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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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On this day
Richard E McCaslinJanuary 26, 200516Death
Floyd Wilson FultonJanuary 26, 199625Death
Martha Louise SparksJanuary 26, 199526Death
Burl PettyJanuary 26, 199427Death
Sophia ?(Wilson)January 26, 199427Death
Harriet Ruth (Ruth) CarrJanuary 26, 198734Death
Benjamin Franklin (Ben) McCaslinJanuary 26, 198239Death
Joey WatrousJanuary 26, 197546Death
Herbert Lee McCaslinJanuary 26, 194378Birth
Thomas WykoffJanuary 26, 193883Death
Robert M CarsonJanuary 26, 1920101Birth
Robert Earl AbbettJanuary 26, 1915106Birth
Louisa LattimoreJanuary 26, 1912109Death
Edith Lydia (Elizabeth) AldenJanuary 26, 1910111Birth
Lucy LattimoreJanuary 26, 1909112Death
Catherine Wright Van Wye (Vanwye)January 26, 1907114Death
Elizabeth Jane AdamsJanuary 26, 1906115Death
Inez Maude HiseJanuary 26, 1905116Birth
Mabel M McNeelyJanuary 26, 1899122Birth
Joseph Frank OrrJanuary 26, 1895126Birth
Wosson McCaslinJanuary 26, 1894127Death
Talytha Lytha (Mary T L) McCaslinJanuary 26, 1884137Birth
James R McCaslinJanuary 26, 1880141Death
Gavin Roscoe ClineJanuary 26, 1880141Birth
Orilus Osborne AllenJanuary 26, 1871150Birth
Emily C DemareeJanuary 26, 1845176Birth
George A McCaslinJanuary 26, 1843178Birth
James L AlexanderJanuary 26, 1841180Birth
James Harding BrownJanuary 26, 1836185Birth
Willliam Fontaine CarringtonJanuary 26, 1822199Birth
John Smith WinchesterJanuary 26, 1819202Birth
William Henry Harrison + Serilda Jane McCaslinJanuary 26, 1878143Marriage
Alfred Marvin Rice + Martha Ellen JonesJanuary 26, 1860161Marriage
Upcoming events
Evelyn ReynoldsJanuary 27, 201110Death
Craig Stephen LawsonJanuary 27, 200516Death
James Arthur FrymanJanuary 27, 199427Death
James Michael Roy HayesJanuary 27, 196754Death
George Schultz DayJanuary 27, 196160Birth
James Buchanan LaneJanuary 27, 195071Death
Mary Belle (Belle) DitmarsJanuary 27, 194873Death
James Norborne JonesJanuary 27, 194774Death
Mary Alice McCaslinJanuary 27, 193883Death
Dorothy Ernestine CookJanuary 27, 192794Birth
Ruth LewellynJanuary 27, 1916105Death
James Casper CoreJanuary 27, 1912109Death
Clara Mildred StullJanuary 27, 1911110Birth
Myrtle Long McCaslinJanuary 27, 1905116Birth
Hugh Arthur RicheyJanuary 27, 1897124Birth
Elizabeth Ann WoodsJanuary 27, 1896125Death
Jeremiah Newton McCaslin (McCasland)January 27, 1891130Death
George W DemareeJanuary 27, 1891130Death
Delbert E CurtisJanuary 27, 1880141Birth
Wilbert Ashton CurtisJanuary 27, 1878143Birth
Sarah Mann StudleyJanuary 27, 1877144Death
David DemareeJanuary 27, 1864157Death
Marietta HamiltonJanuary 27, 1863158Birth
William R BungardJanuary 27, 1862159Birth
John Elsworth MarlingJanuary 27, 1860161Birth
William Henry KingJanuary 27, 1859162Birth
Hale RitchieJanuary 27, 1851170Birth
Alice Barnett DitmarsJanuary 27, 1849172Birth
Alice BarnettJanuary 27, 1849172Birth
George Boswell ListJanuary 27, 1825196Birth
Lenford William (Len) Price + Katherine May HamiltonJanuary 27, 194972Marriage
John Franklin Brown + Eva Jane VanarsdaleJanuary 27, 1855166Marriage
James Cox + Minerva HillJanuary 27, 1842179Marriage
Nancy Beatrice McCaslin (McCasland)January 28, 199922Death
Mary F MartinJanuary 28, 199823Death
Eathel S McCaslinJanuary 28, 198932Death
Luther FikesJanuary 28, 195269Death
Mary Ada DuckettJanuary 28, 194873Death
Sarah E CombsJanuary 28, 192992Death
Wayne J HelmsJanuary 28, 192398Birth
Frank J MikacevichJanuary 28, 1911110Birth
Marie BridgesJanuary 28, 1909112Birth
William Ernest (Buster) FletcherJanuary 28, 1908113Birth
Ernest V PriceJanuary 28, 1904117Birth
Alfred W HoldenJanuary 28, 1902119Birth
Arcadious Cox (Cade) McBrydeJanuary 28, 1892129Birth
Elizabeth Ann McCaslinJanuary 28, 1887134Death
Hattie Newell LuysterJanuary 28, 1887134Birth
Joshua ClevengerJanuary 28, 1885136Death
Nellie WilliamsJanuary 28, 1885136Birth
John Alvah SnodgrassJanuary 28, 1884137Death
Sarah E MoncriefJanuary 28, 1871150Death
Stephen GudgelJanuary 28, 1864157Death
Ida Jane PattersonJanuary 28, 1853168Birth
Mary Jane McCaslinJanuary 28, 1852169Birth
Lewis Graham Carson + Mary TweedyJanuary 28, 1857164Marriage
William G Shepherd + Elizabeth Ann Blankenshipafter January 28, 1846175Marriage
Delmar Gene McCaslinJanuary 29, 201110Death
Clayton William McCaslinJanuary 29, 200714Death
Leona May TempleJanuary 29, 200219Death
Margaret Hope AntonsenJanuary 29, 199031Death
Henry L (Harry) CarrJanuary 29, 197744Death
Andrew Black MartinJanuary 29, 196754Death
Lucille M BarnettJanuary 29, 196754Death
Ova Rolland CarsonJanuary 29, 196457Death
Michael McCaslinJanuary 29, 195368Birth
Charles Harvey SherwinJanuary 29, 193388Death
Alonzo Gilbert Sibert (Seibert)January 29, 193289Death
Verlin V McCartyJanuary 29, 192794Birth
Houston E BrownJanuary 29, 1920101Birth
Leland Milton AldenJanuary 29, 1903118Birth
Daniel PikeJanuary 29, 1897124Death
Gertrude E McCaslinJanuary 29, 1884137Birth
Thomas Carter HessJanuary 29, 1882139Birth
Martha ListJanuary 29, 1878143Death
James H WykoffJanuary 29, 1876145Birth
Mary SnodgrassJanuary 29, 1873148Death
Marie A CoreJanuary 29, 1869152Birth
Christina VanNuysJanuary 29, 1846175Birth
Caroline BantaJanuary 29, 1832189Birth
Juda H McKinneyJanuary 29, 1799222Birth
Margaret MillerJanuary 29, 1793228Birth
Carl Daugherty + Mabel Sue JohnsonJanuary 29, 194774Marriage
Harvey Strawther McCaslin + Elizabeth J (Betsey) MusterJanuary 29, 1856165Marriage
Samuel Phillip Lane + Nancy Elizabeth SerattJanuary 29, 1846175Marriage
Patricia Ann HendersonJanuary 30, 200813Death
Velma Ruth KennedyJanuary 30, 199823Death
James Albert BurranJanuary 30, 198140Death
Harold Gene EliotJanuary 30, 198041Death
Ida Mae PainterJanuary 30, 197546Death
Guy WelchJanuary 30, 197348Death
James Andrew McCaslinJanuary 30, 196358Death
John R McCaslinJanuary 30, 193388Death
Odes A HemphillJanuary 30, 1919102Death
Hervey Creasey WinchesterJanuary 30, 1904117Death
John Roy DemareeJanuary 30, 1887134Birth
Mollie (Mary A) Medlock (Matlock)January 30, 1884137Birth
James Pleasant ParrJanuary 30, 1864157Death
George Washington McCaslinJanuary 30, 1846175Birth
Andrew Jackson McCaslinJanuary 30, 1846175Birth
George Washington WinchesterJanuary 30, 1823198Birth
W F Summerville + Mary ToonJanuary 30, 1913108Marriage
Charles Joseph (Charley) Helms + Arthula (Gertrude) RiggsJanuary 30, 1882139Marriage
John Dickerson + Nancy T SwanJanuary 30, 1851170Marriage
Charles Vernon (Vernon) DoddJanuary 31, 200714Death
Roger Douglas BraniginJanuary 31, 200219Death
John Robert McCaslinJanuary 31, 200021Death
Gerald Lloyd BrownJanuary 31, 198932Death
Phyllis Genevieve MurphyJanuary 31, 197744Death
Lola Aldrich BeverlyJanuary 31, 197447Death
Ella Perry DaytonJanuary 31, 196061Death
George Washington McCaslinJanuary 31, 192398Death
Sarah Melissa McCaslinJanuary 31, 192398Death
Andrew MullendoreJanuary 31, 1921100Death
Robert Elis StevensonJanuary 31, 1917104Birth
William Louis (Louis) DoddJanuary 31, 1909112Birth
George Robert WhiteJanuary 31, 1901120Death
Lewis Meriwether DabneyJanuary 31, 1899122Birth
Hazel I McCaslinJanuary 31, 1888133Birth
Zedd Lewis BarnettJanuary 31, 1880141Birth
William Roscoe VorisJanuary 31, 1877144Birth
Robert GilchristJanuary 31, 1874147Death
Emile Armd DevicJanuary 31, 1855166Birth
Walter Alexander LattimoreJanuary 31, 1848173Birth
Andrew J ErwinJanuary 31, 1844177Birth
Lucy ?(Wilkins)January 31, 1789232Birth
William Carroll Woods + Rachel C LaneJanuary 31, 1909112Marriage
John Newton Voris + Jennie GrahamJanuary 31, 1862159Marriage
Henry C Smith + Elizabeth TurnerJanuary 31, 1848173Marriage
Ira Vernon SettlesFebruary 198437Death
Elosia LongneckerFebruary 198437Death
Ralph HornerFebruary 198239Death
Morris Loyle McPhetridgeFebruary 198041Death
Laurence William Fletcher (McCaslin)February 198041Death
Garvin Edwin McBryde (McBride)February 197744Death
Curtis Tyrus StevensonFebruary 197744Death
Catharine Sophia BrownFebruary 197645Death
Nina Belle JamiesonFebruary 197348Death
Alfred WaldeckFebruary 197051Death
William Harry (Mueller) CarrFebruary 196754Death
Thomas BaumFebruary 194180Death
Della WykoffFebruary 194180Death
Gwinn Emory McCaslinabout February 192695Birth
Glenn B Harveyabout February 1919102Birth
Luma NobleFebruary 1900121Birth
Mabel C BeverlinFebruary 1900121Birth
Harold Lee PadgettFebruary 1900121Birth
Josephine DeweyFebruary 1899122Birth
Emily ShireyFebruary 1898123Birth
Lilly BridgesFebruary 1898123Birth
Albert LeeFebruary 1898123Birth
Kate McConnellFebruary 1897124Birth
Lizzie K TilsonFebruary 1897124Birth
Leo V ChambersFebruary 1897124Birth
Unknown Child Stroup (Strop)February 1896125Birth
Merle SpearsFebruary 1896125Birth
Martha BallFebruary 1896125Birth
Clarence McCauleyFebruary 1895126Birth
Minnie FisherFebruary 1894127Birth
Mary KeeslingFebruary 1894127Birth
Charlotte (Lottie) BrownFebruary 1894127Birth
Frances WalkFebruary 1894127Birth
Neva SmithFebruary 1894127Birth
John W BrewerFebruary 1893128Birth
Ruth BaumFebruary 1893128Birth
Carrie C LeeFebruary 1893128Birth
Florence Clementine LingoFebruary 1893128Birth
Loleta WinchesterFebruary 1892129Birth
Inez SmileyFebruary 1892129Birth
Charles H AntonsenFebruary 1891130Birth
Otto M SokelFebruary 1890131Birth
Hiram Willard WhiteFebruary 1890131Death
Lydia (Liddie) N StaatsFebruary 1890131Birth
James Arthur ParrFebruary 1890131Birth
Lyman Earl McGuireFebruary 1890131Birth
Flossie WaskomFebruary 1889132Birth
Jeanetta (Genetta) FisherFebruary 1889132Birth
Vera RattoFebruary 1889132Birth
Nellie J WamsleyFebruary 1889132Birth
Nellie S McInnesFebruary 1888133Birth
Zillah ParrFebruary 1888133Birth
George S PoorFebruary 1888133Birth
Fred SmithFebruary 1888133Birth
Pearl CrutchfieldFebruary 1888133Birth
Walter T GrahamFebruary 1886135Birth
Charles RicheyFebruary 1885136Birth
Anna HaslerFebruary 1885136Birth
Maggie SmithFebruary 1884137Birth
Robert Elmer HemphillFebruary 1880141Birth
John Thomas BeshersFebruary 1880141Birth
Wilmar WoodsFebruary 1880141Birth
George N SherwinFebruary 1878143Birth
Estella C (Stella) FosterFebruary 1878143Birth
Milo S SmithFebruary 1877144Birth
Nancy A (Nannie) BurgettFebruary 1877144Birth
Mabel McCaslinFebruary 1876145Birth
William M SandersFebruary 1876145Birth
Centennial (Jane) LawsonFebruary 1876145Birth
William Elmore ParkFebruary 1873148Birth
Catherine (Kate) BonnerFebruary 1873148Birth
Nora SmithFebruary 1872149Birth
Magnolia WelchFebruary 1872149Birth
Emma C YanosFebruary 1872149Birth
Anna BrownFebruary 1872149Birth
Charles ListFebruary 1871150Birth
Frances Emily NaumannFebruary 1870151Birth
John W CenterFebruary 1869152Birth
Nel (Jewell) PeaceFebruary 1869152Birth
Walter HendersonFebruary 1869152Birth
Charles DickersonFebruary 1869152Birth
Ella Smith LuysterFebruary 1868153Birth
Ellen Martha (Martha E) (Ella) MortonFebruary 1868153Birth
Zoe A ReederFebruary 1867154Birth
Ulysses S McCaslinFebruary 1866155Birth
George W DaughertyFebruary 1866155Birth
John S BrownFebruary 1865156Death
Robert S CarlisleFebruary 1865156Birth
Samuel WhiteFebruary 1865156Birth
William C VorisFebruary 1865156Birth
Ella Mae (Mae) DaileyFebruary 1865156Birth
John R CoonFebruary 1864157Birth
William Thomas DickersonFebruary 1864157Birth
Albert GoodingFebruary 1863158Birth
Dora PerryFebruary 1863158Birth
William ListFebruary 1862159Birth
Charles Lee McGuireFebruary 1862159Birth
Henry WalkFebruary 1862159Birth
Clara E HamiltonFebruary 1861160Birth
Flowrella McCaslinabout February 1860161Birth
David (Dave) M McCaslinFebruary 1860161Birth
James Monroe ParrFebruary 1860161Birth
John W Mercerabout February 1860161Birth
Frank Hunterabout February 1860161Birth
Sarah Winchesterabout February 1860161Birth
George KinnickFebruary 1859162Birth
John P BargerFebruary 1858163Birth
Charles L EagerFebruary 1858163Birth
Eugene Palmer McCaslinFebruary 1857164Birth
James Buchanan SmithFebruary 1857164Birth
Kit McKeanFebruary 1856165Birth
Martha Isobel (Mattie) SnodgrassFebruary 1856165Birth
Richard WhiteFebruary 1855166Birth
Mary WilliamsFebruary 1853168Birth
Louisa LittleFebruary 1853168Birth
Hannah Mary HemphillFebruary 1852169Birth
Letitia Ann (Annie) MeredithFebruary 1851170Birth
Elizabeth PienkowskyFebruary 1851170Birth
Addison RiceFebruary 1850171Birth
Margaret A Vorisabout February 1850171Birth
Thomas W GrahamFebruary 1849172Birth
Isaac Riley WhiteFebruary 1849172Birth
Theodora Alice (Dora) ShewFebruary 1848173Birth
William P RiceFebruary 1847174Birth
Delilah Caroline DavenportFebruary 1846175Birth
Thomas Jefferson SipeFebruary 1844177Birth
Sarah Ann (Sadie) SellersFebruary 1844177Birth
Charles Marden StudleyFebruary 1841180Birth
William Hugh DickersonFebruary 1840181Birth
Thomas H HendricksFebruary 1839182Birth
Mariah (Maria) OrrellFebruary 1839182Birth
Sarah A ?(Stanford)February 1838183Birth
Sarah Jane Elizabeth LewisFebruary 1837184Birth
Thomas B GrahamFebruary 1836185Birth
John William McCaffreyFebruary 1835186Birth
Isaac KearFebruary 1833188Birth
Sarah A ?(White)February 1833188Birth
Thomas BooneFebruary 1826195Birth
Elizabeth ?(Stonge)February 1825196Birth
Lyman W McKeanFebruary 1824197Birth
Mary HendersonFebruary 1818203Birth
Douglas BakerFebruary 1765256Death
Janet Ruth LuysterFebruary 1, 199922Death
Hazel Lucylle EdwardsFebruary 1, 199031Death
Marjorie A BarrFebruary 1, 198239Death
Eric Leroy Eugene MillerFebruary 1, 197942Death
Wilmina Laura EdwardsFebruary 1, 197744Death
William Walter (Willie) McCaslinFebruary 1, 197546Death
Christine JacksonFebruary 1, 197051Death
Jesse Franklin (Frank) KinnamanFebruary 1, 196655Death
Blanche E HamFebruary 1, 195863Death
Sadie WaldonFebruary 1, 195071Death
May Lillie McCaslin (McCasland)February 1, 194477Death
Roland Edward MillerFebruary 1, 193190Birth
Frances Evelyn WaltzFebruary 1, 192299Birth
John N PearmanFebruary 1, 1914107Death
Abraham Osborn StoutFebruary 1, 1908113Death
Sarah Elizabeth LaneFebruary 1, 1904117Birth
Ralph Emerson DemareeFebruary 1, 1892129Birth
Mary VorisFebruary 1, 1891130Birth
Frederick Lincoln HummelFebruary 1, 1883138Birth
Stephanis Petris (Stephen) LuysterFebruary 1, 1870151Death
Rebecca DilworthFebruary 1, 1812209Birth
Holly Duke Rutledge + Caroline Matilta Duppre (Dupree)February 196457Marriage
Paul G Austin + Marjorie Frances DennyFebruary 1, 194873Marriage
Harry Eugene Ward + Margery Jean McColmFebruary 1, 194675Marriage
Lewis Daniel Bishop + Clara Elizabeth DrakeFebruary 1, 1917104Marriage
John Wesley McCaslin + Amanda E (Mandy) LewisFebruary 1, 1880141Marriage
John Finley Crowe (J. F. C.) McCaslin (McCasland) + Charlotte WoodsFebruary 1, 1854167Marriage
Norma June RayFebruary 2, 201011Death
Ralph Bryan SidebottomFebruary 2, 200021Death
Shirley Ann ClerkinFebruary 2, 199823Death
James Gwinn JonesFebruary 2, 199724Death
James Gwinn JonesFebruary 2, 199724Death
Mildred ShortridgeFebruary 2, 198833Death
Mamie SimsFebruary 2, 197546Death
John Virgil EdwardsFebruary 2, 196556Death
David Edward (Edd) McCaslinFebruary 2, 195269Death
John Franklin StevensonFebruary 2, 195170Death
Ollie BurtonFebruary 2, 193982Birth
Ida Alwilda McKeehanFebruary 2, 193982Death
Martin CostelloFebruary 2, 193883Death
Jean M McCaslinFebruary 2, 193784Death
George Seaton (Teal) McCaslinFebruary 2, 193685Death
William Robert LloydFebruary 2, 193586Death
Ophelia Virginia BlountFebruary 2, 192596Death
Robert Anthony MillerFebruary 2, 192497Birth
Beulah May CheathamFebruary 2, 1920101Birth
Samuel BrewerFebruary 2, 1899122Birth
Bertie AndersonFebruary 2, 1895126Birth
Bertha AndersonFebruary 2, 1895126Birth
Olivia Mary (Mary Olivia) ShepherdFebruary 2, 1892129Birth
Nancy RhudeFebruary 2, 1886135Birth
Margaret McCaslinFebruary 2, 1868153Death
Alpha (Allie) BerryFebruary 2, 1852169Birth
Charles Van Wye (Vanwye)February 2, 1847174Death
Henry JacksonFebruary 2, 1846175Birth
Jacob DitmarsFebruary 2, 1837184Birth
Wesley White McCaslinFebruary 2, 1830191Birth
Joshua Mountz (Mounts)before February 2, 1826195Death
Robert Samuel ParkhurstFebruary 2, 1823198Birth
Lucretia Helen (Helen) WaltersFebruary 2, 1811210Birth
Sarah Elizabeth DomerFebruary 2, 1806215Birth
Willie Ray Brown + Tharon MuncriefFebruary 2, 194180Marriage
Arthur Ackley + Alissia May (Elsie) LizenbeeFebruary 2, 1917104Marriage
William Matthew Adelhelm + Jennie (Jinnie) TuttleFebruary 2, 1902119Marriage
John Allison Cline + Rhoda Ann McCaslin (McCasland)February 2, 1873148Marriage
Rudolph Hasler + Margaret J OldhamFebruary 2, 1873148Marriage
John Lowe (Low) + Mary Elizabeth VaughnFebruary 2, 1841180Marriage
Richard Henry (Henry) Mather + Lucretia Helen (Helen) WaltersFebruary 2, 1830191Marriage