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In the 1910 US Federal Census for Union, Johnson, Indiana, 28-year-old Indiana-born farmer Chester Clore [transcribed Clere] is a widower with with two Indiana-born children, 3 year old Marcia and 2-year-old Gordon. This family is living with Chester's parents, 49-year-old Indiana-born farmer John A and 46-year-old Indiana-born Elizabeth [maiden name unknown] Clore. On 12 Sep 1918, when 37-year-old self employed farmer Chester Clore registers for the WWI draft, he states that he was born 5 Sep 1881, that his permanent address is RFD 2 Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, and that he is a native born U.S. citizen. His nearest relative is his wife Nora Clore at the same address. His description is white, medium height, slender build with gray eyes and light hair. In the 1920 US Federal Census for Union, Johnson, Indiana, 38-year-old Indiana-born farmer Chester and his 29-year-old Indiana-born second wife Nora [Lenora Yount] Clore have in their household Chester's Indiana-born children by his first wife, Cecilia C [Byers] Clore, 13-year-old Marcia and 11-year-old Gordon. Marcia and Gordon have attended school in the past year. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Chester is farming acreage he owns. Everyone's parents were born in Indiana. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 48-year-old Indiana-born farmer Chester and his third wife 45-year-old Indiana-born Grace E [Mullendore Luyster] Clore are living on a farm that Chester owns. Chester was married for the first time when he was 23-years old to Cecilia C [maiden name unknown] who died in 1909, leaving him with two small children. He then married Leonora Yount [see the 1920 census] and she died in 1924. Grace was married for the first time to Gilbert Luyster when she was 20-years old. Gilbert died in 1928. Chester has worked on the last regularly scheduled work day. Chester and Grace can read, write and speak English. Their parents were born in Indiana. Chester has not served in the military. In the 1940 US Federal Census for Franklin, Johnson, Indiana, 58-year-old Indiana-born farmer Chester and his third wife 56-year-old Indiana-born Grace E [Mullendore Luyster] Clore are living on a farm on Graves Road that Chester owns, worth $1,500. They were living here in 1935. Chester has completed high school. Grace has completed eighth grade. Chester has worked 78 hours in the preceeding week and 52 weeks in 1939. He has no wage nor salary as he is the owner of his farm. This gives him "another source of income". Grace is not employed nor looking for work as she is a housewife. On 27 Apr 1942, when 60-year-old self employed farmer Chester Clore registers for the WWII draft, he states that his place of residence and employment is R.R.3, Franklin, Johnson Indiana, that his telephone number is Franklin 52F20, and that he was born 5 Sep 1881 in Johnson County, Indiana. The name of the person who will alway know his address is his daughter Mrs Marcia DeHaven of 114 S Washington Street, Denver, Colorado. This may imply that he is separated from his second wife, Grace E Mullendore Luyster Clore, although some registrants were told not to use wives as a reference. His description is white, 5 feet 7 inches, 125 pounds, with blue eyes, blonde hair and a light complexion. He has a scar on his upper lip. Chester and Grace divorced in 1944. When Chester Clore died in Feb 1981, his residence was in Falls Church, Fairfax, Virginia 22042 and his last benefit was paid to an address in Arlington, Arlington, Virginia 22203. His Social Security Number had been issued in Indiana. Chester was buried in the First Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Franklin, Johnson, Indiana along with his first two wives, Cecilia and Lenora (Find A Grave Memorial# 31351781). From, contributed by Ted Butler: Biography by his cousin, Gerald. "Chester Clore, 1881-1981 Alvin and Betty's first son, Chester, remained a Bargersville [Johnson Co, IN] farmer for the greater part of his long life. He wrote to me 15 years ago: "Cousin Gerald, Your father probably told you that there were three of us cousins born the same year, 1881. Well, I'm the only one living. I was 84 last September 5. I am fairly well and work here on my little farm everyday and do my own cooking and housekeeping such as it is. I am in the process of painting my house at the present time." Chester lived with or near his son in Denver for a time, where he engaged in the brick-making business. In 1971, press releases from Indiana and from Falls church, Virginia, describe a caravan when Chester moved to live near his daughter in Falls Church. Son, Gordon, and daughter, Marsha, followed in their own cars then rented truck with a red flag on it. The truck driver? Chester, age 90 For his long life, he credited hard work and a daily bowl of oatmeal. When Chester died, February 5, 1981, he was the last original stockholder of the Bargersville State Bank. He lacked five months of reaching 100 years. To his interest in family history, we owe much of our genealogical material. He and brother, Guy, wrote extensively, and I have drawn freely from their earlier labors."
Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Chester Arthur Clore
September 5, 1881137Bargersville, Johnson, Indiana2February 5, 19813799Falls Church, Fairfax, VirginiaNovember 27, 2013 - 6:00:00 a.m.