Indiana McCaslins

Ralph W Hasler1905

Ralph W Hasler
Birth about 1905 25 24
Birth of a sisterMargaret Hasler
November 4, 1907 (Age 2 years)
Note: Shelby County Cemetery Book gives her year of birth as 1906
Census 1910 (Age 5 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherHorace Wilkins Weaver
May 11, 1911 (Age 6 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Death of a maternal grandmotherLucy Ellen McCaslin
May 10, 1915 (Age 10 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Transcribed as Lucy Allen Weaver
Birth of a sisterHarriet Hasler
about May 1916 (Age 11 years)
Census 1920 (Age 15 years)
Census 1930 (Age 25 years)
Death of a fatherArthur Hasler
1957 (Age 52 years)

Death of a motherBertha E Weaver
1966 (Age 61 years)

Death of a sisterMargaret Hasler
November 1, 1974 (Age 69 years)
Burial of a sisterMargaret Hasler
after November 1, 1974 (Age 69 years)
Note: Fairland Cemetery
Death of a brotherGerald Hasler
May 31, 1996 (Age 91 years)
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Marriage: February 7, 1900, Shelby, Indiana
3 years
elder brother
Gerald Hasler
Birth: March 8, 1903 23 22Indiana
Death: May 31, 1996Fairland, Shelby, Indiana
3 years
3 years
younger sister
Margaret Hasler
Birth: November 4, 1907 28 26Indiana
Death: November 1, 1974Fairland, Shelby, Indiana
9 years
younger sister

Birth1910 US Federal Census
Birth1920 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census
Census1920 US Federal Census
Shared note
In the 1910 US Federal Census for Moral, Shelby, Indiana, 30-year-old farmer Arthur and his 29-year-old wife Bertha have been married for 10 years. They have had three Indiana-born children and all are living, 7-year-old Gerald, 5-year-old Ralph, and 3-year-old Margaret. Arthur and Margaret can read and write English. Arthur is farming rented land.Arthur's father was born in Switzerland and his mother in Indiana; the birth places of Bertha's parents are not listed In the 1920 US Federal Census for Brandywine, Shelby, Indiana, 40-year-old Indiana-born farmer Arthur rents the land he is farming. He and his 38-year-old Indiana-born wife Bertha have four Indiana-born children in their family, 16-year-old Gerald, 15-year-old Ralph, 12-year-old Margaret and 3-year 8-month old Harriet. Gerald, Ralph and Margaret have attended school in the past year. Everyone in the family can read, and write English except the youngest child, Margaret. Arthur's father was born in Switzerland and his mother in Indiana. Bertha's father was born in New Hampshire [sic] and her mother in Indiana. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Brandywine, Shelby, Indiana, 50-year-old Indiana-born farmer Arthur and his 49-year-old Indiana-born wife Bertha [Weaver] Hassler [sic Hasler] were married when he was 20- and she was 19-years old. They have in their household three of their four children, 25-year-old public school teacher Ralph W, 23-year-old laborer in a rubber factory Margaret E, and 13-year-old school girl Harriet F. The family is living on Shoe-String Road on a farm worth $8,000 which Arthur owns. The birth places of Arthur's and Bertha's fathers are reversed with Bertha's father being born in Switzerland and her mother in Indiana and Arthur's father being born in Virginia [sic] and his mother in Indiana