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This all started with two David Wason McCaslins, born within two years of each other in Kentucky, sons of two brothers, David Wasson and Richard McCaslin. Earlier researchers had combined them into one person, but the data didn't look right to me, and I started this tree to figure out whose children they were.

Its grown mightily from there, now being the ambitious attempt to identify all the children of an unknown McCaslin (probably Richard or Robert) and Margaret Wasson of Pennsylvania circa 1760. Many of these McCaslins spent a good share of their lives in Indiana, although I also document their children who moved on west and related family lines originating in the East.

Related researchers are authorized to use any or all of the publicly available information from any of the webpages on this website for their own personal use. Usage of the information on this website for any commercial purpose, to include collection, compilation or publication, is NOT authorized without prior written permission, which may be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

This is not a finished project; there's a lot more research to do, and it will continue to grow.

Please contact me if you would like to contribute. Additions and corrections will be much appreciated.

Lois Johnson

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On this day
William B McCaslinMay 26, 200715Death
Beryl B VanLooMay 26, 198339Death
George Newton (Newton George) McCaslin (McCasland)May 26, 196755Death
Mary VossMay 26, 195468Death
Benjamin JenkinsonMay 26, 192993Death
Nancy Elizabeth LaneMay 26, 1918104Death
Nancy Elizabeth SerattMay 26, 1918104Death
John SuleMay 26, 1903119Birth
Charles Lloyd MorphetMay 26, 1891131Birth
Josephine (Josie) BlackketterMay 26, 1875147Birth
Eugene Eldridge CanantMay 26, 1873149Birth
Effie Jane CrowellMay 26, 1868154Birth
James Mason KeithMay 26, 1859163Birth
Conrad WaltersMay 26, 1858164Death
Nancy Margaret WinchesterMay 26, 1851171Birth
Joshua ClevengerMay 26, 1823199Birth
Abigail EmersonMay 26, 1757265Death
Virgil Leon White + Elizabeth ColeMay 26, 193587Marriage
Riley Tullis + Grace IliffMay 26, 1901121Marriage
John Hervey VanNuys + Emily Alice NorthupMay 26, 1874148Marriage
George W Butler + Rachel Elzora (Ella) McCaslin (McCasland)May 26, 1866156Marriage
Upcoming events
Helen Elizabeth McCaslinMay 27, 198537Death
Clarence Leroy SummersMay 27, 197052Death
Charles Lattimore CarsonMay 27, 196161Death
Charles Wesley DeputyMay 27, 194577Death
John Samuel DemareeMay 27, 193686Death
Sarah Laura PengraMay 27, 193290Death
Wallace Henry SmithMay 27, 193092Birth
Suzanne DePrezMay 27, 192399Birth
William Hardy CloseMay 27, 1909113Death
Peter Gasley CovertMay 27, 1907115Death
Joseph Glen HunterMay 27, 1905117Birth
Lydia Ann SmallMay 27, 1899123Death
Elizabeth Gladys DundonMay 27, 1895127Birth
Frederic Dill BrownMay 27, 1878144Birth
Anna M McCartyMay 27, 1877145Birth
Mary Jane (Mamie) HunterMay 27, 1872150Birth
Polly Ann LangMay 27, 1857165Death
Rachel Anna (Anna Rachel) ListMay 27, 1850172Birth
Albert Henry Smith Thomson (Thompson)May 27, 1845177Birth
Polly Ann LangMay 27, 1840182Birth
Mary Ellen McCaslinMay 27, 1836186Birth
Caleb Bean Tarlton (Tarleton)May 27, 1827195Birth
Esther RitcheyMay 27, 1802220Birth
Herman Harry Witt + Beulah Mae HolcombMay 27, 195666Marriage
Clinton (Richard C) Poplin + Gladys (Mary G) DavisMay 27, 192993Marriage
Rosalie JonesMay 28, 198735Death
Verda V BurrMay 28, 198438Death
William Duane MullisMay 28, 194775Birth
William PoorMay 28, 192696Birth
Phyllis ThomasMay 28, 1921101Birth
Marion Albert HemphillMay 28, 1919103Death
Alvin Lee KuiperMay 28, 1913109Birth
Cornelius D VanNuysMay 28, 1909113Death
Howard JamesMay 28, 1907115Death
Floyd Kenneth ElkinsMay 28, 1906116Birth
Hunter WinchesterMay 28, 1896126Birth
William Eugene KnaggsMay 28, 1890132Birth
Jack A DarnoldMay 28, 1890132Birth
Christine McCaslinMay 28, 1881141Birth
Harry Elsworth HemphillMay 28, 1877145Birth
John Wesley KimesMay 28, 1869153Birth
Wiley Lester (Walter) KimbleMay 28, 1850172Birth
Chelsey Loyd VestMay 28, 1784238Birth
Henry Floyd Geib + Adelaide McCaslinMay 28, 192894Marriage
William R Johnson + Anna CaplingerMay 28, 1885137Marriage
Charles Edward MitchellMay 29, 200814Death
Ray Urban BishopMay 29, 199131Death
John Ditmars LuysterMay 29, 197745Death
Martha Ruth (Ruth) ParkMay 29, 197151Death
Lillie Erminnia McCaslin (McCasland)May 29, 196755Death
Edgar N WoodsMay 29, 195963Death
Rose M ?(Parr)May 29, 195468Death
Inez Odette StricklingMay 29, 195369Death
Paul BlackketterMay 29, 193488Birth
Paul BlackketterMay 29, 193488Death
Andrew J ErwinMay 29, 1921101Death
Euphrosyne B (Bert) McCaslinMay 29, 1921101Death
Germanus Monnie WalshMay 29, 1921101Birth
Henry ForesterMay 29, 1908114Birth
Grace Hazel LaneMay 29, 1907115Birth
Joseph HunterMay 29, 1906116Death
Dwight ShireyMay 29, 1903119Birth
Andrew Jackson LambMay 29, 1903119Death
Mary DipperMay 29, 1896126Birth
Robert Carey SellersMay 29, 1895127Birth
Edward Joseph Ghouri (Ghory)May 29, 1885137Birth
Oliver Bowers HardyMay 29, 1878144Death
Daniel Albert MillerMay 29, 1877145Birth
Lila StaffordMay 29, 1874148Death
Jemima CollingsMay 29, 1855167Death
Andrew KinnearMay 29, 1849173Death
Samuel Miller + Hessy Jane (Kessy) McCaslin (McCasland)May 29, 1851171Marriage
Ronald Orson RoseMay 30, 198042Death
Albert Allen McCaslinMay 30, 194379Death
Harold Leonard CockrellMay 30, 1919103Birth
Carrie May GentryMay 30, 1910112Birth
Caleb Bean Tarlton (Tarleton)May 30, 1909113Death
Jeremiah (Jerry) O'ConnerMay 30, 1898124Death
Catherine ListMay 30, 1890132Death
Joseph Morton McCaslin (McCasland)May 30, 1866156Birth
Mary McCaslinMay 30, 1861161Death
daughter RitchieMay 30, 1841181Birth
Ann Maria StevensMay 30, 1833189Birth
Mahala RiceMay 30, 1827195Birth
Reuben Nay + Mary (Polly) ParkhurstMay 30, 1846176Marriage
John Miller + Jane SmithMay 30, 1789233Marriage
Arden LaVern NelsonMay 31, 200814Death
Gerald HaslerMay 31, 199626Death
Thomas Rue HendricksMay 31, 197448Death
Merle J HustonMay 31, 197052Death
Mabel McCaslinMay 31, 192894Death
Katherine May HamiltonMay 31, 192894Birth
Eliza Jane WinchesterMay 31, 1915107Death
Jacqueline D BakerMay 31, 1912110Birth
Earl M SchloesserMay 31, 1908114Birth
Edna HemphillMay 31, 1897125Birth
Frederick Shipp DiblerMay 31, 1876146Birth
Lillian May (Lily) CarrMay 31, 1876146Birth
Sylvia Blanch McCaslinMay 31, 1873149Birth
Catherine (Katie) FulkesMay 31, 1872150Birth
Mary E ClineMay 31, 1869153Death
John D ListMay 31, 1866156Death
Florence RitchieMay 31, 1851171Death
Thomas AlexanderMay 31, 1844178Death
daughter RitchieMay 31, 1841181Death
Malissa Ann WinchesterMay 31, 1837185Birth
Francis Marion (Frank) Cradduck + Mary Maude MontgomeryMay 31, 1913109Marriage
Benjamin Franklin Kallenbrink + Ada CathellMay 31, 1906116Marriage
Richard Townley Osborn + Mary Alice McCaslinMay 31, 1877145Marriage
James M BirkettJune 198636Death
Carroll Dewayne FletcherJune 198537Death
Herman RomineJune 198240Death
Roland Edward MillerJune 198042Death
Trevelia (Tregie) McCaslinJune 198042Death
Janie Mae MorrisJune 197844Death
George T McClelland (McClellan)June 197745Death
Thomasine AllanJune 197646Death
Dorothy Ann MuellerJune 197448Death
Lottie E McCartyJune 197250Death
Alonzo Troutman RecordsJune 196854Death
Harrison EastburnJune 196854Death
John BaumJune 196656Death
Edward Everment BronsonJune 196557Death
Ross L CampbellJune 196260Death
Ray WaltzJune 194676Death
Richard Gilbert Petersonabout June 194478Birth
Cortez Wesley Randolph Clinebefore June 192498Death
Ernest Majorabout June 1919103Birth
Dora Lee Blakeabout June 1915107Birth
Madge KinnamanJune 1910112Death
Alice Freida Clineabout June 1908114Birth
Sophronia Isabella HannaJune 1900122Death
John SnodgrassJune 1899123Birth
William D (Guy) BridgesJune 1899123Birth
Frances Faye BrownJune 1898124Birth
John D ParkJune 1898124Birth
Dena SellersJune 1898124Birth
Horace T McPhetridgeJune 1897125Birth
Lydda (Liddie) A ParrJune 1896126Birth
Emma V BoeJune 1896126Birth
Elijah Griffithbefore June 1895127Death
Harry Griffithbefore June 1895127Birth
Jeanette ShireyJune 1894128Birth
Edith TompkinsJune 1894128Birth
Pauline BakerJune 1894128Birth
Sarah Ethel LangworthyJune 1894128Birth
Ralph PeddieJune 1892130Birth
David B ParrJune 1892130Birth
George WalkJune 1892130Birth
Charley BeverlinJune 1891131Birth
Wade Herbert NortonJune 1890132Birth
Rose SkaggsJune 1890132Birth
Clarence TompkinsJune 1890132Birth
Clyde BuntinJune 1890132Birth
George J CarlyleJune 1890132Birth
Edward DaughertyJune 1889133Birth
Walter J DoddsJune 1889133Birth
Albert J StaatsJune 1888134Birth
Sadie E BartonJune 1888134Birth
Altis FryJune 1887135Birth
Bertha ClerkinJune 1887135Birth
Anna McCaffreyJune 1887135Birth
William KeleherJune 1886136Birth
Lizzie McKeanJune 1886136Birth
Lena SwanJune 1885137Birth
Lyda E (Eliza) BurgeJune 1885137Birth
Pauline SokelJune 1885137Birth
Pamela W ThompsonJune 1885137Birth
John William HutchesonJune 1884138Death
Lizzie HuddlestonJune 1884138Birth
Eva CrutchfieldJune 1884138Birth
Lillian DitmarsJune 1884138Birth
Nora BrownJune 1883139Birth
Frederick N. ThurstonJune 1883139Birth
Arthur J AmbergJune 1882140Birth
Lula F CoverJune 1880142Birth
Phillip L WithrowJune 1880142Birth
Richard A HummelJune 1880142Birth
Taylor Roscoe WoodsJune 1879143Birth
Effie WhiteJune 1878144Birth
Mary E SwinfordJune 1878144Birth
Flora DeputyJune 1878144Birth
Maud HomelJune 1877145Birth
Ira W DickersonJune 1874148Birth
Louisa HendricksJune 1874148Birth
Alice Lee MurrellJune 1874148Birth
Julia A KiddJune 1873149Birth
Mary Lucinda GueJune 1873149Birth
Cora WhiteJune 1872150Birth
Laura StongeJune 1872150Birth
Laura Elizabeth GoodmanJune 1871151Birth
Cora E AdamsJune 1871151Birth
Mary S AdamsJune 1869153Birth
Susan Malinda (Sue) SpiresJune 1868154Birth
Carrie MillerJune 1868154Birth
Jeannette (Nettie) EvansJune 1866156Birth
Carrie Everetta KlineJune 1866156Birth
William Thomas BrainJune 1865157Birth
Edward ListJune 1865157Birth
George G SchroederJune 1865157Birth
John V SpearsJune 1864158Birth
James SkaggsJune 1864158Birth
Ella J HunterJune 1864158Birth
Judson J DevoreJune 1862160Birth
Charles E ThaerigenJune 1862160Birth
Edwin LymanJune 1862160Birth
Cyrus N AmickJune 1861161Birth
William HigusJune 1860162Birth
Enis E Hemphillabout June 1860162Birth
William C.S. Winchesterabout June 1860162Birth
Margaret M HullJune 1860162Birth
Sarah A ?(Russell)June 1860162Birth
John Clarence ValentineJune 1859163Birth
George W WaldonJune 1858164Birth
Henry RiceJune 1855167Birth
William Baxter McClelland (McClellan)June 1854168Birth
William Allan (Allan) TompkinsJune 1854168Birth
Anna ?(Whittlesey)June 1854168Birth
Henry Arthur GreenJune 1853169Birth
Bertha StokesJune 1853169Birth
Andrew NordinJune 1852170Birth
Catharine Cornelia McCaslin (McCasland)June 1852170Birth
William Isaac MillerJune 1849173Birth
Julia L DickersonJune 1849173Birth
Metta M B ?(Reeder)June 1843179Birth
William WilsonJune 1843179Birth
Maggie EllisJune 1843179Birth
Benjamin Franklin MeadJune 1842180Birth
Rachel BantaJune 1842180Death
Esther DickersonJune 1842180Birth
Isaac Newton FosterJune 1841181Birth
William H McQuinnJune 1841181Birth
Lizzie A (Elizabeth) GrahamJune 1839183Birth
Nathaniel (Nathan) KinnamanJune 1838184Birth
Thomas J HuntJune 1837185Birth
Margaret Mary ?(Fish)June 1837185Birth
Augusta HarteJune 1835187Birth
Margaret KernsJune 1833189Birth
William R CaveJune 1831191Birth
Elizabeth TurnerJune 1828194Birth
Maria Olive BrownJune 1827195Birth
Maria McCaulayJune 1826196Birth
Albert Voris (Voorhies)June 1825197Death
Elizabeth Cerilda (Zerelda) SnodgrassJune 1820202Birth
Galen Decatur HardyJune 1817205Birth
Daniel Demareebefore June 1780242Death
Cecil Jacob (Jake) CalvertJune 1, 199131Death
Elmeth Vinton (Mike) RoseberryJune 1, 199032Death
Robert Kendall BrownJune 1, 198933Death
J Clark SnyderJune 1, 198636Death
Leo Dennis ClerkinJune 1, 196458Death
Nettie C (Jeanette Clara, Jennie) McCaslin (McCasland)June 1, 195765Death
Frances MurnanJune 1, 193290Death
Jack Calvin HaleJune 1, 192993Birth
Caroline ByersJune 1, 192894Death
Paul Edward McCaslinJune 1, 1922100Birth
Mary Ellen (Ellen M) LattimoreJune 1, 1913109Death
Roy Walter MullinixJune 1, 1912110Birth
Rachel PaMelia BennettJune 1, 1904118Death
Infant McCaslinbefore June 1, 1900122Death
Mary E OgleJune 1, 1891131Birth
Grace Moore WykoffJune 1, 1890132Birth
Stephen RiceJune 1, 1882140Death
Melissa (Margaret Melissa) Winchesterbefore June 1, 1880142Death
Mary ?(Bailey)June 1, 1879143Death
Bert Patterson (Reuben P) McCaslinJune 1, 1866156Birth
Harriet L WinchesterJune 1, 1864158Death
Margaret Jane McCaslinJune 1, 1860162Death
Mary Ellen (Ellen M) LattimoreJune 1, 1832190Birth
Darby Kelly ElkinsJune 1, 1810212Birth
George L Alexander + Minnie ShermanJune 1909113Marriage
Hiram Willard White + Sarah MathewsJune 1876146Marriage
Austin A Iliff + Edna May ReedJune 1, 192795Marriage
Lee Holliday Wykoff + Juanita BensonJune 1, 192399Marriage
Arthur C Dundon + Ethel C SommersJune 1, 1912110Marriage
Eugene Henry VanLoo + Grace Mary BeverlyJune 1, 1898124Marriage
Jerome Flanders + Florence W HaughtonJune 1, 1884138Marriage
George Washington Taft + Sophia Ann MowerJune 1, 1843179Marriage
Thomas N BeshersJune 2, 198933Death
Jasper N HunterJune 2, 193488Death
Robert Heywood BarrJune 2, 193191Birth
William Duncan WoodworthJune 2, 1914108Death
Ella M SibertJune 2, 1901121Death
Edna Ruth CollinsJune 2, 1898124Birth
Samuel Fletcher BibbJune 2, 1891131Birth
Martha Jane AlexanderJune 2, 1889133Death
Sarah Melvina McCaslinJune 2, 1869153Birth
Louisa A HuntingtonJune 2, 1849173Death
Francis Marion TempleJune 2, 1830192Birth
Mary E ClineJune 2, 1825197Birth
Sarah McNeeleyJune 2, 1799223Birth
Walter CarsonJune 2, 1791231Birth
Daniel DemareeJune 2, 1780242Birth
Frank Milton Beverly + Daisey ThurmanJune 2, 1909113Marriage
Robert Brown + Betsy (Elizabeth A) McCaslinJune 2, 1825197Marriage