henry LattimoreAugust 15, 1878142Death
Isabella Carson LattimoreAugust 15, 1875145Death
George E HawleyAugust 15, 1872148Birth
Richard Thomas WinchesterAugust 15, 1870150Death
Thomas J VandivierAugust 15, 1864156Birth
Sarah W. YoungAugust 15, 1864156Death
Charles L FisherAugust 15, 1860160Birth
Lewis SellersAugust 15, 1859161Birth
Lurania (Rainey) TilsonAugust 15, 1857163Death
Frederic Herbert (Little Freddie) StroutAugust 15, 1856164Death
William P RiceAugust 15, 1856164Death
John Smith MillerAugust 15, 1833187Death
Daniel ChesleyAugust 15, 1811209Birth
Jonathan S MillerAugust 15, 1801219Birth
Clark TuckerAugust 15, 1785235Birth
Everett E Houser + Ruby B HallAugust 15, 192595Marriage
Pleasant Miller (Pleas) Huddleston + Mary Alice (Mamie) McCaslinAugust 15, 1920100Marriage
Rinaldo Russel McCaslin + Mary A DenglerAugust 15, 1912108Marriage
Jacob Nemire + Margaret Jane (Maggie) BogartAugust 15, 1892128Marriage
William Collison + Frances Emily NaumannAugust 15, 1886134Marriage
Elmer Elsworth Elkins + Netty Metta (Mettie) NidayAugust 15, 1886134Marriage
Michael Lester MarlingAugust 16, 201010Death
Patricia LingoAugust 16, 201010Death
Dee KnightAugust 16, 194773Death
Charles Roscoe (Ross) HemphillAugust 16, 194674Death
Tabitha MurrayAugust 16, 193090Death
Virginia Irene SpearmanAugust 16, 192397Birth
Lucile CovertAugust 16, 192397Death
Jacob Kelsey ElkinsAugust 16, 1914106Death
Luella HockersmithAugust 16, 1914106Death
Isabelle KinnamanAugust 16, 1911109Birth
Robert McCaslinAugust 16, 1895125Birth
Mary Mabele HiltabidleAugust 16, 1879141Birth
Mary DuckworthAugust 16, 1875145Death
Nathaniel RitcheyAugust 16, 1872148Death
Howard JamesAugust 16, 1864156Birth
Sarah Alice McCaslinAugust 16, 1863157Death
Harriette Barrett StudleyAugust 16, 1856164Birth
Isaac Stewartbefore August 16, 1849171Death
Christian N PattersonAugust 16, 1848172Birth
Susan DemareeAugust 16, 1838182Death
Abraham W McColloughAugust 16, 1835185Death
Henry Harrison VanCleaveAugust 16, 1822198Birth
John Henry VanNuysAugust 16, 1820200Birth
Enoch Wright Van Wye (Vanwye)August 16, 1817203Birth
Charles John Wykoff + Agnes Anna GeifermanAugust 16, 192199Marriage
John Bloor + Jane BlackAugust 16, 1821199Marriage