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In the 1840 US Federal Census for Mountain, Crawford, Arkansas, Richard McCaslin has in his household two males under 5 years (William and Robert), one male between 30 and 40 (himself), one female under 5 years, and one female between 20 and 30 (his wife Mahalia). Richard is living near his brother David as they are recorded on the same census page. In the 1850 US Federal Census for LaFayette, Crawford, Arkansas, 49-year-old Kentucky-born farmer Richard McCaslin has no real estate of value. He and his 37-year-old Kentucky-born wife Matilda [sic] have in their household their Arkansas-born children 13-year-old William, 11-year-old Robert, 9-year-old Mary, 7-year-old Spicy [transcribed as Nancy], 4-year-old Elizabeth, and 2-year-old Richard. Also living in this household is David Harrow, a 27-year-old Arkansas-born blacksmith. Robert McCaslin marries Letha (Lethey) Ann Nordin about 1854. No record of their marriage has been found, but their first child, Spicy Ann, was born in abt 1855. A second child, Alexander, was born in abt 1856. Their third child, Fanny was born abt 1866 [sic-she was probably born in 1865, conceived when Robert was home on furlough in Aug 1864] On 25 Jun 1862, Robert McCaslin enlisted in Company D, 1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment. His rank was Private First Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, a Brief History with Annotations Organized at Cassville and Springfield, Missouri, June to August, 1862. Mustered in at Springfield, Missouri, August 7, 1862. Attached to District of Southwest Missouri June to October, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of the Frontier, Dept. of Missouri, to December, 1862. Unattached Army of the Frontier, Dept. Missouri, to June, 1863. District Southwest Missouri, Dept, Missouri, to June, 1864. 3rd Brigade, Frontier Division, 7th Army Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to February, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 7th Army Corps, Dept. Arkansas, February, 1865. 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 7th Army Corps, Dept. Arkansas, to August, 1865. SERVICE 1862-1865 1862 Regiment organizing at Cassville, Missouri, till July 1, 1862. Moved to Springfield, Missouri, July 1. [Robert McCaslin, 24-years old, 5 feet 10 inches, dark complexion, black eyes and hair, born at Fort Gibson, Cherokee Nation, enlisted on 25 June 1862 in Crawford, mustered in to service as a private for a period of three years on 3 July 1862 by Lt. Col. Willis at Springfield, Missouri.] [From 3 July to December 31, 1862, Robert McCaslin was present with his company.] Schofield's Campaign in Missouri and Arkansas August to December. 1st Battalion with Gen. Blunt and engaged near Newtonia September 15. Skirmish at Cassville September 21. Near Newtonia October 13 (1st Battalion). 2nd Battalion joins Army of the Frontier October 3. 1st and 2nd Battalions lead advance of Army during October. Stationed at Elkhorn Tavern and Cassville October 20 as outpost for 2nd and 3rd Divisions, Army Frontier. Huntsville November 5. Yocum Creek, Missouri, November 15 (3 cos.). 3rd Battalion join November 11 to December 3. Moved to join Gen. Blunt December 3-5. Illinois Creek December 7. Battle of Prairie Grove December 7. Middletown December 9. Expedition from Fayetteville to Huntsville, Arkansas, December 21-23. 1863 [January and February 1863, Robert McCaslin was present with his company.] Duty at Fayetteville, Arkansas, to April 25, 1863. Defence of Springfield, Missouri, January 8, 1863 (Detachment.) Carrollton January 10. Expedition from Fayetteville to Huntsville, Arkansas, December 21-23. Duty at Fayetteville, Arkansas, to April 25, 1863. Expedition from Fayetteville to Van Buren January 23-37. Pope County January 25. Skirmishes at Vine Prairie, on White Oak River, and near mouth of Mulberry River, February 2-3. Skirmish, Pope County, February 5 (Detachment). Scout from Fayetteville to Arkansas River February 5-12. Threlkeld's Ferry February 6. Near Van Buren February 10. Arkadelphia February 15 (Detachment). [March and April 1863, Robert McCaslin was on detached service as a spy in Arkansas.] White River March 6. Frog Bayou March 19. Washington and near White River March 22. Scouts from Fayetteville March 29-April 5. Cross Hollows March 30. Skirmishes in Carroll County, Missouri, April 4 (Companies "H" and "L"). [Robert McCaslin is recorded as present on a "Special Muster Roll" on 12 April 1863.] White River April 9. Cabell's attack on Fayetteville April 18. Moved to Springfield, Missouri, April 25-May 4. Elm Springs April 26. [May and June 1863, Robert McCaslin was on detached service as a spy in Arkansas.] Duty at Springfield and Cassville till September, 1863. Skirmishes at Fayetteville June 4 and 15. Madison June 25. Near Cross Hollows July --. [July and August 1863, Robert McCaslin was on detached service as spy in Arkansas.] Cassville July 4. Near Elm Springs July 30. Pineville August 13. Washington August 30. [September and October 1863, Robert McCaslin was present with his company] Near Maysville Spetember 5. Expedition from Springfield, Missouri, into Arkansas and Indian Territory September 7-19. Near Enterprise September 15. Operations against Shelby's Raid into Arkansas and Missouri September 22-October 21. Reoccupation of Fayetteville September 22, and stationed there till February, 1865. Cassville, Missouri, September 26, 1863. Demonstration on Fayetteville October 11-14. Cross Timbers October 15. Deer Creek October 16 (Detachment). Buffalo Mountain and Harrisonville October 24. Johnson County, Arkansas, October 26. [November and December 1863, Robert McCaslin was present with his company] Expedition to Frog Bayou, Arkansas, November 7-13. Near Huntsville November 9. Near Kingston November 10. Mt. Ida November 12. Scout from Fayetteville Dec. 16-31. Stroud's Store December 23. Buffalo River December 25. [1 December 1863 to 30 June 1864, Robert McCaslin was on duty at Post Corral, Fayetteville, Arkansas] Searcy County December 31. 1864 Operations in Northwest Arkansas, Newton, Searcy, Izzard and Carroll Counties, against guerrillas January 16-February 15, 1864. Clear Creek and Tomahawk January 22. Bailey's Crooked Creek Janaury 23. Rolling Prairie and near Burrowsville January 23. Crooked Creek February 5. White River February 7. Expedition against Freeman's Forces February 12-20. Black's Mills February 17. Carrollton March 13. Ben Brook's Mills March 27. Charlestown April 4. Skirmishes on Arkansas River and near Prairie Grove April 6-7. Rhea's Mills April 7. Washington May 28. Van Buren July 7. [August 1864, Robert McCaslin absent on furlough.] Operations in Central Arkansas August 9-15. Fayetteville August 14. Operations in Southwest Missouri and Northwest Arkansas August 15-24. Carrollton August 15. Richland Creek August 16. Expedition in Washington and Benton Counties August 21-27. Mud Town August 24. Fayetteville August 27. [31 August 1864, Robert McCaslin was present with his company] [September and October 1864, Robert McCaslin on detached duty with beef escort] Richland September 6. Scout from Fayetteville to Huntsville September 14. Huntsville September 18 (Detachment). Skirmishes, Barry County, October 8 and 18. Fayetteville October 14. Crawford County October 19. Benton County October 20. Fayetteville and Van Buren October 20. Operations about Fayetteville October 25-November 4. [November 1864, Robert McCaslin carrying mail to Ft Smith] [November and December 1864, Robert McCaslin was present with his company.] Skirmishes at Bentonville and Newbeon Bridge October 25. Van Buren October 26. Fayetteville October 27-28. 1865 [January to June 1865, Robert McCaslin was present with his company.] [1 July 1865, Robert McCaslin was promoted from private to farrier.] Duty about Fayetteville and at Fort Smith till August, 1865. Skirmish near Van Buren April 2, 1865. Mustered out August 20, 1865. [Robert McCaslin, Farrier, Co D, 1st Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry, Age 25 years, appears on the Muster-out roll for Fayetteville, Arkansas, 23 August 1865 with a muster out date of 23 August 1865, last paid to 28 February 1865. Clothing account last settled 31 October 1864, amount for clothing in kind or money advanced $42.11. Bounty due $100.00. Remarks: Was private from enrollment to 1 July 1865 then farrier.] On 22 Nov 1865, Robert McCaslin and Fransis [sic] Hutson [sic] were married by Jeremiah M Murry, Minister of the Gospel. In the 1870 US Federal Census for Linn, Christian, Missouri, 30-year-old Missouri-born [sic] farmer laborer Robert and his 30-year-old Missouri-born [sic] wife Francis [sic transcribed as Thomas] [Prior Hudson] McCaslin have in their household Frances' Missouri-born children by her first marriage to William Hudson, 10-year-old Mary and 8-year-old William Hudson [last name recorded as McCaslin] and their son 4-year-old Missouri-born Thomas McCaslin. Robert and Frances are illiterate. Robert has no property of value. In the 1880 US Federal Census for Turnback, Lawrence, Missouri, 48-year-old Indian Nation-born farmer R [Robert] McCaslin and his 39-year-old Missouri-born wife Francis [sic] [Prior Hudson] McCaslin have in their household Frances' 17-year-old Missouri-born farm laborer son William C Hudson, who the census taker recorded as McCaslin, their two Missouri-born sons, 15-year-old farm laborer Thomas J and 6-year-old John Wesley, and Frances' widowed mother, 77-year-old North Carolina-born Elizabeth [Garner] Prior. William and Thomas have attended school in the past year, but cannot read or write. Robert and Frances are also illiterate. Robert's parents were born in Indiana. Frances' parents were born in North Carolina. The children's parents were born in Missouri [sic]. The birthplace of Elizabeth's parents is unknown. In the 1890 Veteran's Schedules for Republic, Greene, Missouri, Robert McCaslin is recorded as having been a private in Company B [sic], First Arkansas Cavalry. He enlisted in 1862 and was discharged in 1865 Sixty-four-year-old Robert McCasling applies for an invalid pension on 26 Dec 1888. On 4 Mar 1890, he files paperwork in which he declares that his residence is Billings, Christian, Missouri, that for 30 years [sic] immediately preceding his enlistment into the US military he resided in Vanburen[sic] Arkansas, and that his occupation was that of a farmer. Since his discharge he has resided in Christian (Post office Billings) and Lawrence (Post Office Chesepeak) Counties, Missoui, and his occupation is that of a farmer. He states that his disability is a disease of the chest, the result of measles at McCullahs, Missouri, 15 Oct 1863. He has been treated by Dr McCord of Billings and Dr Sears of Hall Town. He suffered from "pneumonia fever" in 1886, suffers nearly all the time with trouble of lungs, taking colds and coughing. He has been treated by Dr E B Brown of Billings, Missouri. He has worked some at times on the farm with moderation. When he does any hard work, it sets him coughing and effects [sic] his lungs and breast, marying him sore and weak. He states that he served in the military one time from 1862 to 1865. He signs this document with an "X", his mark. No evidence of treatment for disease was found in his military records. Eventually after much paperwork, including evidence of indigence, he does get his pension In the 1900 US Federal Census for Mountain, Barry, Missouri, 24-year-old Missouri-born farmer John W and his 24-year-old Missouri-born wife Sarah H [maiden name unknown] McCasling have been married seven years and have had one child, who is dead. Living with them are John's father 67-year-old Indian Territory-born Robert McCasling and John's mother 61-year-old Missouri-born Francis [sic] [Pryor Hudson] McCasling who have been married 34 years. Francis is recorded as having had ten children from her two marriages, but only four are living [I can only account for five, the three Hudson children and John and Thomas] John's household is recorded as living on a farm. Living next door in a house, is John's brother Thomas McCasling and his family. Thirty-two-year-old Missouri-born farm laborer Thomas and his 29-year-old Missouri-born wife Mary J [Atwell] McCasling have been married 13 years and have had five children, three are living. These three Missouri-born children are 12-year-old Lizzie, 8-year-old John W and 2-year-old Stellia. All the adults in these two households are illiterate although they all speak English. The only person who can read, write and speak English is Lizzie, who has attended school in the past year. Robert's father was born in Indiana and his mother in Tennessee, Francis' parents were born in North Carolina, John W and Thomas' parents (Robert and Francis' children) were born in Indian Territory and Missouri, respectively, and everyone else's parents were born in Missouri. Robert McCasling died 5 Sep 1901 in Marionville, Lawrence, Missouri, and was buried in Mars Hill Cemetery, Barry County, Missouri. The inscription on his tombstone reads "Robert McCasling, FARRIER - CO D 1ST ARK CAV." Ann Letha Nordin McCaslin Swinford applied for Civil War pension benefits in 1901 as the widow of Robert McCaslin. She made no mention of her marriage to Jonathan Swinford. One of the witnesses to her claim was George Washington McCaslin, first cousin to Robert W McCaslin, whom Letha asked to identify her. George wrote to the Commissioner of Pensions: "Commissioner of Pensions - Washington D.C. Sir, I will give you a breaf [sic] history of Ann Letha McCaslins case. I am a first cousin to the diseast [sic] Robert McCaslin and know where of I say. Robert McCaslin was married to Ann Letha Norden about 1858 lived together until the Civil War come up. Deceast [sic] went into the army. Served his time out. and was discharged and never returned to his wife and said Ann Letha married again to one Mr Swinford. Swinford died and said Ann Letha married a again. The name I can not remember [she did not remarry] and said Robert McCaslin died in Missouri having another family. Neither party ever obtained any divorce. These are facts I thought it my duty to inform the office of this as said Ann Letha has called on me to identify her. Said Robert McCaslin was a good soldier. The Writer served in the same Company and regiment. Geo. W. McCaslin in F. L. T." So neither Robert nor Letha got a divorce before they remarried.
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