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In the 1900 US Federal Census for Township 16, Creek Nation, Indian Territory, 52-year-old Illinois-born farmer Thomas and his 54-year-old Illinois-born wife Mahulda [Drew] Fulton have been married 32-years. Mahulda has borne nine children and all are living. The Illinois-born children who are living with them are 22-year-old farm laborer Walter, 20 year old farm laborer Charlie W, 18-year-old twins, farm laborer Chesley E and Edith, and 15-year-old Jessie. Also in this household are two Missouri-born granddaughters, 12-year-old Pearl M and 8-year-old Addie M, whose last name is recorded as Fulton. This is incorrect as they are the children of Thomas and Mahulda's daughter, Mary Elizabeth Fulton Pittman per note on the census on by a descendent. Thomas is farming rented land. Everyone can read, write and speak English [sic]. Everyone's parents were born in Illinois. In the 1910 US Federal Census for Peggs, Cherokee, Oklahoma, 64-year-old Illinois-born Mahulda [Drew] Fulton [transcribed Futton] is head of a household, which includes two of her nine children, all of whom are living. These two Illinois-born children are 30-year-old Charley [sic] and 28-year-old Chesley. Also in this household is Charley's 17-year-old Arkansas-born wife, Dennie [sic Mary Adana Lane] Fulton. Charley and Danie have been married less than a year. Mahulda is listed as renting the land that her sons are farming as her employees. Mahulda is illiterate. Charley, Chesley and Danie are literate. Everyone can speak English. Mahulda's, Charley's and Chesley's parents were born in Illinios. Danie's parents were born in Arkansas. On 12 Sep 1918, when 36-year-old Chesley Ugene [sic] Fulton registers for the WWI draft, he states that his permanent residence is RFD 1, Wagoner, Wagoner, Oklahoma, that he was born 13 Apr 1882, and he is a white native born citizen. He is a self-employed farmer, farming at RFD1, Wagoner, Wagoner, Oklahoma, and that his nearest relative is his wife, Jennie Fulton of the same address. His description is medium height and build with blue eyes and light hair. He has no disabling injuries. In the 1920 US Federal Census for Creek, Wagoner, Oklahoma, 37-year-old Illinois-born Chesley E and his 24-year-old Arkansas-born wife Gennie [sic] [Jennie Dean Lane] Fulton have in their household their Oklahoma-born children, 7-year-old Wardy T, 4-year 4-month old James J, 2-year 11-month old Hellen [sic] V and 6-month old Vera V. Wardy has attended school in the past year. Chesley and Jennie can read, write and speak English. Chesley is doing "general farming" on rented land. Chesley's parents were born in Illinois; Jennie's parents were born in Arkansas; the children's father was born in Illinois and their mother in Arkansas. Chesley E Fulton, born 13 Apr 1882 in Moultrie County, Illinois, died 18 Dec 1958 in Wagoner, Wagoner, Oklahoma and was buried in Elmwood Cemetery.
Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Chesley Eugene Fulton
April 13, 1882136, Moultrie, Illinois9December 18, 19585976Wagoner, Wagoner, OklahomaJune 19, 2011 - 5:00:00 a.m.