Indiana McCaslins

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In the 1920 US Federal Census for Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, 48-year-old Missouri-born Olive R Whalen is head of a household which contains her Indiana-born children, 23-year-old Clinton, 17-year-old Roy, 14-year-old Lena, 11-year-old Elsie and 7-year-old Merle, and a roomer, 21-year-old Kentucky-born Claude Vail. This household is living at 416 East Street in a rented house. The only person with an occupation is Claude who is a welder. Olive's husband Lewis is missing although Olive is recorded a being married. Lena, Elsie and Merle have attended school in the past year. Everyone can read and write, except Merle who can read but not write. Olive's parents were born in the United States; the children's father was born in Indiana and their mother in Missouri; Claude's parents were born in Kentucky.
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Elsie Whalen
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