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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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On this day
Germanus Monnie WalshJuly 24, 201110Death
Maude H WilliamsJuly 24, 1890131Birth
James H DevoreJuly 24, 1889132Death
Mattie ThomasJuly 24, 1885136Birth
Clara Elizabeth DrakeJuly 24, 1879142Birth
Mary Clarinda DemareeJuly 24, 1850171Birth
Kimball C. TaftJuly 24, 1848173Birth
Cort George Platt + Mary Jane WayneJuly 24, 194477Marriage
Edward Standiford + Maude DuckettJuly 24, 1915106Marriage
Franklin M Buxton + Narcena FieldJuly 24, 1883138Marriage
Stephen R Harter + Mary HinkleJuly 24, 1856165Marriage
Upcoming events
Russell Aubrey McCaslinJuly 25, 196358Death
William Oscar WykoffJuly 25, 194972Death
James William TuthillJuly 25, 193883Death
Naomi F WilsonJuly 25, 193487Death
George King SnodgrassJuly 25, 1915106Death
John Franklin BrownJuly 25, 1913108Death
John Samuel (Samuel) HemphillJuly 25, 1906115Death
Sylvia Lorraine WilsonJuly 25, 1900121Birth
William Curtis GarrettJuly 25, 1893128Birth
Rachael ShoemakerJuly 25, 1890131Death
Edna Leona McCaslinJuly 25, 1888133Birth
Ralph Heywood BarrJuly 25, 1886135Birth
Melvin Wheat VoorhiesJuly 25, 1882139Birth
Clarrisa SmithJuly 25, 1874147Death
Emeline CoolJuly 25, 1844177Birth
Melissa CastlemanJuly 25, 1842179Birth
Narcena HarrodJuly 25, 1830191Birth
Elizabeth McCaslinJuly 25, 1829192Birth
Chesley Loyd VestJuly 25, 1822199Birth
Julia Ann WaldsmithJuly 25, 1819202Birth
Charles R HemphillJuly 26, 199229Death
Evelyn I McClainJuly 26, 199229Death
Paul M SaterJuly 26, 197744Death
Clem BrownJuly 26, 195269Death
Alice Freida ClineJuly 26, 194576Death
Sharon Ann SalzmanJuly 26, 193982Birth
Melvina (Vina) HarmonJuly 26, 192596Death
Infant Daughter MartinJuly 26, 192398Birth
Infant Daughter MartinJuly 26, 192398Death
Enid ConklingJuly 26, 192398Death
Ernest William (Bill) AndersonJuly 26, 1914107Birth
Clinton R SmithJuly 26, 1913108Death
Anna CarpenterJuly 26, 1911110Death
Silas R WithrowJuly 26, 1909112Death
Roger Douglas BraniginJuly 26, 1902119Birth
Ruth E JenkinsonJuly 26, 1898123Birth
Mary Leofa AdamsJuly 26, 1892129Birth
Margaret L (Maggie) McCaslinJuly 26, 1876145Birth
Frederic Herbert (Little Freddie) StroutJuly 26, 1855166Birth
Robert Lisburn SidebottomJuly 26, 1855166Birth
Flora Belle (Belle) McCaslinJuly 26, 1855166Birth
Emma Jane VanNuysJuly 26, 1839182Birth
James William McCaslinJuly 26, 1826195Birth
John Henry TrulockJuly 26, 1798223Birth
Luther P Fry + Roselba A (Rosa A) BaringerJuly 26, 1878143Marriage
John Addison Mather + Margaret J KyleJuly 26, 1867154Marriage
William J Sipe + Mary Ann WassonJuly 26, 1837184Marriage
Lewis Karl HarrisJuly 27, 200615Death
Ruth HendricksJuly 27, 198932Death
Taylor Eugene McCaslin (McCasland)July 27, 194576Birth
Amanda SmithJuly 27, 192893Death
Margaret CosbyJuly 27, 1908113Birth
Ruth S BowsherJuly 27, 1908113Birth
Eva Leora JettonJuly 27, 1895126Birth
Mark W DemareeJuly 27, 1894127Birth
Charles John WykoffJuly 27, 1894127Birth
Hilda Marie JensenJuly 27, 1893128Birth
Sophia Ann MowerJuly 27, 1890131Death
Ida Mae PainterJuly 27, 1887134Birth
Walter Dailey MorganJuly 27, 1886135Birth
Anna A MerrimanJuly 27, 1873148Birth
Anna E (Annie) McCaslinJuly 27, 1863158Death
Addah TulleyJuly 27, 1856165Birth
Sarah Hannah AllenJuly 27, 1853168Death
Moses E LangJuly 27, 1847174Birth
son RitchieJuly 27, 1839182Birth
son RitchieJuly 27, 1839182Death
Elizabeth Halliday HarmonJuly 27, 1837184Birth
Lydia CarlysleJuly 27, 1821200Birth
Caleb TarletonJuly 27, 1804217Birth
Isabelle CarsonJuly 27, 1782239Birth
Isabelle CarsonJuly 27, 1782239Birth
Charles Henry McCoy + Annie Chloa FletcherJuly 27, 192992Marriage
Herman Lee MuncriefJuly 28, 201110Death
Gladys Irene EngelJuly 28, 200318Death
Gene Lois PortteusJuly 28, 199031Death
Ona Ethel ChitwoodJuly 28, 197942Death
William H RayJuly 28, 196457Death
Ralph Edward BrownJuly 28, 194477Birth
Eugene Eldridge CanantJuly 28, 193982Death
Squire Walters MatherJuly 28, 192893Death
E Floyd BrownJuly 28, 1919102Death
Herschel DevoreJuly 28, 1918103Birth
Max Bridges McCaslinJuly 28, 1915106Birth
Andrew Marvin GibsonJuly 28, 1910111Birth
Henry Lewis BishopJuly 28, 1900121Death
Marshall E SnodgrassJuly 28, 1889132Death
Harry SchloesserJuly 28, 1881140Birth
James G McCaslinJuly 28, 1879142Death
Lockey JonesJuly 28, 1878143Death
Alberty McCaslin (McCasland)July 28, 1876145Death
Delia Brownafter July 28, 1870151Death
Eleanora Fayafter July 28, 1870151Death
Jesse DuckworthJuly 28, 1850171Birth
Charles Scott TarletonJuly 28, 1808213Birth
Samuel McColloughJuly 28, 1794227Birth
Isaac Martin Van Buren Pounds + Emma SleeperJuly 28, 1907114Marriage
Charles F Curtis + Margaret Anne (Maggie) WilsonJuly 28, 1878143Marriage
Joseph Hunter + Mary Louisa (Lou) McCaslinJuly 28, 1869152Marriage
Walter Bennet Goodhue + Mary HalsteadJuly 28, 1859162Marriage
John M. Parkhurst + Abigail SellersJuly 28, 1818203Marriage
Marvin Earl WhaleyJuly 29, 20156Death
Elizabeth Jean PalmerJuly 29, 200813Death
Geneva Katherine WoodJuly 29, 199229Death
Sara Florence (Sadie) ?(Mead)July 29, 193982Death
Rex Albert MillerJuly 29, 193586Birth
Billy Joe FletcherJuly 29, 192893Birth
Samuel HemphillJuly 29, 192497Death
Lula Edith CarpenterJuly 29, 1904117Death
Harry StewartJuly 29, 1903118Death
Mellie Mae McCaslinJuly 29, 1895126Birth
Maude Alice LeeJuly 29, 1895126Birth
Anna Florence McCaslinJuly 29, 1890131Death
Lydia LemonsJuly 29, 1886135Death
John GudgelJuly 29, 1876145Death
Winnie B. BrownJuly 29, 1873148Birth
Laura Alice StoutJuly 29, 1864157Birth
Ollaver Morton McCaslinJuly 29, 1863158Birth
John RitchieJuly 29, 1856165Birth
Luella May AdamsJuly 29, 1856165Birth
Xenope HardyJuly 29, 1852169Birth
Margret LuskJuly 29, 1829192Birth
Mary VanNuysJuly 29, 1805216Birth
Calvert Meade + Theodora Alice (Dora) ShewJuly 29, 1879142Marriage
Levi E Ballard + Maria W Atkinsonabout July 29, 1868153Marriage
Delores Lavern RuudJuly 30, 199922Death
Fern G HollenbackJuly 30, 198833Death
Henry Edwin (Harry, E Harry) McCaslin (McCasland)July 30, 196952Death
George W WildJuly 30, 194279Death
Henry Salem RomineJuly 30, 193982Death
Joyce M WellsJuly 30, 193289Birth
Mary ToonJuly 30, 192893Death
Richard Alexander FieldJuly 30, 192794Death
James M BirkettJuly 30, 1920101Birth
John W UnderwoodJuly 30, 1918103Death
Anne Therese (Teep) WeberJuly 30, 1912109Birth
Mary Ellen VanNuysJuly 30, 1896125Death
Mary LeeJuly 30, 1884137Death
Benjamin Walter JohnsonJuly 30, 1872149Birth
William LangJuly 30, 1867154Death
Matilda Evaline ElkinsJuly 30, 1864157Birth
Mary Abigail CoreJuly 30, 1860161Death
Helen Ellen PerryJuly 30, 1858163Birth
James William CarrJuly 30, 1855166Birth
Julia McColloughJuly 30, 1855166Birth
David Wesley BantaJuly 30, 1853168Birth
Nancy Elizabeth McClellandJuly 30, 1842179Birth
Wallace Henry SmithJuly 31, 201110Death
Zedd Lewis BarnettJuly 31, 196655Death
Mary Jane TurnerJuly 31, 196457Death
William Jasper (Jasper) (Bill) McCaslin (Fletcher)July 31, 193982Death
Margaret Anne (Maggie) WilsonJuly 31, 193883Death
Ernest MajorJuly 31, 192992Death
John Carroll BaileyJuly 31, 1912109Death
Andy Coe FletcherJuly 31, 1911110Birth
Annie Chloa FletcherJuly 31, 1911110Birth
Elba Lloyd (Babe) BraniginJuly 31, 1909112Birth
Irene H McCartneyJuly 31, 1906115Birth
James H HemphillJuly 31, 1900121Death
Marion Frances WykoffJuly 31, 1889132Birth
Robert Emmett McCaslinJuly 31, 1881140Birth
Freddie WeaverJuly 31, 1875146Birth
Laura L CramerJuly 31, 1874147Death
Sarah A WinchesterJuly 31, 1856165Birth
Washington Neal WinchesterJuly 31, 1841180Death
Robert Jeffery + Sarah PriceJuly 31, 1849172Marriage