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Clifford Stroup (Strop)1905

Clifford Stroup (Strop)
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Marriage: February 13, 1904, Madison, Indiana
14 months
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
Gladys M Stroup (Strop)
Birth: February 24, 1911 34 25, Madison, Indiana
Death: April 23, 1912, Shelby, Indiana
2 years
younger brother
Odie Stroup (Strop)
Birth: June 4, 1913 37 27, Johnson, Indiana
Death: June 4, 1913, Johnson, Indiana
3 years
younger brother
Earl E Stroup (Strop)
Birth: March 13, 1916 39 30, Madison, Indiana
Death: March 28, 1916, Madison, Indiana
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Marriage: October 8, 1896, Shelby, Indiana
Divorce: before December 16, 1903
1 year
2 years

BirthIndiana Births 1880-1920, Madison County, Indiana, Index to Birth Records 1882-1920 Inclusive
Birth1910 US Federal Census
Census1910 US Federal Census
Shared note
In the 1910 US Federal Census for Lafayette, Madison, Indiana, 33-year-old Indiana-born farm laborer Odie and his 24-year-old Kentucky-born second wife Willie [Taylor] Stroup have been married six years. Although this is a second marriage for Odie, it is a first one for Willie. Willie has borne two children, both are living. These Indiana-born children are 5-year-old Clifford and 2-year-old Myrtle. Also in this household is Odie's daughter by his first marriage to Augusta Fox, 12-year-old Indiana-born Amy, transcribed Harry. Amy has attended school in the past year. The family is living in a rented house. Odie and Willie can read, write and speak English. Odie's parents were born in Indiana; Willie's parents were born in Kentucky; the children's father was born in Indiana and their mother in Kentucky [sic this is incorrect for Amy as both Odie and Augusta were born in Indiana].