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In the 1870 US Federal Census for Cedar Creek, Crawford, Arkansas, 58-year Kentucky-born farm laborer David McCaslin owns $300 worth of personal property but no land. He and his 68-year-old Tennessee-born wife Rachel [Largent] McCaslin are living next door to two of their sons, 22-year-old Arkansas-born A J [Andrew Jackson] and 38-year-old Indiana-born John and their families. Andrew Jackson McCaslin is a farm laborer with $300 of personal property, but no land of value. He and his 21-year-old Missouri-born wife R A [Ruby Ann Henretta Lewis] McCaslin have in their household their one-year-old Arkansas-born son David E. John McCaslin is a farm laborer with $300 worth of personal property, but no land of value. He and his 35-year-old Missouri-born wife M L [Mary Cradduck] McCaslin have in their household their Arkansas-born children, 16-year-old J P [Joseph P], 14-year-old M L [Martha Lucinda], 10-year-old Henry [William Henry], 8-year-old S J [Serilda Jane], 6-year-old J W [John Wesley], 4 year old Sintha [Cyntha A], and one-year-old S A [Sarah Melvina]. In the 1900 US Federal Census for Atoka, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, 48-year-old Indian Territory-born William H and his 39-year-old Missouri-born wife Sirilda [sic] [McCaslin] Harrison have been married 22-years and have had 12 children, six are living. These six Indian Territory-born children are 19-year-old Ida B, 12-year-old Etta, 10-year-old Ada, 6-year-old Mabell [sic], 4-year-old William H [Jr], and 5-month old Victor V. The family is living in a house that William Sr owns, but with a mortgage. Ida has attended school six months of the past year, Etta has attended four months of the past year and Ada has attended three months of the past yearr. William Sr, Serilda, Ida, Etta, and Ada can read, write and speak English. William is a land commissioner. William's parents were born in Mississippi; Serilda's parents were born in Kentucky; the children's father was born in Indian Territory and their mother in Missouri. Obituary-Serilda Jane Harrison, Durant Weekly News, Friday March 22, 1946s6372 Funeral services for Mrs. Serilda Jane Harrison, aged 85, who passed away Thursday afternoon, were held Saturday at 10 am in the Holmes funeral chapel, with Rev. J. W. Wade, pastor of the Calvary Baptist church officiating. Interment was in Highland cemetery. The deceased was born December 10, 1860 and had lived in Durant forty years. She wa a member of the Church of Christ. She died at her home, 403 South Sixth, March 14 after an extended illness. She is survived by three sons, Guy Harrison, Indianapolis, Ind., Victor Harrison, Durant, Charles (Choc) Harrison, Houston, Texas; thee daughters, Mrs. R, S, Neblett, McAlester; Mrs. B. G. Stratton, Tulsa; and Mrs. William Tharp, Caney. BIOGRAPHY FORM WORKS PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION Indian-Pioneer History Project for Oklahoma HARRISON, SERILDA INTERVIEW. 13091. Lula Austin. February 22, 1933 Investigator An Interview with Serilda Harrison, Durant, Oklahoma I came from Missouri with my parents in 1877, making the trip in a covered wagon and settled on the Canadian River near Calvin. I was married to William H, Harrison (Choctaw) in 1876, and that year we made our home with Mr. Burns, helping to make a crop. The next year we moved to Atoka, never staying in one place long. Mr. Harrison was a rambler, a good man and well thought of by his tribe. He was always helping some poor man pay his doctor bill, and he often buried the dead if the family was too poor to bury them. My husband served as Sheriff of Atoka County in 1883 and in 1890.was elected representative to the Choctaw Council from Atoka County. Later he was Deputy United States Marshall under J.J. McAlester end he was elected [to] the house of the Choctaw Council in 1902 and served as speaker of the house. At the time Green McCurtain and Governor Smallwood was running for Governor, my husband was anxious to have Smallwood elected so he gathered together a bunch of Indians and assisted Smallwood without trouble. On one occasion my husband entered the Council room and overheard Green McCurtain make a remark about him. He knocked him through a big mirror and would have shot McCurtain, if friends had not taken his gun from him. J.J. McAlester bought Mr. Harrison a new suit of clothes for doing that job. Later McCurtain employed two men to kill my husband, but the Indians thought so much of him that they told him about McCurtain's plans, Mr. Harrison was quick tempered and always ready to fight, he killed a man for talking about his sister. The officers were afraid to arrest him and had a friend of his make the arrest while he was eating his dinner. He claimed self-defence [sic] and was cleared.
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Serilda Jane McCaslin
December 10, 1861156Arkansas9March 14, 19467284Durant, Bryan, OklahomaMarch 19, 2016 - 5:00:00 a.m.