Indiana McCaslins

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In the 1900 US Federal Census for Township 22, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, 39-year-old Tennessee-born physician George and his 34-year-old Arkansas-born wife Cynthia A [McCaslin] Brewer have been married 14-years and have had nine children, but only six are living. These six Indian Territory-born children are 10-year-old Wynema, 9-year-old Toven [sic], 7-year-old John W, 5-year-old George, 2-year-old Oscar and one-year-old Sampson [sic]. Also in this household is a 24-year-old Indiana-born boarder and teamster Elmer Campbell, and Cynthia's father, 66-year-old Indiana-born farmer and widower, John W McCaslin. The family is living on a rented farm. Wynema, Toven and John have attended school three months of the past year. Everyone except George, Oscar and Sampson can read, write and speak English. George's parents were born in North Carolina, Cythia's father in Indiana and her mother in Kansas, the children's father in Tennessee and their mother in Arkansas, Elmer's father in Ohio and his mother in Indiana, and John McCaslin' parents were born in Indiana.s3794 In the 1910 US Federal Census for Sullivan, Grant, Kansas, Tennessee-born 49-year-old farmer George H and his 39-year-old Missouri-born second wife Carrie M [Grown] Brewer have been married five years and have had one child who is living. This is a second marriage for both of them. In their household are some of George and Syntha's Oklahoma-born children, 17-year-old farmer John, 13-year-old Oscar, and 11-year-old Sam, and George and Carrie's son, 3-year-old Oklahoma-born Eula P. George Jr is missing from the family as he is in Garden City, Filley, Kansas working as a cook in a private family. Oscar and Sam have attended school in the past year. Everyone, except baby Eula, can read, write and speak English. George owns his farm, free of mortgage. George's parents were born in North Carolina, Carrie's father was born in Kentucky and her mother in Missouri, John, Oscar and Sam's father was born in Tennessee and their mother in Oklahoma, and Eula's father was born in Tennessee and his mother in Missouri.s4127 When 21-year-old farmer William Oscar Brewer registers for the WWI draft in Lincoln, Grant, Kansas, he states that his home address is New Ulysses, Kansas, that he was born 7 Nov 1895 in Vinita, Indian Territory, that he is self emplobed and has a wife and a child under 12. He does not claim an exemption. His discription is medium height and build, with light brown eyes and dark brown hair. He is not bald. He has no disabilities which would preclude him serving in the military.
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William Oscar Brewer
November 7, 1897121Vinita, Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory019912793Zillah, Yakima, WashingtonJune 16, 2013 - 5:00:00 a.m.