Indiana McCaslins

Myrtle Grace StanleyAge: 85 years18951980

Myrtle Grace Stanley
Birth March 27, 1895 39 37
Census 1910 (Age 14 years)
MarriageCiifford Harrod McCaslinView this family
August 12, 1963 (Age 68 years)
Death of a husbandCiifford Harrod McCaslin
October 5, 1975 (Age 80 years)
Note: ZIP code 94602
Death June 10, 1980 (Age 85 years)
Note: Zip code 94601
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: about 1877
18 years
Family with Private - View this family
Family with Ciifford Harrod McCaslin - View this family
Marriage: August 12, 1963, Alameda, California
Ciifford Harrod McCaslin + Della H Staats - View this family
husband’s wife
Barbara R McCaslin
Birth: April 13, 1925 26 32, Alameda, California
Death: September 7, 2004Brentwood, Contra Costa, California

BirthCalifornia Death Index
BirthSocial Security Death Index
Census1910 US Federal Census
MarriageCalifornia Marriages (1960-1985)
NameFamily Data Collection
NameCalifornia Death Index
DeathCalifornia Death Index
Zip code 94601
Shared note
In the 1900 US Federal Census for Township 3, Tuolumne, California, 44-year-old millwright Horace M and his 42-year-old wife Sarah [Upson] Stanley have been married 23 years and had six children but only five are living. Four of those five are living with their parents, 19-year-old Maude, 17-year-old Arthur, 10-year-old Frederick, and 5-year-old Grace [Myrtle Grace]. Arthur and Frederick have attended school in the past year. In the 1910 US Federal Census for Elkhorn, San Jaoquin, California, 54-year-old house carpenter Horace M and his 52-year-old wife Sarah [Upson] Stanley have been married 33 years and had six children but only five are living. Two of the five are in their household, 26-year-old Arthur E and 15-year-old Myrtle G [Myrtle Grace]. Also in this household is Arthur's wife 22-year-old Levenia M Cassaretto. They family is living in a house that they are paying mortgage on. Myrtle's marriage to Clifford is a second one as the 1960-1985 CA Marriages at VitalSearch gives two last names for Myrtle. Groom_Last_Name Groom_First_Name G GA Bride_Last_Name Bride_First_Name B BA Year Mo Dy Marriage_County MCCASLIN CLIFFORD H 65 BUHLERT MYRTLE G 68 1963 08 12 ALAMEDA MCCASLIN CLIFFORD H 65 STANLEY MYRTLE G 68 1963 08 12 ALAMEDA Social Secuity number issued in California in 1962. Name on the account is M. McCaslin. {558-66-1515)