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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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Edith C FleischerSeptember 27, 20128Death
Sarah Langley (Sally) LaBoonSeptember 27, 20119Death
Kenneth James McCaslinSeptember 27, 200911Death
Olive G NorbySeptember 27, 199723Death
Kathleen Jane BrownSeptember 27, 199723Death
James H WykoffSeptember 27, 199426Death
Wilbert Joshua (Wib) HarrerSeptember 27, 198634Death
Manuel Dennis MuncriefSeptember 27, 195169Birth
Mary BartaSeptember 27, 193585Death
Augustus Souel CollierSeptember 27, 192991Death
Charles Harry CarrSeptember 27, 192496Birth
Marian Louise (Babe) HemphillSeptember 27, 1919101Birth
Henry C AllenSeptember 27, 1907113Birth
Ralph MarlingSeptember 27, 1898122Birth
Homer Raymond GudgelSeptember 27, 1890130Birth
Elizabeth Jane ( Jenny) BullockSeptember 27, 1890130Birth
Mary (Mamie) RomineSeptember 27, 1879141Birth
Katherine Lightfoot HutchesonSeptember 27, 1876144Death
Henrietta CrowellSeptember 27, 1861159Death
Harriet Josephine MyerSeptember 27, 1858162Birth
John Harvey HemphillSeptember 27, 1855165Birth
Jeremiah TarltonSeptember 27, 1851169Death
Amanda J McCaslin (McCasland)September 27, 1849171Birth
David DemareeSeptember 27, 1846174Death
Jeremiah TarltonSeptember 27, 1844176Birth
Hannah A UtterSeptember 27, 1827193Birth
Milton FrancisSeptember 27, 1819201Birth
Hervey George McCaslinSeptember 27, 1802218Birth
James Edward Hise + Elizabeth JohnsonSeptember 27, 193684Marriage
Bruce E Ryder + Merle M HustonSeptember 27, 1911109Marriage
Claudius Elvin (Claude) McCaslin (McCasland) + Mary Josephine MontgomerySeptember 27, 1911109Marriage
Robert Elliott + Martha MillerSeptember 27, 1836184Marriage
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John Henry HoultramSeptember 28, 200812Death
Margaret Ellen ClerkinSeptember 28, 199327Death
Archibald Ray GatrellSeptember 28, 196159Death
Josephine Evelyn HughesSeptember 28, 195070Death
Nancy Angeline WoodsSeptember 28, 193387Death
Ada Belle LaneSeptember 28, 193288Death
John Le Roy NicholsSeptember 28, 192991Birth
Elva Irene CoombesSeptember 28, 192793Birth
Charles Lattimore CarsonSeptember 28, 1910110Birth
Raye F RawlingsSeptember 28, 1904116Birth
Floyd Austin JamesSeptember 28, 1903117Birth
Wesley White McCaslinSeptember 28, 1893127Death
Clifford Archie DavisSeptember 28, 1882138Birth
Minnie Laurenda ListSeptember 28, 1874146Birth
Frances MurnanSeptember 28, 1860160Birth
William David McCaslinSeptember 28, 1856164Death
Mary DitmarsSeptember 28, 1840180Death
Nancy Jane McColloughSeptember 28, 1838182Birth
Jane Smith WinchesterSeptember 28, 1828192Birth
George ListSeptember 28, 1818202Birth
Margaret McCaslinSeptember 28, 1811209Birth
Gideon RitcheySeptember 28, 1790230Birth
Welch RitcheySeptember 28, 1785235Birth
John H Shrewsbury + Katherine HersheySeptember 28, 1911109Marriage
Jesse Hunter + Estella C (Stella) FosterSeptember 28, 1902118Marriage
Samuel Herriot Covert + Emeline (Emily) McCaslinSeptember 28, 1861159Marriage
Francis Marion Temple + Mary RozellSeptember 28, 1854166Marriage
Raymond D KellySeptember 29, 200317Death
Harry L StewartSeptember 29, 199228Death
Neva Ruth ?(Welch)September 29, 197842Death
Emma Mae FowlerSeptember 29, 197446Death
Arthur Blaine MattleySeptember 29, 195268Death
Dorothy M BlakeSeptember 29, 1916104Birth
John S FainbargSeptember 29, 1915105Birth
John M CoreSeptember 29, 1913107Death
Mary Bell CarpenterSeptember 29, 1905115Birth
Fern Justine McCaslinSeptember 29, 1905115Birth
Eugene Henry VanLooSeptember 29, 1903117Birth
Lucille CoverSeptember 29, 1898122Birth
Robert Emery (Emery) MorrowSeptember 29, 1894126Birth
Catherine C VanNuysSeptember 29, 1893127Death
Lou Jane OrrellSeptember 29, 1886134Birth
James Montgomery (Pete) DavisSeptember 29, 1879141Birth
Euphemia L SnodgrassSeptember 29, 1875145Birth
Mary D WinchesterSeptember 29, 1874146Death
Elizabeth Melvina LaneSeptember 29, 1872148Birth
Charles (Charley) McCaslinSeptember 29, 1869151Birth
Charles Otto ParkSeptember 29, 1868152Birth
Samuel Watson VanNuysSeptember 29, 1864156Death
Henrietta (Rettie) BranamanSeptember 29, 1852168Birth
Theophilus Macmurray HannaSeptember 29, 1843177Birth
Caroline Louisa (Carrie) SellersSeptember 29, 1843177Birth
Justin (Justinian) MayberrySeptember 29, 1831189Birth
John W McCaslinSeptember 29, 1829191Birth
Wilbur Anderson + Mildred Margaret LowrySeptember 29, 1918102Marriage
George A McCaslin + Sarah Frances EbrightSeptember 29, 1902118Marriage
Jacob Johnson + Jemima LattimoreSeptember 29, 1870150Marriage
Newton McCaslin + Martha Ann WilsonSeptember 29, 1825195Marriage
Carolyn ThurstonSeptember 30, 200911Death
Bernadine McCaslin (McCasland)September 30, 199723Death
Garrett William Fletcher (McCaslin)September 30, 199624Death
Roy Byron AllenSeptember 30, 198832Death
Lewis Robert ForresterSeptember 30, 194872Death
Harry WykoffSeptember 30, 194179Death
Mabel Christine TackettSeptember 30, 193189Birth
Bernice KeckSeptember 30, 1920100Birth
Russell B CurtsSeptember 30, 1917103Birth
James W UnderwoodSeptember 30, 1917103Death
Elizabeth Olive (Olive Elizabeth) McCaslinSeptember 30, 1910110Birth
Albert Luther McInvaleSeptember 30, 1902118Birth
Margaret A RoseberrySeptember 30, 1901119Death
Thomasine AllanSeptember 30, 1890130Birth
Aaron BennettSeptember 30, 1888132Death
Ira Emerson ParrSeptember 30, 1882138Birth
Albert Oliver OrrellSeptember 30, 1882138Birth
William Newton McClainSeptember 30, 1861159Birth
Robert M ListSeptember 30, 1858162Birth
Clay DevoreSeptember 30, 1851169Birth
Arden LaVern Nelson + Betty Jane HammondSeptember 30, 194575Marriage
Robert M List + Alpha BergenSeptember 30, 1886134Marriage
Jacob A Sheek + Martha E ChurchSeptember 30, 1874146Marriage
William T Vories (Voris) + Margaret WheatSeptember 30, 1852168Marriage
John B Dixon + Margaret WilsonSeptember 30, 1825195Marriage
Miriam WilsonOctober 198832Death
Charles Alva StonehouseOctober 198733Death
Marjorie V CarsonOctober 198733Death
John Deputy (Jay) McCaslinOctober 198337Death
George Dwight PettingerOctober 198040Death
Rose R VargaOctober 198040Death
Dwight ShireyOctober 197842Death
William Ernest (Buster) FletcherOctober 197842Death
Ida May MullendoreOctober 197743Death
Margery L (Margaret) LaubOctober 197743Death
Rosalie Winifred HutchesonOctober 197545Death
Henry Floyd GeibOctober 197050Death
Elba Lloyd (Babe) BraniginOctober 197050Death
Mark EastburnOctober 196753Death
James H WykoffOctober 195763Death
James Wallen Weddle (Weddel)October 193981Death
Grace W LawOctober 1909111Birth
Floyd J McAnallyabout October 1909111Birth
Adaline BridgesOctober 1899121Birth
Glen McQuinnOctober 1898122Birth
Charles (Charlie) MaxfieldOctober 1898122Birth
Mertie SmithOctober 1898122Birth
Raymond E BoeOctober 1898122Birth
Frank StaatsOctober 1897123Birth
Bertha KeeslingOctober 1897123Birth
Arthur GoodingOctober 1896124Birth
William C AmbergOctober 1896124Birth
Edward BridgesOctober 1896124Birth
Joseph HuddlestonOctober 1896124Birth
Henry A AdamsOctober 1895125Birth
Orle (?) WellsOctober 1895125Birth
Saul PoorOctober 1894126Birth
Anna Kathleen (Kathleen) SmizerOctober 1894126Birth
Ethel StaatsOctober 1893127Birth
Adah WaskomOctober 1893127Birth
Ruth LineberryOctober 1893127Birth
Bessie M MullendoreOctober 1891129Birth
Robert GoodingOctober 1891129Birth
Roscoe DickersonOctober 1891129Birth
Jettia Beshers (Beshears)October 1890130Birth
Lizzie McCauleyOctober 1890130Birth
Horace O PadgettOctober 1890130Birth
Ella B MenkOctober 1889131Birth
Neva J UtterbackOctober 1889131Birth
Charles TempleOctober 1889131Birth
Letha (Elithia) SchroederOctober 1889131Birth
Carl HuppOctober 1888132Birth
James H GrahamOctober 1888132Birth
Alice F McGuireOctober 1888132Birth
Luther WinghamOctober 1887133Birth
Lillie F Weddle (Weddel)October 1887133Birth
Harold V AmbergOctober 1886134Birth
Martha TempleOctober 1886134Birth
Adam WarfelOctober 1886134Birth
Jewel SpellmanOctober 1886134Birth
Lillie HockersmithOctober 1885135Birth
Jemima Beshers (Beshears)October 1885135Birth
William PeddieOctober 1884136Birth
Jessie FultonOctober 1884136Birth
Clem StodghillOctober 1883137Birth
Genevieve BrownOctober 1883137Birth
Grace E HunterOctober 1883137Birth
Hubert E CarlyleOctober 1882138Birth
Viola PoorOctober 1881139Birth
Edna TempleOctober 1881139Birth
Laura G MillerOctober 1880140Birth
America L (Linnie A) EckOctober 1880140Birth
Cecil V BurgeOctober 1879141Birth
Guy ConnollyOctober 1879141Birth
Harley FleetwoodOctober 1879141Birth
Bertha Jane DemareeOctober 1879141Birth
Josephine AustinOctober 1878142Birth
Minnie ShermanOctober 1877143Birth
Florence Bell SmithOctober 1877143Birth
Sylvia SpellmanOctober 1877143Birth
William AlexanderOctober 1876144Birth
Harry H FosterOctober 1876144Birth
Olive Susan (Ollie) HarringtonOctober 1876144Birth
Elizabeth (Bessie) HillOctober 1876144Birth
Sarah Elizabeth KearOctober 1876144Birth
Amezetta Z JohnsonOctober 1875145Birth
Minnie May StockdaleOctober 1875145Birth
Samuel B ParkOctober 1874146Birth
James Jacob (Jake) Tune (Toon)October 1874146Birth
Roy B LyonOctober 1874146Birth
Emma Kate VoorhiesOctober 1874146Birth
Frank Milton BeverlyOctober 1872148Birth
Olive J KeyserOctober 1872148Birth
Nancy Brooke (Nannie) DeputyOctober 1872148Birth
George N McConnellOctober 1870150Birth
Mevill LawOctober 1869151Birth
Fanny J MountzOctober 1869151Birth
Garett (Ferris G) HornerOctober 1869151Birth
Alice ?(Harvey)October 1867153Birth
Jennie HeatonOctober 1867153Birth
Mary D LemonOctober 1867153Birth
Charles Walker EdmundsonOctober 1866154Birth
Thomas BrownOctober 1865155Birth
Margaret LinnOctober 1865155Birth
Rebecca Adaline (Bessie) CraigOctober 1864156Birth
Thomas WilsonOctober 1862158Birth
William PangburnOctober 1862158Birth
Sarah LandrumOctober 1862158Birth
Mary Florence (Florence M) LambOctober 1862158Birth
Hester Ann MortonOctober 1862158Birth
Martha E DemossOctober 1861159Birth
Julin C StaatsOctober 1859161Birth
Samuel Wellsabout October 1859161Birth
Edna Josephine (Josie) PrineOctober 1858162Birth
Amanda Savannah (Mandy Or Manda) HemphillOctober 1858162Birth
Samuel A PattersonOctober 1857163Birth
Jefferson T DossOctober 1856164Death
Simon SokelOctober 1856164Birth
Nathan WinghamOctober 1855165Birth
Ada ?(Patterson)October 1855165Birth
Eli GilchristOctober 1854166Death
Vilinda C (Valinda or Valcida) ?(Hunter)October 1854166Birth
Leile McCaslinOctober 1854166Birth
Martha J ToonOctober 1853167Birth
Pleasant Miller HuddlestonOctober 1851169Birth
William Wood Gudgelabout October 1850170Birth
Sarah Elizabeth Emeline (Emily) CradduckOctober 1849171Birth
Sarah Elizabeth Emeline (Emily) CradduckOctober 1849171Birth
Rebecca Ervinabout October 1848172Birth
Ruby Ann Henrietta (Retta) LewisOctober 1848172Birth
Thomas FultonOctober 1847173Birth
Charles W CrusonOctober 1846174Birth
Mary E TraylorOctober 1846174Birth
Mary Elizabeth GudgelOctober 1845175Birth
W P HigleyOctober 1843177Birth
Osander K (Osie) RitcheyOctober 1841179Birth
Francis (Frank) HawleyOctober 1839181Birth
Winnie (Nancy) McCaslinOctober 1838182Birth
Laura A TolbertOctober 1837183Birth
Thomas Wesley WhiteOctober 1832188Birth
Charlotte DickersonOctober 1832188Birth
Lucius B EagerOctober 1824196Birth
Silas W BlizzardOctober 1819201Birth
Ann Carrie UnderwoodOctober 1, 199723Death
David Wayne McCaslinOctober 1, 199030Death
Verna Myrtie BishopOctober 1, 198238Death
Scott Joseph McCaslinOctober 1, 197149Birth
Scott Joseph McCaslinOctober 1, 197149Death
Abigale Zapora JarrellOctober 1, 197050Death
Marvin Vaughn ParkerOctober 1, 195565Death
Susan Adelaide DiblerOctober 1, 194476Death
Coleen Mozel LambertOctober 1, 192694Birth
Oliver (Ollie) Harry PorterOctober 1, 192496Death
William H HarrisonOctober 1, 1918102Death
Richard Nelson McCaslinOctober 1, 1904116Birth
Clarabel McCaslinOctober 1, 1898122Birth
Izora Hope LancasterOctober 1, 1896124Birth
Hattie (Harriet H) DemareeOctober 1, 1875145Birth
Nancy Ella (Ella) SnodgrassOctober 1, 1855165Birth
Serril WinchesterOctober 1, 1854166Death
William G GudgelOctober 1, 1827193Birth
Lucinda St JohnOctober 1, 1814206Birth
Jordan WinchesterOctober 1, 1805215Birth
Thomas CarrOctober 1, 1802218Birth
Henry Arthur Lenhart + Jane Mary CortOctober 1905115Marriage
Elvin Boyd McCaslin + Gloria J TilleryOctober 1, 198733Marriage
Joseph Marion Boyles + Florence CarrollOctober 1, 1885135Marriage
George Robert White + Mary FrakerOctober 1, 1856164Marriage
Elvin Boyd McCaslinOctober 2, 200911Death
Alton Howard McCaslinOctober 2, 200218Death
Clara Mildred StullOctober 2, 197842Death
Herbert H BakerOctober 2, 197545Death
Aud DaughertyOctober 2, 196555Death
Gary Gene McCaslinOctober 2, 194872Birth
Alpha (Allie) BerryOctober 2, 194179Death
Bertha Jane McCasling (McCaslin)October 2, 193090Death
Marion Moncrief (Muncrief)October 2, 193090Birth
William Sneed NobleOctober 2, 192595Death
John F BeshersOctober 2, 1916104Birth
Reva Fern BeshersOctober 2, 1911109Birth
Caroline Matilta Duppre (Dupree)October 2, 1906114Birth
Emily ShepherdOctober 2, 1881139Death
Odes A HemphillOctober 2, 1870150Birth
Catherine AlexanderOctober 2, 1870150Death
Mary Jane AtwellOctober 2, 1869151Birth
Anna Clevengerafter October 2, 1869151Death
Robert Lee SutcliffeOctober 2, 1862158Birth
Amanda J McCaslin (McCasland)October 2, 1861159Death
Ida B McCaslinOctober 2, 1859161Birth
Uriah WilkinsOctober 2, 1853167Death
Elisabeth GouldOctober 2, 1853167Death
Elizabeth ThomasOctober 2, 1850170Death
Sarah E McColloughOctober 2, 1843177Death
William D HutchisonOctober 2, 1813207Birth
Floyd Curts + Marie DundonOctober 2, 1917103Marriage
William C Bull + Myrtle (Myrtie) BarnesOctober 2, 1910110Marriage
Isaiah Chamberlain + Mary E NicholsOctober 2, 1881139Marriage
David Serril McCaslin + Harriette Barrett StudleyOctober 2, 1878142Marriage
Roderick Temple + Mary LeeOctober 2, 1817203Marriage
Velma Loree JohnsonOctober 3, 201010Death
Lenford William (Len) PriceOctober 3, 200317Death
Fayette WilsonOctober 3, 198832Death
Clifton HardinOctober 3, 198436Death
Paul G AustinOctober 3, 196951Death
Lewis Albert OrrellOctober 3, 196456Death
James Gwinn JonesOctober 3, 195268Birth
Judy Paulette McCaslinOctober 3, 194971Birth
Ella Mae HayesOctober 3, 194080Death
Wilmina Laura EdwardsOctober 3, 193189Birth
Mary Elizabeth EbrightOctober 3, 193189Death
Morton (Mort) McClelland (McClellan)October 3, 192892Death
Joan Ardell (Joanne) CooleyOctober 3, 192892Birth
Vanie BrownOctober 3, 192496Birth
Carrie Estella ClarkOctober 3, 192397Death
Leonard Ray MasonOctober 3, 1914106Birth
Ina CornellOctober 3, 1911109Birth
Benjamin W ShepherdOctober 3, 1907113Death
Clara Mae AllenOctober 3, 1901119Birth
Jessie Hazel WinghamOctober 3, 1898122Birth
Amy Stroup (Strop)October 3, 1897123Birth
James Jeremiah (Jerry Marr) AllenOctober 3, 1891129Birth
Mary Bell (Maimie) OrrellOctober 3, 1888132Death
Elmore (Elmer) VandivierOctober 3, 1872148Birth
Viola Naoma (Naomi Viola) McCaslinOctober 3, 1864156Birth
Thomas Franklin (Frank) GroveOctober 3, 1862158Birth
John Valentine LaneOctober 3, 1861159Birth
Alonzo W ByersOctober 3, 1853167Birth
Theressa Jane RitchieOctober 3, 1841179Birth
Clinton R SmithOctober 3, 1838182Birth
Susan BallardOctober 3, 1834186Birth
Esther RitcheyOctober 3, 1823197Death
Peter John BantaOctober 3, 1821199Birth
Margaret Garett DitmarsOctober 3, 1820200Birth
Ezra Wosson McCaslin + Lillian B CramerOctober 3, 1894126Marriage
Luther Elmer Sellers + Lillian Elizabeth SimmonsOctober 3, 1894126Marriage
Joseph Rusaw Mathis + Jennette Frances Caroline (Nettie) GermanOctober 3, 1886134Marriage
John M Williams + Lillie S WilliamsOctober 3, 1886134Marriage
Kit McKean + Laura A JohnsonOctober 3, 1882138Marriage
John Valentine Lane + Matilda Evaline ElkinsOctober 3, 1880140Marriage
Chauncy L VanNuys + Anna PowersOctober 3, 1877143Marriage
Jesse Young Demaree + Margaret Ann WinchesterOctober 3, 1872148Marriage
Hugh Collins Snodgrass + Lida Ann (Eliza) GrayOctober 3, 1867153Marriage
John F Taylor + Mary E (Ella) Rigginsafter October 3, 1864156Marriage
John Oscar Proebstel + Angeline Lois CampbellOctober 3, 1853167Marriage
Walter Carson Lattimore + Jane McGannonOctober 3, 1827193Marriage
Effie Mabel LangworthyOctober 4, 200317Death
Pauline Anna PaddenOctober 4, 199525Death
Raymond Elmore CollierOctober 4, 198931Death
Isabelle KinnamanOctober 4, 198040Death
Richard ScafeOctober 4, 197941Death
Ralph L WykoffOctober 4, 197644Death
Ralph MarlingOctober 4, 196654Death
Lockey Olivia ShepherdOctober 4, 195466Death
John David (David) McCaslinOctober 4, 194971Death
Clement L PettyOctober 4, 194773Death
Viola Naoma (Naomi Viola) McCaslinOctober 4, 194575Death
John F RobinsonOctober 4, 194476Death
James Edward VanNuysOctober 4, 194080Death
Robert Emmett McCaslinOctober 4, 194080Death
Harold Lloyd McCaslinOctober 4, 193783Birth
William Baxter McColloughOctober 4, 193585Death
Harriet C ShepherdOctober 4, 1916104Death
Thomas Jefferson DoddsOctober 4, 1914106Death
Ann Maria StevensOctober 4, 1906114Death
Lorene Lilly McCaslin (McCasland)October 4, 1902118Birth
Frederic A (Fred) HemphillOctober 4, 1900120Birth
Davida (Vida) McCaslinOctober 4, 1885135Birth
Myrtie Idela ClarkeOctober 4, 1874146Birth
Jesse StroupOctober 4, 1873147Birth
Gara DavisOctober 4, 1866154Death
William Chalmers CovertOctober 4, 1864156Birth
Milton David McCaslinOctober 4, 1861159Birth
Melvina Minerva (Minerva Melvina) McCaslinOctober 4, 1860160Birth
William S DitmarsOctober 4, 1857163Birth
John Carl HobaughOctober 4, 1855165Birth
Sarah M ByersOctober 4, 1848172Birth
Richard Thomas Henry (Thomas H) McCaslinOctober 4, 1826194Birth
Richard McCaslinOctober 4, 1793227Birth
James William McCaslin + Alice J (Josie) PropestOctober 4, 192595Marriage
John Herbert Alden + Margery L (Margaret) LaubOctober 4, 192496Marriage
Robert John McCleary + Martha BowenOctober 4, 1866154Marriage