Indiana McCaslins

Adam Warfel1886

Adam Warfel
Birth October 1886 33 23
Birth of a brotherMark Warfel
April 1889 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterGarnet Warfel
January 8, 1891 (Age 4 years)
Note: Also given as 8 Jan 1898 and 8 Jan 1902 in Muncie, Delaware, Indiana on the immigration records. Apparently she didn't want people to know how much older she was than her husband.
Death of a siblingUnknown Child Warfel
before 1900 (Age 13 years)

Census 1900 (Age 13 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherEllen (Ella) Dotson
1913 (Age 26 years)
Source: Find a Grave
Death of a motherMartha (Mattie) E Neal
December 23, 1913 (Age 27 years)
Note: Mattie's husband Adam Warfel is recorded as a widower in the 1920 US Federal Census.
Death of a sisterGarnet Warfel
March 6, 1985 (Age 98 years)
Birth1900 US Federal Census
Census1900 US Federal Census
Shared note
In the 1900 US Federal Census for [Yorktown] Mount Pleasant, Delaware, Indiana, 46-year-old Indiana born Adam [Sr] and his 36-year-old Indiana-born wife, Mattie E. [Neal] have been married more than thirteen years (derived from the age of their oldest living child). Mattie has borne four children, three are living. These three Indiana-born children are 13-year-old Adam [Jr], 11-year-old Mark and 9-year-old Garnet. Adam is a house painter who was not employed four months of the past year. Adam and Mark have attended school seven months of the past year. Everyone except Garnet can read, write and speak English. The family is living in a house that Adam [Sr] owns, free of mortgage. Adam [Sr] father was born in Pennsyvania and his mother in Ohio; Mattie's father was born in Virginia and her mother in Ohio; the children's parents were born in Indiana.