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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Phebe J HemphillOctober 19, 1855166Death
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Mary ListOctober 19, 1816205Birth
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Robert Powell MorrowOctober 20, 1856165Birth
Nancy Elizabeth SerattOctober 20, 1829192Birth
Elizabeth Jane (Eliza) TerhuneOctober 20, 1827194Birth
Selina Christina HannaOctober 20, 1811210Birth
William Conrad Romine + Grace Stafford AmsdenOctober 20, 1909112Marriage
John Harvey McCaslin + Anna (Annie) E. WoodsOctober 20, 1886135Marriage
Tunis Calvin List + Mary Catherine LuysterOctober 20, 1853168Marriage
William H Murphy + Jane GrubbOctober 20, 1843178Marriage
Wendell D MuncriefOctober 21, 200516Death
Hazel OrearOctober 21, 197447Death
Robert Lowler MattleyOctober 21, 197150Death
Harriet Avis PaddenOctober 21, 196457Death
Robert Jefferson (Jeff R) MuncriefOctober 21, 196259Death
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Louisa V McCaslin (McCasland)October 21, 1908113Death
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Arlie Mae CalvertOctober 21, 1899122Birth
Raymond A McGinnOctober 21, 1898123Birth
Margaret D. MatherOctober 21, 1892129Death
Murry Gibney EadorOctober 21, 1887134Birth
Jesse Grant CarrOctober 21, 1866155Birth
Mary RitchieOctober 21, 1855166Death
Zachariah T LattimoreOctober 21, 1851170Birth
George King McCaslinabout October 21, 1827194Birth
George ShillideayOctober 21, 1827194Death
Cyntha Ann (Cynthia) KingOctober 21, 1814207Birth
Elvira ParkerOctober 21, 1804217Birth
Samuel DemareeOctober 21, 1746275Birth
George W Bridges + Mary E SwinfordOctober 21, 1894127Marriage
David A McCaslin + Minerva Jane LoweOctober 21, 1863158Marriage
Durell Allen McCaslinOctober 22, 200417Death
William Blaine HendricksOctober 22, 199328Death
Frances Marie McDougalOctober 22, 196853Death
John Leland (Leland) McCaslinOctober 22, 196358Death
John Martin McCaslinOctober 22, 194972Death
Adolph Fritz Moehle (Mohle)October 22, 194378Death
John T DotsonOctober 22, 1914107Death
John Henry (Jack) LenhartOctober 22, 1908113Birth
Elbert Green ArterOctober 22, 1905116Birth
Margaret Hope AntonsenOctober 22, 1902119Birth
Durell PaytonOctober 22, 1895126Birth
Frederick (Fred) PeddieOctober 22, 1894127Birth
Maggie May Sheue (Shewe)October 22, 1874147Birth
Philetus James BeverlyOctober 22, 1868153Birth
Hattie AlexanderOctober 22, 1865156Birth
Nancy E JohnsonOctober 22, 1860161Birth
John Harvey McCaslinOctober 22, 1859162Birth
Stephen TilsonOctober 22, 1834187Birth
Douglas Baker ShillideayOctober 22, 1833188Death
Sarah L NewkirkOctober 22, 1828193Birth
Mary Van Wye (Vanwye)October 22, 1826195Birth
Andrew KinnearOctober 22, 1801220Birth
Ebenezer Rice (Royce)October 22, 1772249Birth
Arthur H Phillips + Kuma McCaslin (McCasland)October 22, 193586Marriage
Abram Adolphus Voorhies + Martha Elizabeth WheatOctober 22, 1868153Marriage
Abraham Canary + Rachel A DemareeOctober 22, 1865156Marriage
Isaac Harrod + Matilda ConnettOctober 22, 1840181Marriage
Beatrice Lillian (Bettie) GerardOctober 23, 201011Death
Algie Howard KnightOctober 23, 199922Death
Robert Leo ClerkinOctober 23, 199625Death
Lucy Bell ChitwoodOctober 23, 199427Death
Lorenzo Dow BuckOctober 23, 197348Death
Jonathan Gerald GiddingsOctober 23, 197249Death
Perry Washington McCaslin (McCasland)October 23, 196160Death
Homer Raymond GudgelOctober 23, 195764Death
Elizabeth Jane ( Jenny) BullockOctober 23, 195764Death
Hester Ann MortonOctober 23, 193784Death
James L McCaslinOctober 23, 192893Death
Lurenda Minerva BeverlyOctober 23, 192794Death
Herbert Wayne (Wayne H) MikesellOctober 23, 192299Birth
Junious Rogers (June) BoswellOctober 23, 1918103Death
Fannie Mae ForresterOctober 23, 1909112Birth
Aaron V BurgetOctober 23, 1900121Death
Lou Verna Katherine Mahala Elizabeth (Katie) CenterOctober 23, 1870151Birth
Warren StudleyOctober 23, 1863158Death
Mary Magdalene AfflerbachOctober 23, 1844177Birth
Robert GilchristOctober 23, 1823198Death
Theodore ListOctober 23, 1796225Birth
Rachel BantaOctober 23, 1769252Birth
Antie Ann BantaOctober 23, 1769252Birth
Maurice Edwin Howell + Margaret Delorah KuesterOctober 23, 196556Marriage
Charles James Abshier + Perle Belle Empieafter October 23, 1915106Marriage
Oliver Carlton Anderson + Amanda Savannah (Mandy Or Manda) HemphillOctober 23, 1884137Marriage
William Watson Lineberry + Emily (Emma) KeyserOctober 23, 1879142Marriage
Benjamin Franklin Hill + Rachel Elzora (Ella) McCaslin (McCasland)October 23, 1870151Marriage
William F Polk + Cordelia A McMullenOctober 23, 1859162Marriage
Warren Studley + Elizabeth MortonOctober 23, 1837184Marriage
Nathan Steele Corning + Clarrisa SmithOctober 23, 1811210Marriage
John Dodge + Lydia RogersOctober 23, 1748273Marriage
Dorothy Mae MuncriefOctober 24, 20174Death
Anne Therese (Teep) WeberOctober 24, 200714Death
Thelma I ViceOctober 24, 199130Death
Ora Frances McCaslinOctober 24, 198734Death
Janis Elaine LenhartOctober 24, 196655Birth
Lee Edmund ChaseOctober 24, 196556Death
Luther Elmer SellersOctober 24, 194477Death
Henry Clay SmileyOctober 24, 192398Death
Carrie Mildred McCaslinOctober 24, 1916105Birth
Dorothy Dean GiddingsOctober 24, 1915106Birth
Robert Edmond DillonOctober 24, 1908113Death
Gladys P (Gladie) CarpenterOctober 24, 1907114Birth
Felicia LambertOctober 24, 1905116Death
William SheekOctober 24, 1891130Death
Albert Ray (Bert R) Bannister (Banister)October 24, 1888133Birth
Bornson Earl WalkerOctober 24, 1887134Birth
Hannah KinsleyOctober 24, 1877144Death
Winey Isabel McCaslinOctober 24, 1875146Death
Lee Edmund ChaseOctober 24, 1875146Birth
Charles J (Charlie) McAnallyOctober 24, 1864157Birth
Henry McCaslin (McCasland)October 24, 1861160Death
William V. CovertOctober 24, 1859162Death
Claibourne MorganOctober 24, 1854167Death
William Tipton McCaslinOctober 24, 1843178Birth
Mary Elizabeth EbrightOctober 24, 1842179Birth
Eva Jane VanarsdaleOctober 24, 1833188Birth
George King SnodgrassOctober 24, 1815206Birth
Elizabeth MortonOctober 24, 1813208Birth
Earle Youmans Sullivan + Helen Tarlton BaileyOctober 24, 193289Marriage
Harvey J. McCaslin + Hannah A UtterOctober 24, 1848173Marriage
Joseph Polk + Martha Ann VestOctober 24, 1844177Marriage
John Calvin King + Elizabeth MontfoortOctober 24, 1837184Marriage
Fines (Finis) Emery AllenOctober 25, 200219Death
Clarence Cruse McCartyOctober 25, 198734Death
Lynda WackerOctober 25, 198041Death
Charley Joseph HelmsOctober 25, 195170Death
Emmitt Ralph (Ralph) McCaslinOctober 25, 192794Birth
Joyce McCaslin (McCasland)October 25, 1919102Death
Peter Francis McIntyreOctober 25, 1919102Death
Elmer Ellsworth LeeOctober 25, 1911110Death
Opal WadeOctober 25, 1911110Birth
Mabel Vilery KeithOctober 25, 1905116Birth
Enid Lillian McCaslinOctober 25, 1898123Birth
Robert Lowler MattleyOctober 25, 1895126Birth
Myrtie Belle KincaidOctober 25, 1872149Birth
Isabelle LynnOctober 25, 1804217Birth
William Edgar (Edgar) McCaslin + Hattie Mae HalsteadOctober 25, 1899122Marriage
John G Chambers + Fannie W McCaslinOctober 25, 1866155Marriage
Calvin L Harris + Nancy HoaglandOctober 25, 1859162Marriage
John M. Hood + Minerva WinchesterOctober 25, 1855166Marriage
Joseph Hemphill + Sarah Ann Friker (Fraker)October 25, 1849172Marriage
Washington Miller + Louisa LattimoreOctober 25, 1842179Marriage
Alexander White + Margaret McCaslinOctober 25, 1829192Marriage
Jesse Carr + Margaret (Peggy) McCaslinOctober 25, 1825196Marriage
Ronald L TubbsOctober 26, 20129Death
Mary Kathleen ConnollyOctober 26, 199724Death
Victoria ElkinsOctober 26, 194873Death
Albert Leroy KinworthyOctober 26, 192992Birth
Margaret Emily AlexanderOctober 26, 192992Death
Anna Belle (Annie) WinchesterOctober 26, 192893Death
Pauline (Edna Pauline) MessmoreOctober 26, 192299Birth
Wilford Hugh (Red) MuncriefOctober 26, 1921100Birth
Cora Tressie WellsOctober 26, 1900121Birth
Wesley William (John Wesley) McCasling (McCaslin)October 26, 1892129Birth
Victor McAnallyOctober 26, 1890131Birth
Frederick Daniel CarsonOctober 26, 1887134Birth
Eleanor HoutsOctober 26, 1885136Birth
Alexander AllenOctober 26, 1882139Birth
Monroe L WellsOctober 26, 1878143Death
William Ezra WillisOctober 26, 1875146Birth
Lillian McCartyOctober 26, 1872149Birth
Margaret (Peggy) LaRueOctober 26, 1864157Death
Mary VanNuysOctober 26, 1850171Death
George List CovertOctober 26, 1835186Birth
Rachel ListOctober 26, 1820201Birth
Esther Shelledy (Shillideay)October 26, 1809212Birth
Robert M Vaught + Mary I (Belle) Vories (Voris)October 26, 1875146Marriage
Eli Gilchrist + Rachel DemareeOctober 26, 1846175Marriage