Indiana McCaslins

Margaret Mary Wasson

Margaret Mary Wasson
MarriageRichard McCaslinView this family
before 1765

Birth of a son
John McCaslin
about 1765
Birth of a son
David Wasson McCaslin
Publication: Brant & Fuller (Chicago, Illinois 1888)
Note: The information in the family Bible appears to be taken from Judge Banta's History of Johnson County, Indiana. Problem - Wythe County didn't exist at the time of David's birth. However if the county is not correct, the location is. Wythe County was created from Montgomery County in 1790.
Birth of a son
Richard McCaslin

Birth of a son
Robert McCaslin

Note: Born between1768-1774-can't be born later since he married in 1794
Birth of a daughter
Mary (Polly) McCaslin

MarriageJohn? KingView this family
before 1781

Death of a husbandRichard McCaslin
before 1781

Note: His wife, Margaret Wasson McCaslin has remarried and had the first of her two children by Mr King, in that year.
Birth of a daughter
Charlotte King
about 1781
Birth of a son
George Wasson King
January 5, 1782
Source: S5322
Note: Given as Wytheville, Wythe, Virginia, but neither existed when George was born.
Death of a husbandJohn? King
before April 21, 1787
Note: Family Bible Records of Johnson County, Indiana give his death date as 1792, which cannot be correct as Margaret is recorded as a widow on 21 Apr 1787 in the tax list for Montgomery County, Indiana.
Marriage of a childDavid Wasson McCaslinEsther Baker ShillideayView this family
after March 15, 1789
Note: Marriage bond filed on that day
Marriage of a childRichard McCaslinElisabeth WilsonView this family
August 7, 1794
Note: by Rev. David Rice, a Presbyterian minister
Marriage of a childSamuel SnodgrassMary (Polly) McCaslinView this family
September 4, 1794
Note: by Rev John Sutton, a Presbyterian minister
Marriage of a childRobert McCaslinNancy SnodgrassView this family
September 18, 1794
Note: Married by Rev Sutton, a Presbyterian Minister
Marriage of a childJohn McCaslinSarah Batesele (Bazle?)View this family
December 20, 1794
Note: By Rev Sutton- names spelled McCatsline and Batsel
Marriage of a childHugh SnodgrassCharlotte KingView this family
February 28, 1797
Marriage of a childAbraham Thixton (Thickston)Mary (Polly) McCaslinView this family
November 11, 1802
Note: Abraham's last name is transcribed as Theistone
Marriage of a childGeorge Wasson KingEleanor VoorhiesView this family
April 21, 1803
Source: S5322
Death of a sonRichard McCaslin
before November 13, 1806
Note: His wife Elizabeth Wilson McCaslin with David McCaslin, signed inventory as "true bill"
Marriage of a childDavid Wasson McCaslinMary (Polly) Marrs (Mears)View this family
after March 21, 1816
Note: date of bond
Death of a sonRobert McCaslin
before 1830

Marriage of a childGeorge Wasson KingElizabeth Doss Watson (Wasson?)View this family
January 8, 1832

Family with parents - View this family
Family with Richard McCaslin - View this family
Marriage: before 1765
1 year
3 years
2 years
1 year
3 years
Family with John? King - View this family
Marriage: before 1781
1 year
1 year

NameLetter to D.S. McCaslin
NameFamily Bible records of Johnson County, Indiana and a collection of family records compiled from family Bibles and other sources
Publication: Privately published (Richardson, Texas 1984)
Shared note
Margaret Wasson's father's name deduced from the Scotch-Irish naming pattern from 1700-1850. This standard naming pattern, commonly used in England and the Americas, was first daughter named for mother's mother (Mary) and second son named for mother's father (David Wasson). Letter from W.W. (Wesley W.) McCaslin addressed to D.S. (David Serril) McCaslin, Huron, Dakota "Franklin Ind Oct 12 -86 Dear Nephew, the only reason why I hav not answered your lt of Sept 10 is this. I hav been hoping by inquiry that I might learn some fact that would throw some light on the Subject in which you are interested, I believe that S.C. Gentleman is a kinsman of ours, for it is a fact that our tribe first came from Ireland. My Grandfather Robert McCaslin had three brothers and one Sister, David, Richard, John, & Mary (afterwards Mary Thickson of Jefferson co Ind) all born in Virginia. he also had one half brother and sister, George King, the founder of our family seat, and Charlotte Snodgrass. Since Receiving your letter, I hav been trying to find out the name of my greate grand Father in fact I began the inquiry before I got yourletter for I hav been Somewhat interested in this thing. Sometime I ast Allen McCaslin if he knew the name of his Grandfather He answered no It may be that Uncle Ellick may know I intend to call on him especially for that purpose, if he can not tell the name of his grandfather then the only chance left is an uncle J. R. McCaslin, living in Jefferson Co, possibly he may know, I am Satisfied that if my Father or his sisters were living I could find out for it was through an aunt (Polly Hemphill) a sister of my father that I learned the maiden name of my Great Grand mother, her maiden name was Wasson and there is where the McCaslins got the name of Wassen in the family (and ther has been Several) also one or two Wasson Kings, good name to perpetuate. Some of the younger McCaslin's will please take notice. Maybe John Henry will think of this. - If I can possibly find out the name of my great grandfather I will let you know, and I believe he would turn out to be one of the three brothers Spoken of by your S.C. correspondent. Alexander, John and Robert, and Mary are very common names among many of the McCaslins. This leavs us as well as usual. Wishing you abundent success in the work in which you are engaged, I remain affectionally your Uncle W.W. McCaslin. P.S. Here is the address of a McCaslin it may be you already hav it. Lincoln obtained it through a fellow Student at Hollan [Holland?] Mich. Rev. McCaslin, Liberry Station Westmoreland Co Pa. he is Presbyterian minister." Transcribed with no corrections in spelling or grammar by Lois Johnson. The Ritchie/Shelledy Family History gives George King's mother's name as Mary Margaret King, but she signed her name Margaret King on her son David McCaslin's marriage bond. On 15 March 1789, George Shillideay states that there is no "obstruction in the way" of the marriage of David McCaslin and his daughter Esther Shillideay. It is witnessed by David's mother Margaret Wasson McCaslin King. The paragraph on the bottom of this page is about the bond that David Wasson McCaslin and William Hall posted and is separated by a slash from Margaret's signature. So the witness to the signature of Esther's father was David's mother. The date is 15 March 1789, and this was in a part of Montgomery County that will become Wythe County, Virginia according to the Shillideay-Ritchie researchers. The Ritchie researchers take this to mean that Margaret married a McCaslin after this date, but it can't be true as she is witnessing one of her McCaslin sons' marriage bond! The 1787 tax list for Montgomery County Virginia, taken 21 Apr, records Margaret King now widowed, and the Nansemond 1789 Land pg 16 record of Mary King, widow of John is probably the same person on the marriage bond, which would make her the mother of George and Charlotte King and the five McCaslins, John, David Wasson, Robert, Richard and Mary (Polly). Now I need to go looking for a John King who died before 1787.