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On 20 Oct 1923, 22-year-old Michigan-born Edwin David and 18-year-old Michigan-born Mildred Rollo are married in Detroit, Michigan by B. C. Lacer (Priest). Alfred David and Margaret Petz, both of Detroit, Michigan are the witnesses to the marriage. Both Edwin and Mildred are residents of Detroit, Michigan. Edwin is a 'polisher". His parents are Peter David and Catherine Crozier. Mildred is a clerk. Her parents are Joseph Rollo and Mary Rosenko. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, 26-year-old Michigan-born Elwin [sic] and his 23-year-old Michigan-born wife Mildred E [Rollo] David were married when he was 19- and she was 16-years old. They have in their household their Michigan-born children, 5-year-old Betty [sic] J [she will be six years old in a month] 4-year 9-month old Bruce M, 3-year one-month old David J and 1-year 10=month old Ivan J. Also living with them is Edwin's brother 23-year-old Michigan-born Peter J David. This household is living at 333 South Ashland Avenue in a rented house, for which Edwin pays $35 a month rent. They have a radio. Edwin, Mildred and Peter can read, write and speak English. Bette has attended school in the past year. Edwin has the only job in the family as he is a metal buffer in an automobile factory and has wored on the last regularly scheduled work day. Neither Edwin nor Peter has served in the military. Edwin and Peter's father was born in Michigan and their mother in French Canada; Mildred's father was born in Scotland and her mother in Michigan; the children's parents were born in Michigan. In the 1940 US Federal Census for Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, 59-year-old Canada-born widow Kate [sic] [Crozier] David is head of a household containing two of her Michigan-born children, 36-year old widower Edwin David and 30-year-old married Marie [David] Baldwin, and Edwin's Michigan-born children, 16-year-old Betty [sic] Jane, 14-year-old Bruce, 12-year-old David, 11-year-old Ivan and 9-year old Patricia. This family is living in a rented house at 3415 Belvidere Ave. They were living in the same place [Detroit, Wayne, Michigan] in 1935. Kate has completed sixth grade, Edwin has completed one year of high school, Marie has completed two years of high school, Bette Jane has completed one year of high school, Bruce has completed eighth grade, David has completed sixth grade, Ivan has completed fifth grade, and Patricia has completed third grade. The only person to have a job is Edwin who is a metal polisher ("auto manufacturing"). He worked forty hours in the week of 24-30 Mar 1940, and 29 weeks of the past year. He has earned $870 in wages or salary. No one has a source of income other than wages or salary.
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Edwin David
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