Indiana McCaslins

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In the 1925 Iowa State Census for Greene, Butler, Iowa, 59-year [sic] old Iowa-born C V [Vernon C] Cave and his 56-year-old Iowa-born wife Daisy [Williams] Cave have in their household their 25-year-old Iowa-born son Laurence Cave and Daisy's mother 85-year-old Iowa-born [sic] Flora [Bush] Williams. C V owns the house they live in free of mortgage. The house is worth $7,000 but only insured for $4,000. The Caves have lived in Iowa all their lives, but Flora has only lived there for 67 years although she has lived all her life in the United States. C V, Daisy and Flora have attended school through the fourth grade. Lawrence has attended college for one year. Everyone can read and write. C V's father was Maryland-born W R Cave and his mother Indiana-born Florella Goodhue. Daisy's father was Welch James Williams and her mother New York-born Flora Bush. Laurence' s parents are Iowa-born C V and Daisy [Williams] Cave. Flora's father is New York-born Selden Bush and her mother New York-born Florida Blackman.
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Daisy Williams
about 1869149Iowa1March 22, 2009 - 5:00:00 a.m.