Indiana McCaslins

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In the 1920 US Federal Census for Tacoma, Pierce, Washington, 37-year-old Kansas-born Earl L and his 40-year-old Kansas-born wife Margaret [Kay] Bishop have in their household their children, 17-year-old Kansas-born Vincent, 14-year-old Kansas-born Lula F, 11-year-old Kansas-born Leo S and 3-year-old Montana-born Jean J. The family is living in a house at 4110 North Stevens that Earl owns, but with a mortgage. Everyone but the baby Jean can read, write and speak English. Vincent, Lula and Leo have attended school in the past year. Earl is a carpenter in a furniture company, Margaret is a teacher in the city schools, Vincent is a USPO night special delivery man, Lula is a high school student and Leo is a chore boy for a neighbor. Earl's father was born in Indiana and his mother in Ohio. Margaret's parents were born in Scotland. The children's parents were born in Kansas.
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Vincent Bishop
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