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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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On this day
Lawence King IliffJanuary 21, 196458Death
Alonzo J McCaslinJanuary 21, 193290Death
Nellie StoutJanuary 21, 1914108Birth
Bernadine McCaslin (McCasland)January 21, 1913109Birth
Eva Angeline CradduckJanuary 21, 1903119Birth
Agnes Anna GeifermanJanuary 21, 1894128Birth
Esther Shilladay McCaslinJanuary 21, 1888134Death
Gertrude DenslowJanuary 21, 1882140Death
Charles Sylvester (Charlie) JohnsonJanuary 21, 1881141Birth
Freddie WeaverJanuary 21, 1876146Death
James William McCaslinJanuary 21, 1875147Birth
Mary WykoffJanuary 21, 1871151Birth
Lewis Graham CarsonJanuary 21, 1863159Death
Sarah Minerva WinchesterJanuary 21, 1859163Death
Marion Alexander ShepherdJanuary 21, 1839183Birth
Elizabeth (Betty) JohnstonJanuary 21, 1815207Birth
Richard Thompson TappJanuary 21, 1814208Birth
Richard McCaslinJanuary 21, 1805217Birth
George Lincoln McCaslin + Mary J (Jennie) MelottJanuary 21, 1889133Marriage
William Mattley + Phoebe SpragueJanuary 21, 1841181Marriage
Upcoming events
Virginia Lee CookJanuary 22, 200715Death
William Bert (Mac) McCaslinJanuary 22, 200022Death
Charles Whitmore WilkersonJanuary 22, 198438Death
Joseph Frank OrrJanuary 22, 198240Death
Richard Harrison (Harry) CarrJanuary 22, 195963Death
William Roy BarnettJanuary 22, 195666Death
Andrew CarrJanuary 22, 194874Death
Julius Carleton McCaslinJanuary 22, 194676Death
James PeddieJanuary 22, 193884Death
Margaret HowellJanuary 22, 1922100Birth
Chloe Vivian ConleyJanuary 22, 1916106Birth
Alexander StewartJanuary 22, 1911111Death
Charles L EagerJanuary 22, 1910112Death
George Martin FerryJanuary 22, 1908114Birth
Opal SnodgrassJanuary 22, 1903119Death
Beda Decideria OlsonJanuary 22, 1903119Birth
Marion Francis AllenJanuary 22, 1900122Birth
Everett E TurnerJanuary 22, 1899123Birth
Rachel Catherine (Cassie) McCaslinJanuary 22, 1885137Death
Lulu M (Mable L) WoodsJanuary 22, 1880142Birth
Laura Harriet (Hattie L) BeverlyJanuary 22, 1879143Birth
Lella McCaslinJanuary 22, 1868154Birth
Lucy ?(Wilkins)January 22, 1860162Death
Samuel Watson VanNuysJanuary 22, 1841181Birth
Alonzo M SnodgrassJanuary 22, 1841181Birth
Nancy Elender BloorJanuary 22, 1822200Birth
John JonesJanuary 22, 1817205Birth
John DodgeJanuary 22, 1794228Death
Raymond D Kelly + Elsie WallinJanuary 22, 197547Marriage
James Hervey Logan (Hervey L) VanNuys + Lillie W LoringJanuary 22, 1872150Marriage
Moses Holeman + Abigail (Abby) SellersJanuary 22, 1849173Marriage
Theodore Williamson + Rachel BantaJanuary 22, 1767255Marriage
Gerald Raymond McCaslin (McCasland)January 23, 200418Death
Sherman Lafayette LaneJanuary 23, 198042Death
Carlton Stewart (Stewart) ConnollyJanuary 23, 197745Death
Anna Lucile BeckleyJanuary 23, 196854Death
Gladys MillerJanuary 23, 196557Death
Lillian M SauserJanuary 23, 196062Death
Lorlai (Lola) Marie HollabaughJanuary 23, 195666Death
Mary Elizabeth (May) McCaslinJanuary 23, 194775Death
Wanda Sue McCaslinJanuary 23, 194478Birth
Edna CookJanuary 23, 193587Death
Janet Ruth LuysterJanuary 23, 1917105Birth
Narcena HarrodJanuary 23, 1911111Death
Samuel B ParkJanuary 23, 1901121Death
Esther Lucinda PhillipsJanuary 23, 1895127Birth
Otelia Clara MadsonJanuary 23, 1888134Birth
Charles Sterling HutchesonJanuary 23, 1887135Death
Cora Mae HobaughJanuary 23, 1886136Birth
Hazel E HemphillJanuary 23, 1884138Birth
Allen Carrington HutchesonJanuary 23, 1882140Birth
Caleb DavidsonJanuary 23, 1878144Death
Roberta CrusonJanuary 23, 1874148Birth
William Sneed NobleJanuary 23, 1859163Birth
Mary Jane SibertJanuary 23, 1859163Death
Emily Alice NorthupJanuary 23, 1851171Birth
Jordan Milton WinchesterJanuary 23, 1835187Birth
David A McCaslinJanuary 23, 1834188Birth
Catherine C VanNuysJanuary 23, 1827195Birth
Samuel VanNuysJanuary 23, 1803219Birth
Alexander McCaslinJanuary 23, 1801221Birth
Nathaniel RitcheyJanuary 23, 1795227Birth
Thomas A Swan + Martha Isobel (Mattie) SnodgrassJanuary 23, 1883139Marriage
Robert B Tilson + Margaret WheatJanuary 23, 1866156Marriage
Kathleen KelleyJanuary 24, 201111Death
Ona Marie Orrell HuddlestonJanuary 24, 199131Death
Kuma McCaslin (McCasland)January 24, 199131Death
Hetty Gwendolyn (Hettie) MathisJanuary 24, 197151Death
May Jenny (Jennie May) GilmourJanuary 24, 196359Death
Anthony Daniel MillerJanuary 24, 195468Death
Guy Harvey HemphillJanuary 24, 195270Death
Hoyt Thompson ClineJanuary 24, 194775Death
Virginia Ruth ElkinsJanuary 24, 193191Death
Woodford W WoodsJanuary 24, 1918104Death
Eva Leora MattleyJanuary 24, 1903119Death
Alvin Bennet LangworthyJanuary 24, 1903119Death
Virginia L McCaslinJanuary 24, 1903119Birth
Winifred (Winnie) RomineJanuary 24, 1893129Birth
Elizabeth MortonJanuary 24, 1886136Death
Frank B WoodsJanuary 24, 1882140Birth
Alevia B DyerJanuary 24, 1881141Birth
Iva Ionia SteeleJanuary 24, 1881141Birth
Eliza Jane WinchesterJanuary 24, 1854168Birth
John Finley Crowe McCaslinJanuary 24, 1830192Birth
Mary Ann WinchesterJanuary 24, 1825197Birth
Rachel ListJanuary 24, 1821201Birth
John ListJanuary 24, 1820202Birth
Thomas Jefferson WinchesterJanuary 24, 1812210Birth
James Van Wye (Vanwye)January 24, 1800222Birth
John Smith MillerJanuary 24, 1796226Birth
John Henry VanNuys + Nannie E RitchieJanuary 24, 1874148Marriage
David Lawrence MuncriefJanuary 25, 20184Death
Odie (Jack) BentleyJanuary 25, 198438Death
Dorothy Alice LowryJanuary 25, 196755Death
Ira Arthur WardJanuary 25, 196359Death
Charles C McCaslinJanuary 25, 195567Death
Newton Sylvester (Newt) McCaslinJanuary 25, 194775Death
William H AckleyJanuary 25, 194577Death
Susan Henrietta (Susie) EbbJanuary 25, 194082Death
Hubert Elisha MardisJanuary 25, 193686Death
Richard B McCaslinJanuary 25, 192894Birth
Francis Marion ListJanuary 25, 1922100Death
Paul H HarrerJanuary 25, 1915107Birth
Lucile MaddoxJanuary 25, 1909113Birth
Infant (Allis Leroy) McCaslinJanuary 25, 1901121Birth
Infant (Allis Leroy) McCaslinJanuary 25, 1901121Death
Lester MarlingJanuary 25, 1901121Death
Simeon Luther (Tex) CountsJanuary 25, 1899123Birth
Sophia ShrewsburyJanuary 25, 1895127Death
Merle J HustonJanuary 25, 1891131Birth
Riley Austin ParrJanuary 25, 1874148Birth
Ezra Wosson McCaslinJanuary 25, 1873149Birth
William O SpringerJanuary 25, 1870152Birth
James SwinfordJanuary 25, 1863159Death
Benjamin JenkinsonJanuary 25, 1859163Birth
James Tillman HiseJanuary 25, 1857165Birth
Eberle W Thomson (Thompson)January 25, 1839183Birth
Cornelius HuttonJanuary 25, 1793229Birth
John G Calvin + Delilah WilliamsJanuary 25, 1860162Marriage
George Whitfield Demaree + Sarah W. YoungJanuary 25, 1838184Marriage
James A Carnahan + Isabelle LynnJanuary 25, 1830192Marriage
David Alexander + Isobelle (Isabel) KerrJanuary 25, 1827195Marriage
Richard E McCaslinJanuary 26, 200517Death
Floyd Wilson FultonJanuary 26, 199626Death
Martha Louise SparksJanuary 26, 199527Death
Burl PettyJanuary 26, 199428Death
Sophia ?(Wilson)January 26, 199428Death
Harriet Ruth (Ruth) CarrJanuary 26, 198735Death
Benjamin Franklin (Ben) McCaslinJanuary 26, 198240Death
Joey WatrousJanuary 26, 197547Death
Herbert Lee McCaslinJanuary 26, 194379Birth
Thomas WykoffJanuary 26, 193884Death
Robert M CarsonJanuary 26, 1920102Birth
Robert Earl AbbettJanuary 26, 1915107Birth
Louisa LattimoreJanuary 26, 1912110Death
Edith Lydia (Elizabeth) AldenJanuary 26, 1910112Birth
Lucy LattimoreJanuary 26, 1909113Death
Catherine Wright Van Wye (Vanwye)January 26, 1907115Death
Elizabeth Jane AdamsJanuary 26, 1906116Death
Inez Maude HiseJanuary 26, 1905117Birth
Mabel M McNeelyJanuary 26, 1899123Birth
Joseph Frank OrrJanuary 26, 1895127Birth
Wosson McCaslinJanuary 26, 1894128Death
Talytha Lytha (Mary T L) McCaslinJanuary 26, 1884138Birth
James R McCaslinJanuary 26, 1880142Death
Gavin Roscoe ClineJanuary 26, 1880142Birth
Orilus Osborne AllenJanuary 26, 1871151Birth
Emily C DemareeJanuary 26, 1845177Birth
George A McCaslinJanuary 26, 1843179Birth
James L AlexanderJanuary 26, 1841181Birth
James Harding BrownJanuary 26, 1836186Birth
Willliam Fontaine CarringtonJanuary 26, 1822200Birth
John Smith WinchesterJanuary 26, 1819203Birth
William Henry Harrison + Serilda Jane McCaslinJanuary 26, 1878144Marriage
Alfred Marvin Rice + Martha Ellen JonesJanuary 26, 1860162Marriage
Evelyn ReynoldsJanuary 27, 201111Death
Craig Stephen LawsonJanuary 27, 200517Death
James Arthur FrymanJanuary 27, 199428Death
James Michael Roy HayesJanuary 27, 196755Death
George Schultz DayJanuary 27, 196161Birth
James Buchanan LaneJanuary 27, 195072Death
Mary Belle (Belle) DitmarsJanuary 27, 194874Death
James Norborne JonesJanuary 27, 194775Death
Mary Alice McCaslinJanuary 27, 193884Death
Dorothy Ernestine CookJanuary 27, 192795Birth
Ruth LewellynJanuary 27, 1916106Death
James Casper CoreJanuary 27, 1912110Death
Clara Mildred StullJanuary 27, 1911111Birth
Myrtle Long McCaslinJanuary 27, 1905117Birth
Hugh Arthur RicheyJanuary 27, 1897125Birth
Elizabeth Ann WoodsJanuary 27, 1896126Death
Jeremiah Newton McCaslin (McCasland)January 27, 1891131Death
George W DemareeJanuary 27, 1891131Death
Delbert E CurtisJanuary 27, 1880142Birth
Wilbert Ashton CurtisJanuary 27, 1878144Birth
Sarah Mann StudleyJanuary 27, 1877145Death
David DemareeJanuary 27, 1864158Death
Marietta HamiltonJanuary 27, 1863159Birth
William R BungardJanuary 27, 1862160Birth
John Elsworth MarlingJanuary 27, 1860162Birth
William Henry KingJanuary 27, 1859163Birth
Hale RitchieJanuary 27, 1851171Birth
Alice Barnett DitmarsJanuary 27, 1849173Birth
Alice BarnettJanuary 27, 1849173Birth
George Boswell ListJanuary 27, 1825197Birth
Lenford William (Len) Price + Katherine May HamiltonJanuary 27, 194973Marriage
John Franklin Brown + Eva Jane VanarsdaleJanuary 27, 1855167Marriage
James Cox + Minerva HillJanuary 27, 1842180Marriage
Nancy Beatrice McCaslin (McCasland)January 28, 199923Death
Mary F MartinJanuary 28, 199824Death
Eathel S McCaslinJanuary 28, 198933Death
Luther FikesJanuary 28, 195270Death
Mary Ada DuckettJanuary 28, 194874Death
Sarah E CombsJanuary 28, 192993Death
Wayne J HelmsJanuary 28, 192399Birth
Frank J MikacevichJanuary 28, 1911111Birth
Marie BridgesJanuary 28, 1909113Birth
William Ernest (Buster) FletcherJanuary 28, 1908114Birth
Ernest V PriceJanuary 28, 1904118Birth
Alfred W HoldenJanuary 28, 1902120Birth
Arcadious Cox (Cade) McBrydeJanuary 28, 1892130Birth
Elizabeth Ann McCaslinJanuary 28, 1887135Death
Hattie Newell LuysterJanuary 28, 1887135Birth
Joshua ClevengerJanuary 28, 1885137Death
Nellie WilliamsJanuary 28, 1885137Birth
John Alvah SnodgrassJanuary 28, 1884138Death
Sarah E MoncriefJanuary 28, 1871151Death
Stephen GudgelJanuary 28, 1864158Death
Ida Jane PattersonJanuary 28, 1853169Birth
Mary Jane McCaslinJanuary 28, 1852170Birth
Lewis Graham Carson + Mary TweedyJanuary 28, 1857165Marriage
William G Shepherd + Elizabeth Ann Blankenshipafter January 28, 1846176Marriage