Indiana McCaslins

Francis P McCoyAge: 27 years19041931

Francis P McCoy
Birth October 28, 1904 41 34
Census 1930 (Age 25 years)
Death October 29, 1931 (Age 27 years)

Burial after October 29, 1931
Note: Birta Cemetery
Birth1930 Federal Census
BirthBirta Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas
Census1930 Federal Census
DeathBirta Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas
BurialBirta Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas
Birta Cemetery
Shared note
In the 1930 United States Federal Census for South View, Perry, Arkansas, 68-year-old Georgia-born farmer Charlie M and his 60-year-old Alabama-born wife Mary J [maiden name unknown] McCoy were married for the first time when he was 27- and she was 27-years old. This would indicate that this is a second marriage for at least one of them. They have in their household their Arkansas-born farm laborer sons, 27-year-old Henry C and 24-year-old Francis, and Henry's 18-year-old Arkansas-born wife Annie C [Fletcher] McCoy. Everyone can read, write and speak English. Charlie has worked on the last regularly scheduled work day and has not served in the military.