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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Larry Wayne McCaslinJuly 12, 200713Death
Evelyn C NewhouseJuly 12, 200317Death
Cassius R (Chuck) BaarsJuly 12, 200020Death
Ota Mary BoltonJuly 12, 199723Death
Willie Maxine RoweJuly 12, 198832Death
Samuel Washington AllenJuly 12, 195070Death
Mason Bates McAnallyJuly 12, 194872Death
Carroll Dewayne FletcherJuly 12, 193090Birth
Gerralyn Isabel RaceyJuly 12, 192991Birth
Shirley Ann ClerkinJuly 12, 192991Birth
William Stevens CramerJuly 12, 192595Death
Marjorie Frances DennyJuly 12, 1917103Birth
Edith Marie LangfordJuly 12, 1909111Birth
Olive J KeyserJuly 12, 1908112Death
Lorlai (Lola) Marie HollabaughJuly 12, 1903117Birth
Margery L (Margaret) LaubJuly 12, 1899121Birth
Maud VeachJuly 12, 1873147Birth
Emily J McCaslinJuly 12, 1865155Death
Orson Lorin SidebottomJuly 12, 1862158Birth
William Franklin WinchesterJuly 12, 1841179Birth
Fredrick PaddenJuly 12, 1824196Birth
Jesse CarrJuly 12, 1804216Birth
Mary JamesJuly 12, 1780240Birth
Jeremiah LawsJuly 12, 1766254Birth
Isaiah Chamberlain + Mary Florence (Florence M) LambJuly 12, 1900120Marriage
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Claude Funston PalmerJuly 13, 199129Death
Lucile H NelsonJuly 13, 196060Death
Floyd J McAnallyJuly 13, 195664Death
Katherine MooreJuly 13, 194080Death
John RitchieJuly 13, 192694Death
Floy L PaddenJuly 13, 1900120Birth
Anna Belle McCaslinJuly 13, 1886134Birth
Luella WeaverJuly 13, 1857163Birth
Nancy J Hemphillabout July 13, 1827193Birth
Louisa A HuntingtonJuly 13, 1813207Birth
Jesse J McClain + Myrtle Catherine DeweyJuly 13, 1909111Marriage
George Roe + Ann CampbellJuly 13, 1851169Marriage
Chelsey Loyd Vest + Elizabeth DeanJuly 13, 1813207Marriage
Ivan Donald DavidJuly 14, 200515Death
Lois OliverJuly 14, 200515Death
William PoorJuly 14, 200317Death
Kermit James (James Kermit) McCaslinJuly 14, 198634Death
Joye Marie MattleyJuly 14, 197149Death
Robert Powell MorrowJuly 14, 194278Death
Sarah StevensJuly 14, 1914106Death
Thomas F BrownJuly 14, 1905115Birth
Clarence O RoweJuly 14, 1904116Birth
Charles R HemphillJuly 14, 1897123Birth
Mary J EthellJuly 14, 1896124Birth
William Harold MarlingJuly 14, 1894126Birth
Arthur F VisellJuly 14, 1890130Birth
Alice Barnett DitmarsJuly 14, 1887133Death
Alice BarnettJuly 14, 1887133Death
William Leonard GlassburnJuly 14, 1884136Birth
Louise MauretJuly 14, 1855165Birth
Mary M Van Wye (Vanwye)July 14, 1849171Death
Evelyn Jean KelleyJuly 15, 200614Death
Vernon H RuudJuly 15, 199723Death
Clara Ann RawlsJuly 15, 197149Death
Lewis (Bill) LeathersJuly 15, 196357Death
John Francis KerkerJuly 15, 195961Death
Donald Robert McCaslin (McCasland)July 15, 195070Death
William Bert (Mac) McCaslinJuly 15, 193783Birth
Billye Jean StewartJuly 15, 193387Birth
Virginia Lee CookJuly 15, 193189Birth
William Carroll WoodsJuly 15, 193090Death
Carnell Lee LingoJuly 15, 192991Birth
Charles William ErvinJuly 15, 192496Death
Emeline (Emily) McCaslinJuly 15, 192298Death
Charles Henry McCoyJuly 15, 1902118Birth
Charles W EastburnJuly 15, 1902118Death
Ciifford Harrod McCaslinJuly 15, 1898122Birth
Marjorie A BarrJuly 15, 1897123Birth
Laura Harte MenkJuly 15, 1897123Birth
James Oscar McCartyJuly 15, 1894126Birth
Joey WatrousJuly 15, 1892128Birth
Walter A WoodsJuly 15, 1888132Death
Flora Sarah DevoreJuly 15, 1884136Birth
Frank Hanley SaterJuly 15, 1873147Birth
William Matthew AdelhelmJuly 15, 1862158Birth
Nancy Jane JackJuly 15, 1859161Birth
John Henry LattimoreJuly 15, 1842178Birth
Harriet KingJuly 15, 1841179Birth
Celia Wheelerbefore July 15, 1839181Birth
Cornelius Lowe DitmarsJuly 15, 1825195Birth
Sidney Ann CrowJuly 15, 1804216Birth
Dorothy Belle CarrJuly 16, 201010Death
Joseph Glen HunterJuly 16, 199327Death
Elmer (Bud) McCaslinJuly 16, 197941Death
George Franklin (Frank) BarnettJuly 16, 196951Death
Emma Moss ClaiborneJuly 16, 195763Death
Duwayne Holen OstlundJuly 16, 193189Birth
Charity Minerva WinchesterJuly 16, 193189Death
Almira Frances FishJuly 16, 193189Death
Donald Arthur McCaslinJuly 16, 192199Birth
Maudie Frances GoodwinJuly 16, 1908112Birth
Orris WeaverJuly 16, 1904116Death
Ray L WaskomJuly 16, 1904116Birth
Roy Lester WaskomJuly 16, 1904116Birth
Garrett List VanNuysJuly 16, 1895125Death
Lee Honest MoncriefJuly 16, 1894126Birth
John Henry Hobaugh BolamJuly 16, 1889131Birth
Zula FrancisJuly 16, 1872148Birth
Henry H. McColloughJuly 16, 1854166Death
Henry McColloughJuly 16, 1854166Death
Enoch Wright Van Wye (Vanwye)July 16, 1849171Death
Benjamin H VestJuly 16, 1826194Birth
Elizabeth ClarkJuly 16, 1810210Birth
George M Bennett + Emma C YanosJuly 16, 1890130Marriage
Marie V HemphillJuly 17, 200317Death
George Martin FerryJuly 17, 198832Death
Norman Leroy MillerJuly 17, 198040Death
Ralph Earl BeshersJuly 17, 195862Death
Betty Jane HammondJuly 17, 192199Birth
Laurence William Fletcher (McCaslin)July 17, 1914106Birth
Ida Jane PattersonJuly 17, 1913107Death
Nancy Margaret WinchesterJuly 17, 1909111Death
Harriet F MillerJuly 17, 1902118Birth
Grace Lillian LawJuly 17, 1886134Birth
Margaret StevensJuly 17, 1886134Death
Clay ProsserJuly 17, 1877143Birth
William Henry GarrettJuly 17, 1876144Birth
Susan T D HoweJuly 17, 1874146Death
Effie R ClineJuly 17, 1874146Birth
Mary Manly HutchesonJuly 17, 1870150Birth
Thomas Dillard AlexanderJuly 17, 1865155Death
John Thomas TuckerJuly 17, 1818202Birth
Julia Brown McGannonJuly 17, 1818202Birth
John RitchieJuly 17, 1817203Birth
Thomas Wesley White + Elizabeth Anna HemphillJuly 17, 1852168Marriage
Paul Chesley + Sarah HooperJuly 17, 1802218Marriage
Augusta Aline SheekJuly 18, 199426Death
Marguerite AllanJuly 18, 197050Death
Levi Butler McCaslin (McCasland)July 18, 193783Death
Dean Gilbert Weddle (Weddel)July 18, 1912108Birth
Willie Maxine RoweJuly 18, 1907113Birth
Charles Owen TullisJuly 18, 1902118Birth
Sarah L NewkirkJuly 18, 1902118Death
Early Murray McCaslin (McCasland)July 18, 1899121Death
Marguerite AllanJuly 18, 1888132Birth
Robert Kendall ShawJuly 18, 1871149Birth
Mary S McCaslinJuly 18, 1842178Death
Susan DemareeJuly 18, 1838182Birth
Claibourne MorganJuly 18, 1835185Birth
Charles Jefferson StroutJuly 18, 1826194Birth
Frances Evelyn WaltzJuly 19, 200416Death
David Lawrence (Lawrence D) MuncriefJuly 19, 198634Death
Robert Newton McCaslinJuly 19, 198436Death
William Rollin McCaslinJuly 19, 193981Death
Charles Arthur PhillipsJuly 19, 193585Birth
Fanny Mary MartinJuly 19, 193486Death
Ova Rolland CarsonJuly 19, 1897123Birth
Myrtle CanantJuly 19, 1897123Birth
Jesse Augustus BrinerJuly 19, 1892128Birth
Ralph Harrison SummersJuly 19, 1888132Birth
Cynthia ButlerJuly 19, 1888132Death
Benjamin Franklin TempleJuly 19, 1869151Birth
Selena ColleyJuly 19, 1857163Birth
daughter RitchieJuly 19, 1849171Birth
daughter RitchieJuly 19, 1849171Death
Edward O Smith + Sarah Jane McCaslinJuly 19, 1891129Marriage
Thomas N Adams + Sallie E GriffithJuly 19, 1891129Marriage