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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Willie Ray BrownApril 21, 200516Death
George W BrownfieldApril 21, 199229Death
Wade Richard (Richard Wade) DoddsApril 21, 199031Death
Maude Muriel WhiteApril 21, 197942Death
H. Ann MullendoreApril 21, 193289Birth
Josinah (Josie) McCaslinApril 21, 192497Death
Herbert Thomas (Thomas) RobertsApril 21, 192398Birth
Atherton N SmithApril 21, 192299Death
Edward Kelly BoeApril 21, 1906115Birth
Sarah Emma StudleyApril 21, 1904117Death
Stephen A MajorApril 21, 1895126Birth
Edna Adelade BridgesApril 21, 1892129Birth
Doris L CarsonApril 21, 1890131Birth
Elizabeth HoaglandApril 21, 1882139Death
Elizabeth Grace (Lizzie G) McCaslin (McCasland)April 21, 1875146Birth
Mary J IliffApril 21, 1872149Birth
William RobinsonApril 21, 1868153Death
Merritt TarltonApril 21, 1847174Birth
Milton GudgelApril 21, 1829192Birth
Jane GrahamApril 21, 1821200Death
John? Kingbefore April 21, 1787234Death
Henry Clay Smiley + Ida Jane PattersonApril 21, 1873148Marriage
James Dunlap + Elizabeth (Betty) JohnstonApril 21, 1858163Marriage
Hugh Snodgrass + Mary Ann FoulksApril 21, 1846175Marriage
Richard McCaslin + Nancy SleddApril 21, 1814207Marriage
George Wasson King + Eleanor VoorhiesApril 21, 1803218Marriage
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Jacob James KnightApril 22, 200912Death
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Hugh Winchester HamiltonApril 22, 196556Death
Frank Mark McCaslinApril 22, 196160Death
Maude Ethel LowApril 22, 194774Death
Maggie May Sheue (Shewe)April 22, 194576Death
Florella Goodhueafter April 22, 193091Death
Jack AustinApril 22, 192992Birth
Theodore J TepsichApril 22, 192695Birth
Harriet Florence RoseberryApril 22, 192596Death
Mary Jane WayneApril 22, 192398Birth
Mary E MinottApril 22, 1920101Death
Infant DuncanApril 22, 1917104Birth
Infant DuncanApril 22, 1917104Death
Robert H TilsonApril 22, 1901120Death
Reginald PrattApril 22, 1900121Birth
Junious Rogers (June) BoswellApril 22, 1893128Birth
William Walker HughesApril 22, 1887134Birth
Charles Jefferson StroutApril 22, 1884137Death
Eleanor Jane GilchristApril 22, 1878143Death
Eddie Mae WeaverApril 22, 1872149Birth
David Edward (Edd) McCaslinApril 22, 1869152Birth
Almira ByersApril 22, 1865156Death
Nathaniel Boone CradduckApril 22, 1856165Birth
Charles Oliver StroutApril 22, 1852169Birth
John Samuel DemareeApril 22, 1847174Birth
Esther ShepardApril 22, 1778243Birth
Arthur Ray McCaslinApril 23, 200813Death
William J EastburnApril 23, 199922Death
Herman Burleigh ChaseApril 23, 198437Death
William P (Bun) OwingsApril 23, 198338Death
Dion Edourd MuseApril 23, 198140Death
David Henry HayesApril 23, 194576Death
Paul Dallas McCartyApril 23, 194378Death
Shirley LaDonna PruittApril 23, 193685Birth
Charles Robert (Bob) ScottApril 23, 192794Birth
Gilbert August JohnsonApril 23, 1915106Birth
John Westley DennyApril 23, 1912109Death
Gladys M Stroup (Strop)April 23, 1912109Death
Robert Leslie MarlettApril 23, 1908113Birth
Chester Roland SmithApril 23, 1897124Birth
Everett CarsonApril 23, 1893128Birth
Lottie Vera CarrApril 23, 1893128Birth
Bertha S HunterApril 23, 1891130Death
Sheldon A ShrewsburyApril 23, 1889132Death
Etta H HarrisonApril 23, 1887134Birth
Georgia BlackketterApril 23, 1885136Birth
Charles C GeiserApril 23, 1883138Birth
George Seaton McCaslinApril 23, 1876145Death
Cora Ellen HarterApril 23, 1872149Birth
Mary Ettie (Marietta) SnodgrassApril 23, 1868153Birth
Alamander BrooksApril 23, 1863158Birth
Susan SellersApril 23, 1861160Birth
Ruth Ann CarrApril 23, 1859162Birth
Diana LemonsApril 23, 1854167Death
William S ShepherdApril 23, 1844177Birth
Walter Allen McCaslin (McCasland)about April 23, 1838183Birth
Archibald Ray Gatrell + Elizabeth Olive (Olive Elizabeth) McCaslinApril 23, 193883Marriage
Ralph Bryan Sidebottom + Clara Mildred StullApril 23, 193487Marriage
John A Voris + Margaret Ann VanNuysApril 23, 1888133Marriage
William McLain + Nancy Ann HensonApril 23, 1851170Marriage
Arthur Dekalb MorrowApril 24, 197843Death
June Adele KauszlerApril 24, 194873Birth
James Thomas McCaslinApril 24, 193982Death
Minnie Mabel EnnisApril 24, 193289Birth
Thomas H HendricksApril 24, 1918103Death
Mary Kathleen ConnollyApril 24, 1918103Birth
Louise Issac WrayApril 24, 1917104Birth
Peter Joseph DavidApril 24, 1910111Death
Silanda GlickApril 24, 1908113Death
Eva Jane VanarsdaleApril 24, 1894127Death
Gilbert Elanson (Elanson Gilbert) McCaslinApril 24, 1884137Death
Edgar (Eddie) UnderwoodApril 24, 1876145Birth
Emma GoodhueApril 24, 1842179Birth
John ParkhurstApril 24, 1835186Birth
Thomas H Hendricks + Mary Elizabeth AlexanderApril 24, 1882139Marriage
James R McCaslin + Delila (Deliah, Delilah) CrawfordApril 24, 1861160Marriage
Hugh Snodgrass + Ann HendersonApril 24, 1831190Marriage
Melson Largent + Onay PollardApril 24, 1803218Marriage
Theodore J TepsichApril 25, 200318Death
John Gerald McCaslinApril 25, 200219Death
Mildred Margaret LowryApril 25, 198338Death
Clifford B BowerApril 25, 197843Death
Enid Lillian McCaslinApril 25, 197645Death
Jennings Bryan HennisApril 25, 197150Death
Jessie Fay ReeseApril 25, 196952Death
Burleigh Brown ChaseApril 25, 194378Death
Myron Mellville PaddenApril 25, 192992Death
Barbara Ann SheekApril 25, 192794Birth
Alfred Ross MaddoxApril 25, 1906115Birth
Ivan Joseph AnscottApril 25, 1885136Birth
Leah Ann VorisApril 25, 1885136Death
Clem BrownApril 25, 1882139Birth
Chester A McCartyApril 25, 1881140Birth
Ottis William (William Ottis) FryApril 25, 1879142Birth
Estella (Stella) GudgelApril 25, 1864157Birth
Rosella (Ella) GudgelApril 25, 1864157Birth
Samuel DemareeApril 25, 1858163Death
Antie Ann BantaApril 25, 1852169Death
Margaret KortApril 25, 1851170Birth
Mary A McConnellApril 25, 1850171Birth
Samuel AustinApril 25, 1842179Birth
William WoodsApril 25, 1771250Birth
Marvin Vaughn Parker + Hazel Lucylle EdwardsApril 25, 193190Marriage
James O Ogle + May Lillie McCaslin (McCasland)April 25, 1888133Marriage
Kenneth Harry Buckleybefore April 26, 198833Death
Roy Walter MullinixApril 26, 198437Death
Ella Granger TempleApril 26, 196754Death
Robert John MoravecApril 26, 195665Death
Albert Luther McInvaleApril 26, 194873Death
Charlotte O (Lottie) McCaslinApril 26, 194477Death
Mary Elizabeth AlexanderApril 26, 192695Death
Luella WeaverApril 26, 192695Death
John H StudleyApril 26, 192398Death
Elmeth Vinton (Mike) RoseberryApril 26, 1917104Birth
Paul Asbury NortonApril 26, 1903118Birth
Martha E ChurchApril 26, 1897124Death
Harold Jacob (Harry) JenkinsonApril 26, 1893128Birth
Ruth Dorothy McColloughApril 26, 1890131Birth
William Walter MonkaApril 26, 1890131Birth
Theresa DierkesApril 26, 1887134Birth
Katherine HersheyApril 26, 1887134Birth
Emily Alice NorthupApril 26, 1885136Death
James Porter PlattApril 26, 1881140Birth
Carl E EmpieApril 26, 1880141Death
Mary Piety ListApril 26, 1873148Birth
John G CalvinApril 26, 1864157Death
Louis B McCaslinApril 26, 1854167Birth
Mary Elizabeth (Ann) CradduckApril 26, 1833188Birth
Mary Catherine LuysterApril 26, 1830191Birth
Loretta G Gavin + Harrison EastburnApril 26, 1919102Marriage
William List + Amanda E ParsleyApril 26, 1892129Marriage
Millard Fillmore Kennedy + Viola Naoma (Naomi Viola) McCaslinApril 26, 1885136Marriage
James Miller + Margaret Anne (Maggie) WilsonApril 26, 1882139Marriage
Ellen Dix + Samuel V ListApril 26, 1871150Marriage
Thomas Farrow + Barbara A CharlesApril 26, 1839182Marriage
Gladys Marilla WilliamsonApril 27, 200219Death
Roger Lynn JohnsonApril 27, 199031Death
Forrest LaFayette CookApril 27, 198833Death
Arthur E ConradApril 27, 198041Death
Charles Cedric McCaslin (McCasland)April 27, 197051Death
Ermina (Minnie) McCaslinApril 27, 193586Death
Frederick Dale CarsonApril 27, 192893Death
Hersel Delroy (Mac) McAlisterApril 27, 1919102Birth
Clifford B BowerApril 27, 1916105Birth
Curtis D UnderwoodApril 27, 1908113Birth
Mildred Dorris JamesApril 27, 1898123Birth
Jesse Franklin (Frank) KinnamanApril 27, 1883138Birth
Christina ListApril 27, 1882139Death
Caroline DitmarsApril 27, 1872149Death
Oliver Bowers HardyApril 27, 1806215Birth
David W Lineberry + Emma A TaylorApril 27, 1917104Marriage
Lorenzo Dow Whitson + Lucy RiceApril 27, 1856165Marriage
Richard McCaslin + Lucy RiceApril 27, 1826195Marriage
Martha H ClerkinApril 28, 201011Death
Julian P HornerApril 28, 199031Death
Estelle GoodmanApril 28, 198437Death
Erschel L SellersApril 28, 196655Death
Elizabeth Eleanor HornerApril 28, 1907114Birth
Edward Everment BronsonApril 28, 1880141Birth
Jack NoeApril 28, 1876145Death
Samuel SnodgrassApril 28, 1850171Death
Byron K McCaslinApril 28, 1849172Birth
Samuel Phillip LaneApril 28, 1825196Birth
Elisabeth Marie StudleyApril 28, 1819202Birth
Elisabeth Marie StudleyApril 28, 1819202Birth
Archibald Henderson BellApril 28, 1814207Birth
Eleanor LelandApril 28, 1810211Birth
Elmer Roseberry + Jane M ShepherdApril 28, 1852169Marriage