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Elsie Enfield StewartAge: 74 years18881963

Elsie Enfield Stewart
Birth December 9, 1888 41 34
Note: Her mother's maiden name was Boulter
Census 1891 (Age 2 years)
Death of a fatherJames S Stewart
before 1911 (Age 22 years)

Note: His wife, Alice Boulter Stewart, is recorded as a widow in the 1911 Census for Canada
Immigration November 24, 1913 (Age 24 years)
Census 1920 (Age 31 years)
Census 1930 (Age 41 years)
Census 1940 (Age 51 years)
1920 Librian

Death March 6, 1963 (Age 74 years)
Burial March 11, 1963 (5 days after death)
Source: Find a Grave
Note: Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, Section Off Site 362 (Find A Grave Memorial# 3434065)
Her mother's maiden name was Boulter
Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, Section Off Site 362 (Find A Grave Memorial# 3434065)
Shared note
In the 1891 Census of Canada for Trenton, Hastings West, Ontario, 44-year-old banker Ontario-born James and his 36-year-old Ontario-born wife Alice [Boulter] Stewart have in their household their Ontario-born daughters, 5-year-old Irean [sic Irene] and Elsia [sic Elsie] who is recorded as a son. Everyone can read and write except Elsie. The family is Presbyterian. James' parent were born in Scotland. Alice's father was born in Quebec and her mother in "the States". Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913, records Gordon Stewart Denys [sic] born to Alex Nelson Denys [sic] and Elsie J Stewart on 21 Jun 1907 in Ontario. Alex's residence is Scott and he is a teller in a bank. The name of the physcian in attendence is Jos. E C Henderson of Zephyr and he made the "return" on 24 Jun 1907. The page is stamped 033820. On 24 Nov 1913, 24-year-old Elsie Denyes and her 1-year-old daughter Margaret passed immigration at Port Huron, Michigan on their way to their final destination in San Diego, California. They are Canadian citizens of Scotch descent. and last lived in Toronto, Canada at 1497 Benforth Avenue. Elsie can read and write but Margaret cannot. In the 1920 US Federal Census for San Diego, San Diego, California, 66-year-old Canadian-born widow Alice [Boulter] Stewart is head of a household that consists of her daughter, 30-year-old Canadian-born divorce Elsie E [Stewart] Denyes, and her Canadian-born grandchildren, 12-year-old Gordon S and 7-year-old Margaret Denyes. The family is living in a rented house at 4032 Front Street. Alice immigrated in 1914 and Elsie in 1913. the children's date of immigration is unknown. Alice is listed as an alien, but Elsie is listed as "Pa" [not sure what that means] and the children are listed as naturalized. Alice's father was born in Canada and her mother in the United States. Everyone else's parents were born in Canada and spoke English. Alice has no employment and Elsie is a librarian in the public library. In the 1930 US Federal Census for Palmetto Beach, Escamba, Florida, Barrett (age 34) has married a Canadian named Elsie Stewart (age 40) who immigrated to the US in 1913, the year after her daugher was born. She is a naturalized citizen. Living with them is her daughter, Margaret, age 17. The family is living in a house rented for $55 a month on Big Bayou Station where the family owns a radio. Barrett was 27 and Elsie 33-years old when they married. Barrett is not Margaret's natural father, as he is only 17 years older than she is and has been married to Elsie for only seven years. However Margaret's last name was recorded as Studley by the census taker, even though it was recorded as Denyes in the 1920 US Federal Census. In the 1940 US Federal Census for Washington, DC, 44-year-old New York-born Barrett Studley and his 52-year-old Canada-born wife Elsie are living in Fairfox Hotel at 2100 Massachusetts Avenue for which they pay $100 a month. Their residence in 1935 was Santiago, California. Barrett is an officer in the US Navy. Elsie is a naturalized US citizen.