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Alfred Ross MaddoxAge: 90 years19061996

Alfred Ross Maddox
Birth April 25, 1906
MarriageJessie Inez McCaslinView this family
May 1, 1927 (Age 21 years)
Death of a wifeJessie Inez McCaslin
November 10, 1994 (Age 88 years)
Death December 21, 1996 (Age 90 years)
BirthUS Public Records Index
MarriageArkansas County Marriages, 1837-1957
Shared note
On 30 Apr 1927 at the Garland County Courthouse, Alfred Ross Maddox signs a $100 Bond for Marriage with Miss Jessie Inez McCaslin, guarenteeing that he will marry her within sixty days of the bond date. An Affidavit stating that he, Alfred Ross Maddox of Garland, is the person who has applied for the marriage license, that he is 21-years-old and that Miss Jessie Inez McCaslin is 18-years-old. A marriage license is then issued to 21-year old Alfred Ross Maddox and 18-year-old Miss Jessie Inez McCaslin, both of Hot Springs, Garland, Arkansas. On 1 May 1927, H L Simpson marries them. Their certificate of record is filed on 2 May 1927 by Trager Freeman, County and Probate Clerk. The US Public Records, Volume 2, shows Alfred R Maddox's birthdate as 25 Apr 1906, and his residence as Airport Road, Pearcy, Arkansas 71964.