Indiana McCaslins

Alma Lee Poage1902

Alma Lee Poage
Birth about 1902 23 19
Birth of a brotherOrland F Poage
April 15, 1911 (Age 9 years)

Census 1920 (Age 18 years)
Death of a brotherOrland F Poage
April 1974 (Age 72 years)
Birth1920 Federal Census
Census1920 Federal Census
Shared note
In the 1920 US Federal Census for Atchison, Clinton, Missouri, 40-year-old Missouri-born farmer Abraham F and his 37-year-old Missouri-born wife Lenora [maiden name unknown] Poage have in their household their Missouri-born children, 18-year-old Alma Lee and 9-year-old Orland F. Both children have attended school in the past year. Everyone is literate and speaks English. Abraham is farming mortgaged land. Abraham's father was born in Missouri and his mother in Kentucky; Lenora's parents were born in Ohio; the children's parents were born in Missouri.